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LiveSmart 360 Announces 500 Percent Growth

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LiveSmart 360 Announces 500 Percent Growth

Press Release | 10/22/2013

Sarasota, FL - October 19, 2013 -- LiveSmart 360, a three-year-old international Direct Sales company based in Sarasota, FL, today announced 500% growth in the first three quarters of 2013.

The company attributes the recent growth to the successful introduction of the new 360 Chocolates brand launched in January of 2013, as well as to the unique appeal of the 360 Career Path for it’s field of Independent Members.

Founder & CEO Mark McCool explains, “the passion and mission of this company since day one has been to help our Members and customers improve their lives in all 360 degrees, beginning with their health through our unique products. To accomplish this, 360 knew it had to create something unique that the market had not previously seen. The facts are that over one billion people throughout the world are already buying chocolate each day and that the vast majority of people absolutely love chocolate. These same people want to lead healthier lives.

This prompted the management team to ask what if health could be delivered through chocolate? As the 360 Members like to ask, would you be interested in getting healthier by eating more chocolate?”

"From day one, we knew we had something that would revolutionize both the Wellness and the Chocolate industries, states Chief formulator and former President of the American Neutriceutical Association, Derrick DeSilva, M.D. Science has discovered that dark chocolate is one of the greatest superfoods known to man. The health benefits of dark chocolate are extraordinary. The 360 Chocolates brand goes to the next step by infusing additional nutrients to actual make the chocolate functional. WIth the addition of ZorbMax® these nutrients are driven deeper into the cells, enhancing the absorption and boosting the benefits to the body.” ZorbMax® is a blend of electro-magnetically charged trace minerals that allows the cells to better absorb nutrition and oxygen to every part of the body.

So far the company offers 5 products inside the 360 Chocolates line; Zip Chew energy chocolates, Antioxidant chocolate chews, exotic Camu bars, Omega Delight truffles and a Supreme Chocolate Manna shake.

All 360 Chocolates are a blend of rich premium chocolate with a naturally sweetened core combined with all-natural flavors and functional infusions.

LiveSmart 360 is also expanding aggressively into the European and Asian markets. Chief Operations Officer Gregg Sturz indicates, “Better health and greater financial opportunity are two things everyone in the world is interested in and of course, chocolate is something they already love. By combining these elements together, 360 has created a business without borders and with unlimited possibilities.”

Vice-President of Sales, Steven Thompson joined the 360 team in July 2012. Mr. Thompson is widely regarded as one of the Direct Sales industry’s top coaches and mentors. He states, “360's growth is absolutely incredible. The domestic business has doubled, while the Asian and European markets are on fire as the company continues to share the love of 360 Chocolate across the world. Over the last 30 days alone, the company has exceeded 250% revenue growth with no signs of a slow down."

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