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Ethos Shifts into Gear with MLM Model

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Ethos Shifts into Gear with MLM Model

San Diego Business Journal | 9/3/2009

The Cash for Clunkers program may have reached the end of the road, but Ethos Environmental is test-driving a new business model to sell more of its oil and fuel additives and arrive at the same goal: increase gas mileage while reducing emissions.

For years, the San Diego-based manufacturer sold its petroleum-refining products in bulk directly to large fleets, such as those at Allied Waste Services and Precision Motor Transport Group, to improve overall performance. Its flagship products are EthosFR fuel and oil treatments, which are typically added during fill-ups and oil changes.

“Our drivers reported a significant reduction in smoke from the exhaust, more power from the truck, reduced noise and significantly better fuel economy,” said Joe Jacobson, owner of Precision Motor.

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