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Abunza is Launching On February 1 2008

ABUNZA Entrepreneurs Capitalize on Bilingual Opportunity

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Abunza is Launching On February 1 2008

Webwire | 2/1/2008

Abunza was co-founded by Michael Spire and Sebastian Saldarriaga in the later part of 2007. The program has been in pre-launch since September, and is preparing to launch on February 1st of 2008. Abunza offers travel certificates, software, ebooks, and your own online e-commerce store. Everything that Abunza has to offer is also in spanish, including all of the software and e-books. Abunza also offers live webinar training on a weekly basis.

ABUNZA Entrepreneurs Capitalize on Bilingual Opportunity

Press Release | 1/11/2008

ABUNZA Entrepreneurs Capitalize on Revolutionary Bilingual Internet Opportunity

(PRLog.Org) Jan 08, 2008 Over 100 million Spanish-speaking people have access to the world-wide-web everyday. Many industries are just now beginning to take notice of this rapidly growing, invasive market. Spanish speaking people have greatly increased their purchase power in the United States within a few years. Companies that fail to cater to the Spanish-speaking population are going to be left in the dust. Recognizing the importance of marketing to an interrelated multilingual world, an enterprising new internet-based company "Abunza" has emerged to meet the needs of Spanish and English speaking people. In fact, entrepreneurial marketing guru Pete Johnson believes that, " because Abunza is basing its business model on the cutting edge technology provided by Web 2.0 in combination with the capitalization of the emerging hispanic markets, not only in the United States, but worldwide, the potential for forward-thinking entrepreneurs is virtually unlimited! ". Johnson is already one of the top earners in his field and has recently joined forces with Abunza. Johnson is heading up the Abunza marketing team "La Vida Rica" (The Rich Life) and is on his way to creating another six-figure income, along with many other top professionals and everyday "newbies" in Abunza. Easily the hottest business opportunity online, Abunza takes the best parts of the most successful internet business models, and has focused on the huge Spanish-speaking market, and has thus, revolutionized the industry.

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