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Lulu Avenue Announces Its Approval as a Full Member of the DSA

Lulu Avenue Signs Exclusive Design and License Agreement with Frances Gadbois

Lulu Avenue Stays on Trend with New Mobile App

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Lulu Avenue Announces Its Approval as a Full Member of the DSA

Press Release | 6/4/2014

MORRISVILLE, N.C.--June 03, 2014-- Lulu Avenue, a wholly owned subsidiary of Charles & Colvard Ltd., is proud to announce its approval as a full member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). During the one-year pending period just completed, the DSA reviewed the company's marketing and business plan to ensure compliance with the DSA's strict Code of Ethics. Becoming a member of the DSA is another step in Lulu Avenue's growth and mission to bring style, financial independence and empowerment to women across the country.

Lulu Avenue is the world's only direct sales company featuring Moissanite -- The World's Most Brilliant Gem, and exclusive jewelry designs by Frances Gadbois. The unique product line offers a highly competitive earning opportunity for its field of Style Advisors that now occupies 42 states. The collections of fine and fashion jewelry feature the perfect balance of classic, sophisticated, and on-trend designs that can complement any look from your favorite pair of jeans or the hottest runway styles.

"We are proud to be joining the DSA as a full member of this prestigious organization," said Michelle Jones, President of Lulu Avenue. "This membership puts Lulu Avenue in a well-earned spot among an elite group of companies, and provides consumers and people seeking a business opportunity peace of mind that our business adheres to the DSA's strict Code of Ethics. I believe that our DSA membership will serve to encourage more women to join our vibrant and growing business."

Lulu Avenue Signs Exclusive Design and License Agreement with Frances Gadbois

Press Release | 3/20/2014

MORRISVILLE, N.C.--March 20, 2014-- Lulu Avenue(R) has signed a new exclusive, design and license agreement with Frances Gadbois, effective immediately. Its prior license agreement with JudeFrances Jewelry was terminated with mutual consent of both parties.

The agreement with Frances Gadbois, who designed the fashion and moissanite jewelry collections for Lulu Avenue(R) under its prior agreement with JudeFrances Jewelry, calls for Ms. Gadbois to continue to design fashion and moissanite jewelry for Lulu Avenue(R) . As the designer of the Lulu Avenue(R) collection, Ms. Gadbois has devoted significant amounts of her time to the collection, creating classic, elegant, and trend-setting designs.

Michelle Jones, President of Lulu Avenue(R) , said, "We are extremely pleased with Frances Gadbois' spectacular designs, and look forward to our continued partnership with her. Having secured Frances' availability to create exclusive designs, we believe, enables even greater collaboration and creativity as we grow our direct sales business."

Frances Gadbois said, "Working with Lulu Avenue(R) over the past year, seeing the tremendous success of our stellar Style Advisors, has inspired me to continue designing creative jewelry that is stunning and on-trend. I look forward to devoting my time to Lulu Avenue(R) and working closely with the team."

Randy N. McCullough, Chief Executive Officer of Charles & Colvard, said, "We believe that this agreement with Frances will propel Lulu Avenue(R) to the next stage of its growth, and strengthen the appeal of our jewelry offerings to a wide variety of customers through our Style Advisors."

Lulu Avenue Stays on Trend with New Mobile App

Press Release | 11/23/2013

Morrisville, NC, November 22, 2013 -- Lulu Avenue, a direct sales and e-commerce jewelry company, has launched Leapfactor’s Salesfactor iPad App. The Lulu Avenue Go iPad app is available via the app store for their Style Advisors to assist them in effectively running their business no matter where they are.

The Salesfactor iPad app combines the cool and easy-to-use experience of consumer apps with a wide-range set of features that will help Lulu Avenue Style Advisors to showcase products, take orders and get training directly from their iPad.

This is Lulu Avenue’s first iPad app and it will allow their Style Advisors to not only have real-time access to their business, but will also allow them to review training information, videos and place customer orders even when they do not have WiFi access.

“I couldn't be more excited about the launch of our new Lulu Avenue Go iPad app. This app will give our Style Advisors the tools they need to conduct their business anytime, anywhere, on the go. At Lulu Avenue we are proud to offer our Style Advisors the latest in technology to assist them as they build their business,” said Michelle Jones, Lulu Avenue President.

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