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Nutronix and Automatic Builder Team Up

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Nutronix and Automatic Builder Team Up

openPR | 2/2/2007

Nutronix and Automaticbuilder Team Up To Create Innovative Network Marketing Concept

(openPR) - Nutronix International, a Nutrition and Supplement Distribution Co. has joined with Automaticbuilder and Horizon Marketing, a major Fortune 500 marketing supplier to create a new division that radically departs from Network Marketing practices;


Nutronix is a 7 year-old health & wellness network marketing company working out of Mechanicsville, VA that is debt-free, with good free cash flow and an international distributor force of more than 16,000 located in more than 60 countries. The company is currently preparing to dramatically increase its growth around the world as it rolls out its newest profit center division called 'The Berry Tree' with its planned multi-million dollar advertising campaign during the next six to twelve months. Nutronix sells and distributes its flagship products 'The New Silver Solution', Cellfood products, and O2 alkalizing products through its international distributor base. What makes the Berry Tree Product Division rollout so unique is the innovative recruitment and compensation plan developed by the company's founding members and the marketing muscle of Horizons Marketing Company. Realizing that most network marketers fail or remain stagnant in their businesses, Nutronix International has filed a patent for the method it has developed that will allow each network marketing affiliate to remain as passive or active as they want and still earn money. A fifty dollar outlay per month buys the alkalizing Berry Drink made with sea coral as well as a share of the new advertising program. The advertising program will be targeted to those who would like to get healthy and earn extra money. New members who join can either wait for their 'Berry Tree' to fill with members recruited from company advertising or by actively filling their own Berry Trees with more members themselves. The 'Berry Tree System' is claimed by its developers to be the only innovation in fail-safe network marketing developed in the past 70 years. The US Patent Office is currently reviewing its application for patent. If it is approved, Nutronix International's revenues may skyrocket as it licenses its new system to other Network Marketing Companies.

Nutronix Sublingual B12 Giveaway

PR Web | 6/17/2006

Nutronix and Automaticbuilder have come up with a way for people to try sublingual b12 for free.

(PRWEB) June 14, 2006 -- Automaticbuilder and Nutronix International have combined forces to offer a great product for free and also give people a chance to start their own business from the comfort of their own home. The product, Sublingual B12, is an up and coming trend in the health and wellness industry. One company even has a TV infomercial about this new type of B12 product.

B Vitamins are some of nature's "feel-good" nutrients. They promote energy, stamina, mental clarity and improved mood among other things.

Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid tablets are designed to dissolve under a person's tongue to speed the B Vitamins directly into the bloodstream where they go to work without the need for expensive, often painful, B-12 injections.

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