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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this site?

To offer a representative list of MLMs and compare them based on public interest.

How is public interest determined?

By search queries done on the major search engines every thirty day period.

Why do I see closed companies included in the list?

Even closed companies will still generate residual searches by people looking for historical info on the company.

Why post this information?

We think this information is of general interest to people involved with MLM and home based businesses. Companies often post their own press releases and say things like 'Number One MLM in the Country' or claiming they have the most public 'buzz' about their products or service. Public interest through search engine queries is very difficult to manipulate.

If a company ranks very high, or very low, does that mean they are good or bad?

Public interest does not in any way represent the *quality* of the company, just the general buzz and penetration into the market by name recognition and general interest.

Are you affiliated with any of the companies in this index?

NO. is not affiliated with any MLM company and is not used as a marketing tool for any company. There are no external links to any of the companies listed, and no preference is given to any particular company.


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