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Global Verge wins 43 million judgment against Zer01

Global Verge Joins Hop On For USAcig

Zer01 Sued by Global Verge

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Global Verge wins 43 million judgment against Zer01 | 5/26/2010

Zer01 was contracted to deliver an unlimited voice and data cell phone service to Global Verge. A court in Nevada found Zer01 guilty of breach of contract, tortious interference, and long-term profit losses, and awarded Global Verge a $43 million settlement.

Although Global Verge may never be able to collect the monies, due to the financial situation of Zer01, which is expected to declare insolvency, the order will still be in effect. Ben Piilani, CEO of Zer01, has stopped participating in his case, according to his attorney Brian Hardy. If the appeal date goes by without action, Hardy will begin to determine the assets of the company for liquidation.

Global Verge is still fielding complaints from people who have signed up to sell the cellular programs as part of the MLM plan. Ted Robbins, CEO of Global Verge, stated that it is their belief that the complaints are not valid, and are being posted by people who do not want to see them gain momentum in the market because anyone who was signed up to sell this aspect of the Global Verge marketing plan, has been given a full refund for any monthly fees paid to date. This offer is standing, and includes anyone interested in obtaining a refund for those services that Global Verge was unable to deliver due to the lawsuit with Zer01.

One of the major reasons that Global Verge was not cited with sanctions by the Court, was due to the fact that they did not pre-sell the packages coming from Zer01. Had they done so, they may not have been treated as favorably in the outcome of the lawsuit. While this is not the extend of the legal issues or complaints currently harbored by and against Global Verge, the company states that they are referring every complaint to the company's legal team for responses and resolution.

Global Verge has now agreed with Sprint to sell their services, in an exclusive available to Global Verge members only.

Global Verge Joins Hop On For USAcig | 5/8/2010

An announcement was made today by USAcig, Inc. stating that the company executed contracts with Global Verge for an additional distribution of USAcig's The Electric Cigarette and The Electric Cigar, allowing it to distribute the products throughout the U.S. as well as in some international countries.

"Global Verge is adding our products to its Multi-Level Marketing program. Currently they have over 20,000 sales associates and growing that will move our products." Hop-on Inc. President Jay Pignatello stated.

The cartridges used in USAcig's products are manufactured in the United States although the electronics are manufactured in China. Medical-related issues or opportunities are monitored and supervised by a board of US-based doctors.

"Our relationship with Hop-on is already bearing fruit. We are excited about the distribution channels our relationship with Hop-on has created. And we are looking forward to more distribution channels opening up to us in the near future." stated David Worely, USAcig, Inc

Zer01 Sued by Global Verge

FierceWireless | 12/22/2009

Zer01 Mobile, the MVNE that has faced questions about its service, was sued by a former business partner, which Zer01 severed ties with during the summer.

Global Verge, a multilevel marketing company that owned Buzzirk Mobile, which was supposed to distribute Zer01's unlimited mobile service, filed a lawsuit against Zer01, claiming it owes Global Verge $170,500. The lawsuit, filed in the District Court in Clark County, Nev., alleges Global Verge lent money to Zer01 after Zer01's CEO, Ben Piilani, said the company was facing financial issues and problems with a shareholder, Teonna Poloa.

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