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Amsoil Releases New Synthetic Polymer Grease

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Amsoil Releases New Synthetic Polymer Grease | 4/6/2010

Amsoil released a new Synthetic Polymeric grease intended for extreme-pressure performance in medium to heavy-duty applications. Amsoil says that its wear-resistant truck, chassis and equipment grease was designed with select base oils, proprietary synthetic polymeric chemistry and an advanced additive package with lithium-complex thickener to provide impact resistance and adhesion and cohesion properties to keep the grease in place as well as keep out contaminants. The company claims that its new product offers protection from rust and corrosion, road salt, and other deicing chemicals in addition to rain and snow. Amsoil designed its new product to be used on high load bearing chassis grease points, joints, bearings, axles, pivot pins, hitch plates, pump bearings and other components with a high load capacity.

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