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Kiiera to Launch VIV Energy Fusion May 1 2009

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Kiiera to Launch VIV Energy Fusion May 1 2009 | 4/5/2009

Kiiera plans to launch their VIV Energy Infusion on May 1, 2009.

Founded by Peter Spiegel and The Sylmark Group, the official launch is set for Woodland Hills, California.

The new beverage is said to have a focus on life-sustaining vial energy ("qi" or "ki") with ingredients based on ancient Asian roots, and a concept of new era health.

Through direct sales Kiiera hopes to deliver the energy of potent botanicals to consumers and independent affiliates at an affordable price point of $1.25 per individual serving.

THe company comp pla is what they call a "Fusion Marketing" approach that combines Direct Response and Network Marketing to reach and motivate new prospects worldwide.

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