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LTS Nutraceuticals Expands into Asia

Livethesource Launches-Press Release

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LTS Nutraceuticals Expands into Asia

Press Release | 1/25/2012

LTS Nutraceuticals, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of nutritional and personal care products, today announced that the Company will be expanding its Inline Marketing program into Asia, initially focusing in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

The Company's entry into Asia comes after its acquisition of BioCalth International Inc., the manufacturer of BioCalth®, currently sold in some of the largest drug store chains in Asia including Watson's, Unity and Guardian. BioCalth being a well-known brand name in Asia has enabled the Company to market its Inline Marketing program among Asian consumers that are envisioning potential opportunities in this uniquely reinvented network marketing model. Over the last several weeks the Company has been laying the groundwork to launch Inline Marketing and has been receiving positive feedback in all three territories.

"Expanding our Inline Marketing program into one of the largest markets in the world is a major milestone for the Company as we begin positioning ourselves in what we believe are three regions where people are showing an eagerness to become entrepreneurs and begin marketing our livethesource® products," stated CEO of LTS Nutraceuticals, Jerry Rayman. "We are excited about this opportunity to introduce a business model which we believe will further expand into other regions throughout Asia."

Livethesource Launches-Press Release | 4/15/2010

livethesource(TM) Launches With the World's First and Only Patented, Fully Nano-Encapsulated Liquid Vitamin, Mineral and Herbal Supplement

Fort Lauderdale, FL | Posted on June 9th, 2009 As current economic conditions see unemployment rise and Americans losing health coverage as well as income, consumers are being forced to cut back in ways that undermine their health and well being. In response, a new network marketing company, livethesource(TM), launched today to provide both a means to gaining financial independence for distributors and a healthier lifestyle for consumers.

John Neubauer, who served as Chief Operating Officer for Herbalife for several years and helped build the legendary direct sales giant into what is today a $3.3B company, will serve as President and Chief Operating Officer for livethesource(TM). In addition to his work with Herbalife, he led a turnaround at Nutrition For Life Intl, a workout of Cell Tech International and a startup nutraceutical marketing company, Starlight International.

"When I first learned about livethesource(TM), I was amazed at not only the quality of the product itself, but also by the fact that the company has patented a technology unlike any other in the world," said Neubauer. "I see this as the beginning of a phenomenal growth opportunity for both distributors and consumers, perhaps the best one I've seen in decades."

Paul Peccianti, who will serve as President, Global Sales, previously served as VP, Global Sales for Nikken, a global wellness company, where sales reached $1.9B. In addition to having been involved in network marketing for more than 25 years and being a well-known motivational speaker, Paul also co-authored the book Delusion is Good, A Visionary Guide to Extraordinary Outcomes.

"In my quarter century of experience in this industry, I have never seen such a buzz about a new health product so early in its launch," said Peccianti. "Not only am I amazed by the amount of top-level network marketing professionals who have already joined the company in the US, but it has now even attracted interest from different parts of the world as well."

Together, Neubauer and Peccianti will oversee the growth of the company and the launch of its first proprietary product, daily source(TM). By introducing the first and only fully nano-encapsulated liquid vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement, livethesource(TM) has cracked the code to a more effective vitamin delivery method.

daily source(TM) isn't just a vitamin supplement. With its breakthrough technology, it is a complete blend of health and well being. The specially-selected vitamins, minerals and herbal compounds in daily source(TM) provide a substantial increase in nutritional value, first, due to their synergy, and second, due to their nano-encapsulation. livethesource(TM)'s All Natural Patented Nanotechnology(TM) process creates a vitamin particle small enough to be absorbed with maximum efficiency.

Nanotechnology is the increasingly popular science of the incredibly small. It is a state-of-the-art process used in medicine, food, robotics and virtually any other high-tech system now emerging from the scientific community. As it applies to food and nutritional supplements, nanotechnology is now being utilized to reduce the particle size of various compounds to a relatively small size for efficient absorption in the body's cells. One of the best ways to create nano-size particles is through encapsulation. The technology separates and then envelops molecules in the active compound.

livethesource(TM)'s All Natural Patented Nanotechnology(TM) process uses only natural plant lipids, including soy, as the basis for its nano-encapsulation. This ensures that the compounds dissolve gradually, providing a sustained release of the vitamins, minerals and herbal compounds. By the time the body has absorbed the nutrients in this safe and efficient manner, the nano-particle has completely dissolved. In other words, the plant lipids are metabolized, just as any other food would be.

daily source(TM) is free of allergens, such as yeast, corn, wheat, lactose, dairy, citrus, egg, fish and nut products. It contains no sugar, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. With a light cinnamon-berry taste, daily source(TM) is available in a 30oz bottle - a 30 day supply - and retails for $48; cost to distributors is $36.

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