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Monitium to Add Two More Partner Companies

Monitium Announces Leadership Lead Program

Monitium Announces New Partnerships

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Monitium to Add Two More Partner Companies

Press Release | 3/7/2012

March 07, 2012 -- Monitium is about to launch Essanté Worldwide and GT Trends Travel as their fifth and sixth partner companies. The contracts are done between Monitium and each of the aforementioned companies and the timing to add them is currently being determined based on partner resources.

Keeping with the Monitium concept of building wealth through transfer spending Essanté Worldwide includes healthy organic products for personal care, anti -aging, weight loss, home, and alkalizing products. Everyone uses personal care products such as toothpaste, shampoos, moisturizers, and the health care industry just with weight-loss, alone, is a multi-billion dollar industry. The Monitium model encompasses solid reasoning to buy products that you use everyday from yourself instead of large conglomerates.

Also staying with the concept of transfer spending, GT Trends is an international travel company with some of the best travel prices available. Located in over 60 countries including China, GT Trends is an emerging leader in the travel industry with their travel agent program. All Monitium members will soon be able to add online travel agent to their repertoire working with the same team as they do with the other current Monitium companies.

This one of a kind membership platform continues to enhance their partner companies thus enhancing the transfer spending capabilities. Monitium is the force to be reckoned with in the direct sales network marketing industry in 2012 and beyond.

Monitium Announces Leadership Lead Program

Press Release | 1/12/2012

Monitium recently announced their Leadership Lead Program for those current and future members that qualify for it. In order to qualify, one only has to have four personal recruits and take part in each partner company which will cost less than most one company auto-ship.

Monitium is the new generation of network marketing and wealth creation worldwide as it allows anyone the opportunity to build one team under the same membership umbrella and profit from a number of different partner companies utilizing the same effort. Currently Monitium has four partner companies with the addition of a travel company, personal care, and food company soon. (within the first quarter of 2012)

The leads which are truly quality leads are being provided for free. There is no co-op cost and this is just another membership perk that is being provided with Monitium membership. Quality leads are leads that have gone through the Monitium lead capture page itself and are being created through cost per acquisition by a very reputable lead generation company. These leads are not just people looking for any opportunity as they have been filtered through the Monitium funnel and are interested in this type of new generation of wealth creation in network marketing that Monitium provides.

The Leadership Lead program will start by the end of January, 2012 and is expected to draw leaders from many current network marketing companies that want to receive a better ROI for the same amount of work. With Monitium, these leaders will also receive confidence that their paycheck will not disappear overnight if the one company that they working were to close or eliminate their multi-level department.

Monitium Announces New Partnerships

Press Release | 2/2/2011

Monitium Announces First Companies They Have Partnered With and How Network Marketers Will Benefit from Transfer Spending. The companies are Wow Green cleaning products, Sozolife coffee, ExFuze energy drinks, and Smart Media Technologies.

Monitium, the company that is already creating the buzz of how network marketing will be changed forever, has announced the first four partner companies which they have contracted with. The companies are Wow Green cleaning products, Sozolife coffee, ExFuze energy drinks, and Smart Media Technologies.

Each of these companies is in the category of transfer spending and will help anyone worldwide that chooses to take advantage of this opportunity to make money while they save money. Transfer spending is defined by taking money that you already are spending and buying it from the direct sales method instead of from any store. The products are better for people and based on negotiations that Monitium has been able to have with these companies, product pricing is better than if you tried to buy these products without your Monitium membership.

With the Monitium platform, anyone can share this concept with people globally and not only be able to save money but make money, too. The Monitium "Four and it is Free" program gives someone an opportunity to just have four other people use the same membership platform and the same products and the membership and the products are free. Each company has a slightly different way of working with the Monitium "Four and it is Free" program but based on the power of exponential numbers Monitium has created the ability for any household to get products for free and to replace or add to a current income in these tough economic times.

Monitium Press Release

Press Release | 1/12/2011

Monitium Launches Internet Marketing Online University

Monitium has launched the Monitium Online University which consists of training videos for online marketing. Amongst the Monitium online university, you will find the first 13 video topics that address specific subjects related to online marketing.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 04, 2011 – Los Angeles, California, USA (Jan 2, 2011) – Just in time to ring in 2011, Monitium has launched the Monitium Online University which consists of training videos for online marketing. The first subjects to be launched were "Marketing With a Budget" and "Marketing Without a Budget".

Amongst the online university, you will find the first 13 video topics that address specific subjects related to online marketing. These videos are specific and targeted to different ways to market online. Here are just a few of the video series topics you will find amongst the Monitium University:

Content Domination, Article Marketing Training, Banner Ad Training, Blogs, Forum Marketing, Keyword Research, Linking Strategy, Personal Branding, Press release Training, Video Marketing, Buying Traffic, and Ezines and Newsletters.

Monitium plans on releasing 25 more by the third week of January.

These training videos are available without any up sell and for anyone that is currently in network marketing, these will help you learn more about marketing online your businesses. Anyone that does not have a business than Monitium provides you the opportunity to build one through their system. Through the University anyone has the opportunity to learn the internet.

Monitium continues to change the face of how network marketing is done and with the next two companies coming on board within the next few weeks, the growth has been exponential. You can test out the Monitium University for a full 30 days for free based on the Monitium Free Trial special they are currently running.

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