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Nussentials To Launch New Platform

Press Release | 1/2/2011

Houston-based Nussentials, Inc., a direct selling company known for innovative products and independent distributors support, announced today that it will launch NuConnect. The new social networking and communications hub is the latest online tool provided by the company to support the Nussentials community, making it easier for distributors to connect with each other, the company and their customers.

NuConnect, which is based on the Z2Connect platform from Zoyto, Inc., is designed to give Nussentials distributors more control of their businesses. Features such as direct messaging, blogging, audience or group segmentation and the ability to send messages to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter—all within a safe and secure environment—make NuConnect a unique benefit among the direct selling industry.

“The Nussentials business model is based on the fact that success doesn’t require four walls or certain hours,” according to Phil Mims, President of Nussentials. “Rather it has always been about using technology to connect people in a community of shared interests. NuConnect is our latest tool to help our independent distributors use technology to achieve a life of freedom.”

The Nussentials product line is as revolutionary as the technological support the company provides its distributors. Each product is carefully formulated for complete wellness to help users look and feel their very best. This unique approach which includes stabilized rice-bran, a rich super-food, for many of the products and healthy Soy Candles, has attracted a loyal following. NuConnect provides another way for independent distributors to communicate with users, even posting information Facebook and Twitter.

“We were honored to work with Nussentials on the development of this unique communication platform,” said Kris Shenk, VP/CIO for Zoyto, Inc. “Nussentials is known for its groundbreaking technology and Z2Connect provided a framework that allowed them to launch this tool very quickly. Nussentials is a forward thinking organization with outstanding products and a commitment to giving back to the community. NuConnect is a natural extension of their philosophy.”

Nussentials Added to Directory | 3/29/2006

HOUSTON, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 03/09/2006 -- Nussentials Holdings Inc. (OTC: NSHG), a provider and distributor for wellness and nutritional products based primarily on stabilized rice bran, announced today the kickoff of their "Founders Program" for pre-registering Marketing Representatives ahead of the rollout of their initial product line and on-line shopping cart in April.

Charlie Milstead Jr., Vice President of Sales & Marketing of NSHG, stated, "The Founders program will give us a head start in registering Marketing Representatives and should have a positive impact on product sales as well as increased registrations during our April rollout. The program also offers significant benefits, including fast track promotion potential and increased autoship sales commissions, to those Marketing Representatives who choose to take advantage of the Founders program."

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