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Jerky Direct Enjoys Continued Growth

Jerky Direct Member Press Release

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Jerky Direct Enjoys Continued Growth

Press Release | 2/8/2011

Greater Idaho Falls & Surrounding Communities congratulate, and applaud homegrown Jerky Direct, as they prove to be a lasting and secure business opportunity.

Idaho Falls, ID has one more player in the national direct sales arena as Jerky Direct drives into its seventh year. The opportunities and growth just continue to flourish.

Seven years ago Jerky Direct was just a dream envisioned by its founder Roger Ball. Those who meet Roger for the first time may just see a farm boy in work boots, 501's, and a John Deere hat. Don't let that impression fool you. Roger is no stranger to billion dollar markets and successful businesses. He has planted fantastic seeds of idea, which have branched and grown into successful businesses like King B Jerky, Inc., Golden Valley Natural, Healthy Partner Pet Snacks, JD Premium, Crown Label, Precision Plastics, Sun Development and Melaleuca, Inc.

Taking a vision he had a for a company that could combine two of his passions, the jerky business and direct sales, he proudly unveiled Jerky Direct, a company that continues to change the way jerky is distributed in the United States.

In his own words Roger says: "We combine three things at Jerky Direct: 1) an outstanding product that is easily available, 2) a great value in the meat snacks market and 3) a simple, fun way to build your own successful business. I am thrilled, but not surprised to see this concept take-off with such enthusiasm." He, along with Brad Zundel, CEO, laid the foundation, and formed a business plan that has changed the rules of network marketing forever.

Jerky Direct is proud to be creating new Idaho jobs and contributing to the Idaho Falls community. Through their direct marketing program they are excited to be creating new opportunities on a nationwide level. Having eliminated all of the up-front costs, enrollment fees, the high minimum requirements as well as all of the negatives that have long been associated with the multi-level marketing industry, they have opened numerous opportunities for new businesses. Every new Distributor is provided with his or her own e-Commerce enabled website, titled with a business name of their own choosing.

In February of 2005, Jerky Direct was ready, and launched nationwide. Thus began a whirlwind of excitement, activity, and growth. As the year progressed, Distributor's income programs were added to pay significant commissions on all retail and wholesale orders. Product lines were expanded to include 3.5 oz. jerky bags to the retail and wholesale line. A complete line of USDA Certified Organic Jerky was also introduced. Four flavors are available: Original, Peppered, Sweet & Spicy, and Teriyaki. February 2006 saw the introduction of a new line of Beef STIX, available in four exciting new flavors: Original, Peppered, Habañero, and Fajita.

More recent additions include frozen All-Natural Buffalo Steaks (tenderloin, new york strip, ribeye and top sirloin) and All-Natural Buffalo Jerky in both slab and medallion style and multiple flavorings. Members with pets can trust in the All Natural Turkey Pet Strips that are guaranteed to please even the pickiest of dogs. Those members that are looking for a better alternative snack to all the sugar laden treats on the market have found the All-Natural Fruit Stix in Apple/Cinnamon, Berry Blend and Blueberry to be a perfect replacement. Four styles of All-Natural Turkey Jerky now provide a high protein/low fat option for anyone that enjoys a moist and tender meat snack.

Jerky Direct has earned its reputation as a leader in the Network Marketing Industry. As proof that it is standing the test of time, Jerky Direct is ranked #345 out of 679 MLM companies. That is even more impressive when you consider that most direct sales startup companies do not even make it out of their initial year of business before failing. It has evolved from the dream of a visionary into a self-supporting, financially sound company that is ready for more explosive growth in 2011.

Jerky Direct Member Press Release

PR Web | 4/12/2006

(PRWEB) - Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) April 2, 2006 -- When Jerky Direct set forth in the Network Marketing Industry they decided they wanted to remove the middle man and make the all Natural Jerky available to the masses and still allow those the Opportunity to build a business from their home.

Most of Jerky Directs products contain no preservatives, no added msg, no nitrites, no erythorbate, no artificial ingredients, and are only minimally processed. Jerky Direct currently has a total of 26 Jerky Flavors available.

All Products include Free Shipping on all Bags, Supplements, Cases and Gift Packs.

For the Entrepreneur the Jerky Direct Business as low as $12 a month even if you do not want to sale any Jerky Products.

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