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Solstice International Partners
1635 Farm Way Suite 409 Middleburg ,Florida 32068

Product Category: Nutritionals

Mandura Review:

Mandura produces a juice-based elixir made by combining a specific family of fruits called "Royal Fruits", which includes the Durian, the Mangosteen, the Acai berry, and the common Blueberry; each incorporating their own nutritional qualities. The company also produces a weight loss supplement which helps manage the body's ability to properly regulate leptin, a chemical that helps the body know when it is full. Mandura juice beverages are made available in single bottles or cases, and can be sold at whatever price a distributor wants.

The company is based out of Middleburg Florida and has shipping warehouses located locally, as well as in California. The company formed in 2008 and began producing its elixir in 2009. The Mandura executive team consists of Casey Yarbrough, Tom Quinn, Gary Martin, K.C. Yarbrough, Daniel Montgomery, David Foster and Stephen Spratley.

Their company uses the catch phrase: "One line, One team, One vision." and offers a web site that presents their product, goals, executive team and compensation plan as well as detailed information about the percentages of various types of bonuses. Mandura offers their own "down line" method business opportunities and an MLM strategy; which states that each member has a chance to earn income regardless of position, or the manner in which they join. Each member is recognized as an Independent Business Owner, or (IBO), which opens the doors to earning a commission. Once an associate becomes and IBO, they gain the opportunity to purchase Mandura products at wholesale value, at which point they can sell the product at their chosen price and then utilize the profit as their commission. In addition to direct profit, Mandura offers 3 compensation plans based on group volume bonus, team volume bonus and bulk order bonus.

The Mandura compensation plan is called the "Straight Line Forced Matrix ", and is based on the straight-line form, which maintains a low number of "legs" that form the further down the line your business structure goes, essentially building a minimum of 2 different legs, which then duplicate to form their own. This is a fairly efficient way to expand a network, although many business entrepreneurs feel that it burns out before enough long term progress is made. It is true that the majority of juice MLM companies like Mandura can be a successful investment if you join early enough and dedicate a great deal of effort, but gathering online individuals capable and willing to dedicate themselves can be a fairly daunting process for anyone. That process includes building and converting landing pages and keyword research, in addition to learning web 2.0. although the company does have Mandura leaders that offer information and training programs for sellers, in order to help them succeed with it.

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