cPRIME Launching with NEO Band

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cPRIME Launching with NEO Band

Npros.com | 5/6/2010

According to FitsNews.com, new MLM company cPRIME is being promoted by Rob DeBoer, formerly of Burnlounge. The FitsNews article says:

"...Called “cPRIME” bracelets, these magnetic wristbands are being marketed to young athletes under the premise that they will help them excel in their athletic endeavors. They’re also being marketed to parents as a way to make money during these difficult economic times..."

DeBoer was dismissed from his position as the University of South Carolina's sideline reporter three years ago after Burnlounge was labled a Pyramid Scheme by the FTC. Comments on the article point out that DeBoer is only a distributor, and not an executive of the company. However, at this time, information on the executives and the company's physical address do not seem to be available. Domain registrations for the company's domain www.myprime.com is private.

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