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ChicBoutique at Home Press Release

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ChicBoutique at Home Press Release

PR Buzz | 1/29/2008

ChicBoutique At Home, Unique Clothing, Handbags & Accessories

ChicBoutique is a different kind of direct sales company. No boring presentation and no worries about being recruited. We are all about connecting girlfriends in a relaxing and fun in-home setting. It's the ultimate retail therapy! It's an ideal business for anyone who loves fashion and have always dreamed of having their own retail boutique. There has never been a better time to join one of the fastest growing ground floor companies in fashion! When you take a look at other direct sales companies/network marketing, ChicBoutique is truly unique because we offer chic yet versatile every day clothes with gorgeous handbags and fun jewelry/accessories to choose from. We are the entire mobile semi-upscale retail boutique!

With the experience of our Founder who was a distributor herself, ChicBoutique offers one of the most lucrative, exciting and flexible compensation plans in the industry. Over 80% of distributors are women and ChicBoutique has products that appeal to this large group. Let's face it, most women love clothes and handbags, and it's the type of show that's FUN to attend and FUN to host. If the home shows aren't fun, no one's going to come or host. We're in the RIGHT market, the RIGHT industry and at the RIGHT time! There's a reason we've grown in leaps and bounds so quickly. It's a New Year so we encourage you to try something new.

We are rapidly expanding our territory and if you've always dreamed of having your own boutique, NOW is the perfect time to get IN! Email us: info@chicboutiqueathome.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or visit our website if you're interested in seeing one of our shows or interested in a career opportunity with us.

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