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Ardyss Unleashes The Body Magic Wonder Garment | 6/7/2010

Ardyss International has introduced its new "Body Magic Wonder Garmet" to the United Kingdom in hopes of making sales on its ability to change the shape of a woman's body. The manufacturer of the Body Magic reshaping undergarment alleges that the product immediately lifts and firms the troublesome areas on a woman's body said to appear saggy such as the breasts, buttocks, abdomen and upper back.

The effect of the new product is advertised as giving women the classic hourglass shape so common in the Victorian era; a time when women were using steel shanks fastened into garments in order to force her figure into a mold, often causing wounds and damaged skin. The product promises to get women into sizes two to three times smaller than they require with no visible love handles or tummy flab.

The product works by introducing a corset designed by an orthopedic surgeon, who based its design on the fundamentals of post plastic surgery patients trying to defeat the visual effects of swelling. Not surprisingly, compression is utilized to flatten swollen areas while simultaneously pushing the bulk of fat to the breasts and buttocks.

In addition to the cosmetic effects of "compression", the product is touted has actually aiding in the realignment of the spine and proper positioning of internal organs by pushing everything back into its place. This is said to provide everlasting benefits, such as remodeling the body to accommodate the shape of the garment. "Weight loss" is achieved due to the compression effects of organ "reorganization", causing excess water to be eliminated through urine.

Ardyss in the Salisbury Post

Salisbury Post | 1/26/2010

For women hoping to lose a few dress sizes, Ardyss International had a truly hands-on, or body-on product for women, offering body shaping products to slip on underneath their clothing.

"Everyone's got issues with their tissues," Diamond McSwain, with Body Magic/Ardyss, said.

Diamond and Cathy Washington put smiles on the faces of many women, and like to take advantage of the variety of clientele and vendors at expos such as the one Saturday.

"There's nothing like networking with different companies, and we're all entrepreneurs," McSwain said. "It gives everyone access to the best of both worlds the convenience of everything under one roof and the products."

Ardyss Covered on CNN | 9/3/2009

CNN did a piece on MLM company Ardyss:

...Few issues pique public interest more than opportunities to make money and achieve beauty. The estimated 3,000 people from around the country who streamed into the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta in early August were a testament to that. They came to rally around Ardyss International, a Las Vegas, Nevada-based direct sales company that makes a fortune off undergarments.

Body Magic, the company's flagship girdle-and-corset combo, which retails for $140 plus tax and shipping, can "bring your butt back to high school fine," the man on stage announced...

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