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eFoods Global Rebranded as GOFoods Global

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eFoods Global Rebranded as GOFoods Global

Npros.com | 1/5/2012

GOFoods Global is the new name of eFoods Global. The change was made in late October, 2011. According to the GOFoods newsletter, the decision to change the company name stemmed from the desire to create an emotional connection for the brand, which it felt was missing with the name eFoods.

“The brand is straightforward and our food is straightforward,” explains Brad Stewart, President of GOFoods. “It fits with customs and the expectations of a global brand. Ultimately, it has the emotional appeal. We have been working for a year to determine our global brand, and when you get to see it and feel the full effects of it, you’ll find the same thing that we did. Everything about the word “go” works!”

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