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Alana Weston Joins Bellaroma National Development Team

Bellaroma Announces Collaboration with Designer Gail Pittman

Bellaroma Announces Direct Sales Milestones

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Alana Weston Joins Bellaroma National Development Team

Press Release | 4/8/2014

WOODS CROSS, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bellaroma today announced that top leadership and recruiting professional Alana Weston has joined the company’s national development team as Corporate Field Development Manager.

Weston will use her previous experience in leadership management, motivational speaking, and recruiting to promote the growth and leadership development of Bellaroma’s direct sales consultancy. She previously attained national recognition with direct sales brands Southern Living at Home and Park Lane Jewelry.

“I have known Alana for over 10 years and have witnessed the value she brings to any organization she is part of,” said Bellaroma Executive Vice President and National Director Mary Hoff, who brought more than 13 years in direct sales experience to the company herself.

“[Weston] grew two large teams in the direct sales profession by being a great recruiter herself, and through her innate ability to teach her team to recruit,” Hoff continued. “Alana brings a positive attitude and doesn’t know the meaning of not being able to achieve any goal that is put in front of her. I am very excited and honored to have her as part of our field development team.”

Bellaroma Announces Collaboration with Designer Gail Pittman

Press Release | 2/5/2014

WOODS CROSS, Utah — Bellaroma, an entrepreneurial home decorating sales consultancy, today announced the company has entered into an exclusive agreement with tabletop and decorative accessories designer Gail Pittman. As part of the agreement, Pittman will collaborate with Bellaroma’s product management to contribute her extensive experience in creating decorative accessories for the home. Bellaroma anticipates a fall 2014 release of its Gail Pittman signature line of ceramic candle warmers and giftware.

Well-known for colorful collections of dinnerware, platters, and giftware sold at top national retailers, Pittman has also designed exclusive tableware lines for celebrities, premier restaurants, and casinos. She was also the creative director for Southern Living at Home, where she worked extensively with sales consultants and their customers throughout the United States.

Bellaroma Executive Vice President and National Director Mary Hoff, who formerly worked with Pittman at Southern Living at Home, said, “What a treat it will be to make available the work of such a talented and well-regarded designer who also brings a strong understanding of direct sales. Our consultants will be delighted with her artistic contributions.”

“Bellaroma management is strongly committed to the success of our field organization,” said the company’s CEO Bart Kennington. “We are pleased that in our early stage of development that the company is strong enough to attract someone of Gail’s creative experience and distinction.”

Pittman has a personal affinity for those working in home-based businesses since she started her own career at the kitchen table more than 32 years ago. “So many women and men look to direct sales with an eye on the home party business due to the flexibility it brings them and their lifestyles,” said Pittman. “I am eager to give them an extra reason to be excited about their businesses.”

Bellaroma Announces Direct Sales Milestones

Press Release | 1/29/2014

January 28, 2014, WOODS CROSS, Utah--Offering an entrepreneurial home decorating sales consultancy that promotes candle safety, Bellaroma today announced that the Utah-based startup received its Direct Selling Association (DSA) membership last month and outperformed 2013 sales expectations, leading to the company’s first direct sales consultant bonus trip to Jamaica this month. Bellaroma also announced its continued support of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) as the company’s primary charitable beneficiary.

Bellaroma, which in less than one year has built a base of consultants in 35 states, received DSA membership upon completing its minimum one-year pending period in December 2013. In the DSA announcement, President Joseph Mariano stated, “[Bellaroma] demonstrated that they take their ethical obligations to their field sales force and to the ultimate customer seriously and are willing to make a public pledge to that effect.”

Led by Executive Vice President and National Director Mary Hoff, who brought more than 13 years in direct sales experience to the company, Bellaroma has quickly caught the attention of sales consultants nationwide.“Bellaroma satisfies on so many levels,” said Hoff. “We are passionate, thoughtful, and here to bring success to as many people as we can.

“Our candle safety message resonates with the direct sales audience,” said Hoff. “This platform is ideal for sharing fragrant candle scent and showcasing our Candle Aire, candle warmer lamps and other unique giftware and home decorating accessories.”

A colleague who knew Hoff at Southern Living at Home and had heard good things about her over the years, Valerie Atkins hadn’t decided to join Bellaroma until she saw what Hoff was backing. “Hoff knows her way in direct selling,” said Atkins. “Bellaroma seems ideal for long-term success as a sales consultant, so I jumped on board.”

During 2014, Bellaroma is encouraging its sales consultants across the United States to partner with their local NAMI chapter. In addition to joining local NAMI walks and other fundraising activities, Bellaroma sales consultants make available the Bella Bliss, an exclusive lavender-scented Bellaroma candle. NAMI receives 100 percent of the company’s Bella Bliss net proceeds; in 2013, NAMI received a $6,455 donation from Bellaroma.

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