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Nikken technology featured in Journal Live | 5/5/2010

Nikken wellness technology company helped to develop the new Fitness Matrix environment.

“THE first thing you notice on stepping into Fitness Matrix is a sense of calm, of relaxation; not at all what you would associate with a fitness studio.

In the ladies’ changing room, Turner art prints help add to the studio’s visual distinctiveness and relaxed ambience. But one of the things, Henry Gill, formerly of the RAF, is most proud of is the air.

The 44-year-old who lives in Stakeford, Northumberland, adds: "People comment on how much cleaner and fresher it is. 'Just like the air after a storm.' "

Henry’s philosophy for fitness is to combine relaxation with exercise and to that end he’s bought into a Japanese concept set up by the Nikken company.”

The full article can be read at the link below.

Nikken Noted in Magnetic Therarpy Article

CSICOP | 8/7/2006

Magnetic Therapy: Plausible Attraction? Long considered only a component of quack medicine, magnetic therapy has received a boost from a recent study at the Baylor College of Medicine. Is it plausible?

A double-blind study at Baylor College of Medicine, published last November in Archives of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (Vallbona 1997), concluded that permanent magnets reduce pain in post-polio patients, and the results were heralded in The New York Times and on Bryant Gumbel's Public Eye. PBS's Health Week and Time magazine recently reported on the growing use of magnets by champion senior golfers and other professional athletes to relieve pain. Magnetic pain relief products are now sold in many golf shops, and ads for them appear in national golf and tennis magazines. Long a significant component of the health industry in Japan and China, magnetic therapy is becoming a more and more visible part of the alternative-medicine boom in the United States and Europe. Is it all just hokum, as many previously assumed, or is magnetic therapy becoming scientifically respectable?

...Many magnetic therapy products have alternating arrays of north and south poles facing the patient. Some have detailed explanations of why a circular pattern of poles is optimal, while others offer poles in checkerboard or triangular patterns. Nikken, the Japan-based firm that has used a multilevel marketing scheme to expand from an annual business in the U. S. of $3 million in 1989 to $150 million today, primarily offers products with alternating poles...

Nikken Maintains Top 50 Ranking | 7/28/2006

Nikken continues to hold a position in the top percentile of home based businesses on

Nikken, along with other top names in the home based business industry like Avon, Mary Kay, and Herbalife, remains in the top 50 companies of a directory of over 600 home based business opportunities ranked by monthly public interest.

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