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MyVideoTalk India In PreLaunch

MyVideoTalk on Penman and Sommerlad

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MyVideoTalk India In PreLaunch | 9/25/2006

MyVideoTalk is preparing to launch MyVideoTalkIndia. The site states that this is the newest market opening for an established USA based multi-national company.

MyVideoTalk on Penman and Sommerlad

Mirror UK | 2/2/2006


SMOOTH SIMON'S LATEST FIDDLE USING his baby son in his dodgy ads is a cheap way for Simon Stepsys to make out that he's a nice guy. Don't fall for it.

The smooth-talking conman simply wants you to cough up 197 to become an "independent representative" for something called MyVideoTalk.

He claims: "Never in my time have I ever seen or experienced such an outstanding opportunity!" Not since his last scam, anyway...

As a MyVideoTalk rep you'll get software which will allow you to send video emails and do internet video conferencing. But most importantly, you'll be able to sell the deal to others.

In other words, the MyVideoTalk scheme, as flogged by Stepsys, is pyramid selling.

While Stepsys claims it earns him a six-figure income in 12 months, it looks destined to leave lots of shattered dreams.

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