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Healthient Launches Direct-to-Consumer Channel

Healthient Announces Zing Sugar-Free Energy Drink

Healthient Launches LOLICRUNCH

Healthient Adds New Video to SnackHealthy Website

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Healthient Launches Direct-to-Consumer Channel

Press Release | 5/21/2013

JUPITER, FL, May 20, 2013 -- Healthient, Inc. announced today it will now offer its line of "better for you" snacks direct to consumers at Additionally, the Company has announced lower pricing on its most popular products.

"Our mission of helping people achieve and maintain their healthy weight continues. More than ever before, today's consumers are looking for healthier, great tasting snacking options. Our nutritious snacks offer people of all ages the opportunity to snack healthy without compromising taste or satisfaction," said Katherine West, Healthient's CEO.

Americans are snacking more than ever, according to Packaged Facts new "Snack Foods in the U.S." The market is predicted to reach $77 billion by 2015, up from $56 billion in 2006, fueled by reduced restaurant dining, busier lifestyles and rising health concerns.

Until now, the Company's products were distributed exclusively through a network marketing channel and available only through independent distributors. Healthient now offers consumers the ability to buy direct from the company and enjoy a savings of up to 30 percent on its most popular snacks.

"We are dedicated to helping people make better food choices and to the fight against childhood obesity. We feel that expansion into retail markets and better pricing will allow us to reach a much broader audience ultimately delivering healthy snacks into the hands of more families."

"The launch of our retail division and direct-to-consumer channel on demonstrates Healthient's commitment to providing American families affordable healthy snacking options. This is an exciting time for Healthient and our SnackHealthy brand as we introduce new sales channels to strengthen and grow our business," she added.

Healthient Announces Zing Sugar-Free Energy Drink

Press Release | 11/7/2011

JUPITER, FL, Nov 07, 2011 -- Today, Healthient, Inc. announced the debut of Zing! Healthy Energy Drink Mix, its newest beverage mix sold under the SnackHealthy brand. The healthy energy drink Zing! is an all-natural, sugar-free energy drink formulated for health-conscious consumers. Orange flavored Zing! Healthy Energy Drink Mix is a powdered beverage mix available in 20 serving stick-pack cartons, contains less than 5 calories per serving, is sweetened naturally with Stevia, and contains no sugar.

"SnackHealthy is a source for nourishing, great tasting products and we are thrilled to announce the launch of Zing!" said Katherine West, CEO of Healthient. "We specifically formulated Zing! to meet the lifestyle and nutritional needs of active men and women who strive to achieve a happy balance between work, family, and self. Our goal is to provide a delicious alternative to the average caffeinated drink, while offering essential ingredients that energize, refresh, and allow you to feel good about what you are drinking."

"The launch of Zing Energy Drink demonstrates Healthient's ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence as we take our brands into relevant segments that are on-trend with consumer demands," said William Alverson, Chairman of Healthient. "This is an exciting time for Healthient and our SnackHealthy brand as we introduce new products that will strengthen and grow our business."

SnackHealthy hopes to capitalize on the consumer shift in demand away from sugary sodas and energy drinks that may be harmful to your health. Zing! delivers an energy boost without the high calories, sugar and artificial flavors that many popular energy drinks contain. Traditional energy drinks have been known to cause "jitters" and increase heart rates in some individuals, whereas Zing! delivers a gentle boost in energy with 85 mg of Caffeine extracted from Green Tea and Guarana, about the same amount of Caffeine in a cup of coffee.

Zing! and SnackHealthy's entire line of food and beverage products is sold exclusively through SnackHealthy distributors.

Healthient Launches LOLICRUNCH

Press Release | 10/25/2011

JUPITER, FL--(Oct 18, 2011) - Healthient, Inc. today announced LOLICRUNCH, its newest product in a growing line of snacks and beverages sold under its SnackHealthy brand. LOLICRUNCH is a contemporary line of 100% natural nut and fruit snacks that are a good source of protein. By elevating the "simple nut" into unique snacks, LOLICRUNCH flavor varieties offer consumers a different snacking experience fit for a wide range of snacking occasions.

"While consumer demand for the nut category continues to be positive, the options have been limited and uninspiring," said Katherine West, Chief Executive Officer of Healthient. "We've blended roasted nuts, mixed them with bits of dried fruit, added a dash of sea salt and brushed them with natural sweetness for a delicious, crunchy snack, and their bite-sized shapes make them ideal for on-the-go nourishment."

LOLICRUNCH offers a surprisingly delicious and wholesome snack to satisfy adventurous consumers with a mindful approach to life and wellness. They are cholesterol free, dairy free, wheat free, gluten free, and Kosher.

Healthient Adds New Video to SnackHealthy Website

Press Release | 10/25/2011

JUPITER, FL, Oct 20, 2011 -- Healthient, Inc. announced today it has produced a new marketing video to assist its SnackHealthy brand partners in building their businesses. The new video, available to view on, and an animated video on the Company's website, give an overview of SnackHealthy's portfolio of products and shows people how they can generate monthly income by helping people make a positive, healthy change in their lives.

William Alverson, Chief Marketing Officer, stated, "The Company has completed developing its initial portfolio of over 20 healthy snacks and beverages and is now focused on building and maintaining its brand partner network. We aim to accomplish this by offering a turn-key marketing system and a rewarding compensation plan. The income opportunity provided by the SnackHealthy network marketing program appeals to a broad cross-section of people, particularly those seeking to supplement their family incomes, start a home business or pursue entrepreneurial, full and part-time, employment opportunities."

According to the Direct Sales Association, there are 16 million Americans involved in direct sales, with 2010 sales surpassing 28 billion dollars. The industry's sales force is comprised mainly of women, who work part-time as independent contractors. "Our brand partners, who are independent contractors, can profit from selling our products and can also earn bonuses on sales made by the other brand partners whom they recruit to join their sales organizations," Alverson said.

"We believe the direct-selling channel is ideally suited to marketing our healthy snacks and beverages because product sales are driven by face-to-face selling. Relationships are strengthened while loyalty is created by ongoing personal contact between retail consumers and our SnackHealthy brand partners."

"Our goal is to enhance consumers' nutritional and health education as well as to motivate them to begin and maintain weight management programs. Our brand partners are some of SnackHealthy's most loyal customers. Their first-hand testimonials of our products are very powerful sales tools," he added.

The Company plans to further aid its brand partners by generating additional demand for its products through traditional marketing and public relations activities, such as radio and television ads, sporting event sponsorships and endorsements.

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