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GOFoods Global Unveils GO Party Plan with New Direct Sales Model

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GOFoods Global Unveils GO Party Plan with New Direct Sales Model

Press Release | 3/31/2012

SALT LAKE CITY, March 30, 2012 -- GOFoods Global, the nation's category creator in premium-quality food reserves and shelf-life nutrition, unveiled its new sales business model called GO Party designed to maximize profitable opportunities on food, a product that everyone wants and needs, while sharing the message of GOFoods. The first industry model to bring together the benefits of network marketing and direct sales, GO Party not only excites the entrepreneurial spirit and freedom of people everywhere during these challenging economic times, but also rewards people for their efforts in enriching people's lives.

Unlike traditional direct sales party plans, GO Party provides financial benefits for everyone involved, no matter if they're the host or the party distributor. GO Party places commissionable sales into the company's network marketing plan, ensuring that everyone can benefit from these parties. The party plan also includes a generous host rewards program where hosts can receive free and discounted food, and special host-only offers. Interested entrepreneurs can more easily build a team and take personal control of their business, especially during these hard economic times, and provide a way for families to create additional income with little or no startup costs.

GO Party participation is not limited to the company's distributors, referred to as Independent Business Owners. GOFoods products are available to everyone, and the program opens the door to include current and potential customers; benefits are being extended to everyone who wants to make people's lives easier and more secure. GO Parties also operate in partnership with the GOFoods Foundation--for every 10 packages of food sold at a GO Party, GOFoods donates 1 package back to the local community as another way to enrich the lives of others.

Dynamic duo IBO Leaders Scott and Krista Andersen were part of the company's initial GO Party kickoff training event and know that GO Party is one of the most exciting systems to ever come to the industry. "One thing we love about GOFoods is that it lets you pick the way you want to do a party," explains Krista. "People will hesitate if they feel like they are coming to something that's more of a formal business meeting. Food is enticing to people. People show up and they even bring people with them; they taste the food, socialize with their friends, meet new people, and learn about the product." Adds Scott, "GO Party totally removes the traditional approach of having to convince others to sell. Now people come to a decision on their own, which for me, from a marketing standpoint--having been in sales for the last twenty years--is just phenomenal. GO Party makes it fun, simple, and very easy to duplicate."

With GOFoods, families everywhere within the United States and Canada are learning how the company's food can help save them time and money, especially in today's difficult economy. Although women typically comprise the majority of direct sales opportunities, men have also seized the GOFoods opportunity as a way to improve their quality of life and better manage their family and work commitments. Food is a product that everyone needs, and GOFoods healthy easy-to-prepare meals complete a variety of lifestyles--busy college students needing a faster nutritious meal, mothers looking for a quick dinner option that doesn't involve fast food, families wanting to purchase long-term storable reserves for the future. GOFoods allows everyone to take control of their future and feed their freedom, physically and financially.

"Food is something that has been the center of people's lives since the beginning of time," said Mike Casperson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Our new model provides an opportunity for more people to be a part of GOFoods, which is considered to be one of the most relevant companies in the industry today. Our products are a transfer purchase; instead of eating fast food, you can now enjoy affordable, healthy meals. And our model allows people to take control of their greatest dependency--food. GO Party provides a non-threatening model of inviting friends and family to try these delicious meals--everything from our hearty soups to gourmet entrees, natural snacks and wholesome bakery goods, and refreshing beverages. For once there's a product that is highly consumable but one that people are proud to store in their basements and garages."

GO Party also comes complete with training materials, marketing tools, and a back office party manager that simplifies the planning process and allows party hosts to create new parties and place individual and bulk customer orders.

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