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Jeunesse Completes Strategic Acquisition of MonaVie

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Jeunesse Global Completes Acquisition of GreatLife International

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Jeunesse Completes Strategic Acquisition of MonaVie

Press Release | 3/25/2015

ORLANDO, Fla., March 16, 2015 -- Jeunesse Global (Jeunesse), a leading direct selling company devoted to inspiring healthy living and youth enhancement, announced today the acquisition of MonaVie, a provider of premium nutritional products sold through a global network of independent distributors, as well as its brand mynt, creating a leading multigenerational healthy living company with a growing emphasis on the youth movement. As a combined company, the Jeunesse brand will operate on an international platform with a network of more than 4 million distributors in over 100 countries, supporting consumers from Generation Y to Baby Boomers with numerous products to help them live healthier lifestyles.

"By welcoming MonaVie to the Jeunesse family, we created a very powerful and exciting opportunity for our company, consumers and distributors," said Randy Ray, Jeunesse Chief Executive Officer.

"Both companies are committed to helping distributors around the world deliver a best-in-class customer experience to help them maximize business opportunities and empower people to live their lives with purpose and in the healthiest manner possible," added Scott Lewis, Jeunesse Chief Visionary Officer. "The combined company will position us as a leading multigenerational healthy living brand and accelerate our growth trajectory."

Under the ownership of Jeunesse, MonaVie will have a strong financial partner offering them an enhanced balance sheet, significant economies of scale and an efficient operational infrastructure to support the company's growth plan. This acquisition will also allow both companies to enter and quickly expand new markets throughout the world.

"This is an exciting step forward for MonaVie and our distributors. Our diligent work over the past two years has resulted in a right-sized company with innovative products and an efficient sourcing platform," commented Mauricio Bellora, MonaVie President and CEO. "In Jeunesse, one of the fastest growing companies in our industry, we have found the best possible partner to drive our growth plans and be the cornerstone of our future. As a combined company, we will work towards one goal, to offer consumers the perfect experience, allowing all our distributors to build sustainable businesses and maximize their potential."

In the past two years, MonaVie has launched its CORE nutritional products and rebranded EMV energy drinks, while also adding new flavors to the EMV line. In addition, the company premiered many products internationally.

With the support of Jeunesse, MonaVie will continue its planned product rollout and international expansion, including the promotion of MonaVie's new brand, mynt, which is focused on enhancing the positives of network marketing, and has begun a movement within the industry to change the way things are done. Jeunesse will bring mynt to Europe this summer and to Japan in the near future.

"The strategic acquisition of MonaVie presents Jeunesse with a valuable opportunity to leverage our combined strengths and significantly expand globally," added Mr. Lewis. "This is the right decision at the right time, not only because it will significantly increase our growth trajectory and bring us closer to our goal of $1 billion in sales — but also because it brings new opportunities for our distributors, the lifeblood of our company."

During the gradual integration process, both companies' businesses will continue to operate as usual.

Jeunesse Global Earns Spot on DSN Global 100

Press Release | 5/12/2012

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla., May 11, 2012 -- Jeunesse Global, the leading provider of youth-enhancing products in the direct sales industry, has been recently named as one of the top 100 direct selling companies in the world, according to Direct Selling News (DSN). The DSN Global 100–a list of the greatest revenue-generating direct selling companies in the world–is published by Direct Selling News every year.* Jeunesse Global, the youngest company to be recognized, ranked number 80, outperforming hundreds of other companies vying for the coveted spot. This marks the first time Jeunesse Global has made the list.

Since the launch of its latest two luxury skin care products, LUMINESCE™ youth restoring cleanser and LUMINESCE™ essential body renewal, in the United States just a few months ago, Jeunesse Global has seen a strong rise in both demand and growth. Additionally, the recent acquisition of another US-based MLM company has led to a significant increase in Jeunesse Global's distributor-base, which also helps account for some of the company's notable success.

"As we are still a relatively young company, we are proud of the success we have had and are very excited to be recognized as one of the DSN Global 100 companies. It is an honor to have this recognition, but we attribute all of our success to the thousands of committed distributors who continue to passionately share the Jeunesse products and opportunity, while impacting lives all over the world through our global platform. We take great pride in being a DSA member and look forward to continuing to broaden our reach in this powerful industry. We anticipate 2012 being a landmark year for Jeunesse Global with revenues in excess of $100 million," said Scott Lewis, Vice President of Global Operations, "and expect to see substantial growth and momentum in these coming months as we approach our third anniversary event and international conference in Hong Kong this September."

The complete DSN's Global 100 list will be officially published in the upcoming June edition of the DSN magazine.

*The DSN Global 100 ranking is based on net revenue before commissions are paid and without any value-added tax.

Jeunesse Global Completes Acquisition of GreatLife International

Press Release | 3/20/2012

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla., March 19, 2012 -- On February 6, 2012, Jeunesse Global announced that it had acquired an MLM company by the name of GreatLife International, a fellow member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). A well-respected company within the network marketing industry, GreatLife International is the original producer of VIDACELL®, a unique food supplement that boasts numerous health benefits. Thanks to the merger, Jeunesse Global has now significantly increased its distributor base and number of fully operational office locations.

Jeunesse sees the move as a positive one that will allow for the provision of an even broader range of products and services to its members. Joining forces with GreatLife International will also enable the Company to further drive growth in strategic global markets and provide its Distributors with many new services, products, and benefits in the near future, including additional and stronger career opportunities. Jeunesse Global's mission to "enhance the health and vitality of people worldwide by offering financial stability through a 'new economy' business platform and youth-enhancing products based on innovative technologies," remains unchanged.

A corporate spokesperson has confirmed that Jeunesse's Financial Rewards Plan, day-to-day operations, and executive management team will not change as a result of this exciting new development, and that Jeunesse will continue to operate its business as usual–striving to achieve the highest level of dedication, professionalism, and excellence possible. "After careful consideration, we are confident that this decision will result in a great new opportunity that will provide additional value to both Jeunesse and its Distributors. Combined, our two organizations will have better ability to draw in, retain, and motivate great people," said Wendy Lewis, co-founder and COO of Jeunesse Global. "We're excited to be able to maintain the same quality of service and products our members have come to expect from us."

Jeunesse Global extends a warm welcome to the GreatLife International community of distributors.

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