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Oriflame to Become WTA Official Cosmetics Partner

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Oriflame WTA Partnership Goes Global

Press Release | 7/12/2012

STOCKHOLM, Jul 11, 2012 -- Oriflame, one of Europe's leading beauty brands, today announced that its successful partnership with the WTA (Women's Tennis Association) is now to be global. The sponsorship, which previously covered Europe, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East and Africa is now expanded to include the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

Oriflame has been the official cosmetics partner of the WTA since 2011 and the new agreement extends the partnership through to the end of 2014. Like Oriflame, the WTA performs on a multi-cultural stage, with players coming from 96 nations.

Oriflame will again sponsor the season ending WTA Championships in Istanbul, with prominent on court and tournament branding; including traditional signage as well as a significant presence in the digital space.

In order to reinforce Oriflame's partnership, there will be significant WTA branding used throughout Oriflame's catalogues and social media channels. Oriflame will also have a strong presence via WTA's digital assets, including multi-language websites and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Tennis is the leading global professional sport for women and Oriflame's approximately 3.6 million consultants have expressed a strong affiliation with the WTA through this partnership. Recent research shows that the level of awareness, perceived fit and pride amongst Oriflame consultants around the partnership is very strong. Oriflame's sponsorship has also introduced the brand to potential new consumers, with almost 400,000 global fans joining the WTA Oriflame Facebook fan page to date.

Michael Cervell, Senior VP Global Brand & Communications and Strategic Business Development, Oriflame, said: "We at Oriflame are excited to continue our successful partnership with the WTA, an organisation which, like us, focuses on providing women with an opportunity to be successful, beautiful and confident, along with a platform to pursue their dreams."

Oriflame Workers Detained In Iran

Npros.com | 8/26/2010

5 Oriflame workers have been detained by Iranian authorities after the company's Tehran operations were shut down with Tehran alleging fraud and Oriflame's claims that the authorities disliked female employees filling certain roles.

Iran's commerce and culture ministries dubbed the company illegal last week in addition to blocking its local Internet site. Oriflame maintains that Iran's actions are due to the fact that Oriflame employs women as sales consultants.

A recent update on Oriflame's web site states that "business conditions in Iran have deteriorated in recent months. The authorities have now closed operations in Tehran. The authorities have also detained three members of staff and two sales consultants without disclosed reasons. Oriflame has not at present access to detailed information relating to the background to, or effects of, the current situation.".

Radio stations in Iran reported that the company had violated tax regulations and custom law, by operating an illegal marketing scheme. According to an Iranian newspaper, the company was accused of supporting opposition members in Iran.

Such allegations were rejected in an interview with the Associated Press news agency by Oriflame's chief financial officer, Gabriel Bennet.

Oriflame Announces Q2 Conference Call

Press Release | 8/5/2010

Announcement Oriflame Cosmetics will publish its report for the first half-year 2010 at 07.15 CET on Wednesday, 11 August.

Conference call for the financial community The company will host a conference call on Wednesday, 11 August at 10.30 CET.

Participant access numbers: Sweden: +46 (0)8 506 269 00 UK: +44 (0)207 750 9905 US: +1 703 621 91 32 Luxemburg: +352 273 021 94 Switzerland: +41 (0)445 804 411

The conference call will also be audio web cast in "listen-only" mode through Oriflame's website: www.oriflame.com or through Oriflame Zoom link to webcast.

Alcan Packaging Beauty Compliments Oriflame

Press Release | 7/6/2010

Alcan Packaging Beauty developed Oriflame’s new product range “OPTIMALS Event Out™ Dark spot fading concentrate” and its “Time Reversing Restoring Eye Cream”.

For The “OPTIMALS Event Out™ Dark spot Fading Concentrate, Alcan Packaging Beauty proposed a 16 mm Artist Roll’ on ™. This plastic roll-on applicator is a perfect solution for all local applications and specific treatments. Above all, its massaging effect offers a better formula penetration and efficiency.

Regarding the “Time Reversing Restoring Eye Cream”, Alcan Packaging Beauty suggested Pinpoint ™ Ø19 mm with gold overshell cap. This tube is perfect for eye contour formula. Indeed this applicator tube has the most precise delivery system using silicon valve technology that ensures controlled dispensing and precise cut-off. Enhance Skincare is one of Alcan packaging Beauty’s expertise. Listening to consumers’ needs to create innovative solutions to better protect, dispense and apply these so precious formulas.

Oriflame Ukraine Market Report

Press Release | 6/24/2010

In the second half of 2009 Oriflame Cosmetics Ukraine DP introduced Wellness, a new line of business consisting of dietary supplements and slimming products. If this line is successful, an increasing number of players amongst well-known companies are expected to enter slimming products. Previously, in the 1990s, slimming products was compromised with low-quality brands, and Ukrainians do not trust these product ranges. However, well-known brands and positive experiences could change the...

Oriflame to Become WTA Official Cosmetics Partner

Npros.com | 6/10/2010

The Sony Ericsson WTA Tour’s new official cosmetics partner, beginning in 2011, is Oriflame. The direct sales company, founded in 1967 in Sweden, has a global presence in more than 60 countries worldwide. The two year agreement between Oriflame and the WTA states the company will become an official partner in Europe, Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States, Middle East and Africa.

The full article follows at the link below.

Oriflame To Introduce 30 New products To India

Npros.com | 6/2/2010

Oriflame of Sweden plans to introduce a series of 25-30 new products, in addition to 50,000 new people per month into India in order to tap into the highly lucrative Indian market.

"In Asia, India is the most important market, besides China. In the coming year, I see it as the largest market for us. Our ultimate aim is that Oriflame should be a 'must-have' brand in India. We intend to make Oriflame number one beauty company in the country. We will launch 25-30 products across all categories every month and also take the number of consultants (salespeople) to 200,000 2 from the present 150,000. We will be opening one more office this year. The location has not been finalized yet. We are also looking at relocating three offices as we need more space. We have already relocated our office in Kolkata" said Marcus Sandström, Oriflame India's new managing director.

"From our production facility in Noida, we also export a range of products like talc and lipsticks to other countries," said the new chief of India operations, but added that the company had no plans to enter the retail segment. We are very much happy with the direct selling mode. The $730-milion direct selling industry in India is growing 20-30 percent and Oriflame is also growing," said Sandström. Girl child development and women empowerment are the focus areas on our corporate social responsibility front" he added.

Sandström indicated that Oriflame's India has been growing at 40 percent, in contrast to the overall industry's growth, which is 12 percent. India is the fifth largest market after Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Poland, and its annual sales have exceeded $1.6 billion, 10% of which came from Asia. The number of Oriflame India associates across the country consists of 12 offices, and the official associate count is expected to reach 400 by December from the present 375.

Sandström also explained that the new products being introduced will consist primarily of cosmetics, and that the company has no plans to introduce wellness-based products on the Indian market. The company is spending roughly $7.3 million on corporate activities, and is currently engaged in two local projects called "Deepalaya" and "Hand in Hand". These latest exploits are intended to benefit female child development, and to finance projects for underprivileged women.

Oriflame Reveals New Triple Core Lipstick

Npros.com | 5/25/2010

Seen by many as an innovative contribution to the world of make-up, Oriflame Cosmetics has recently announced the launch of a brand new product said to be the first of its kind. Oriflame dubs its new product the "Beauty Triple Core" Lipstick and indicates that it will be available in ten shades. The product is refuted to actually provide three seperate functions and acts as a lip care product, a lipstick, and a lip gloss.

The " caring core" claims to help the lips achieve a soft, hydrated, and protected state. The "Colour core" is said to deliver a high impact, lustrous colour that will last up to four hours. The third and as of yet untitled layer includes the high gloss ingredients, in addition to a light-reflective microcrystal that provides “dramatic sheen and sparkle”.

Oriflame Founder Visits Sri Lanka

Npros.com | 5/10/2010

Alexander af, made a visit to Sri Lanka in order to commemorate the company's recent rapidly growing sales figures. The commemoration was made during a press conference on the 26th of April 2010 at the Mt. Lavinia Hotel. Jochnick shared the news with the media, in addition to Oriflame's future strategies in Sri Lanka. Oriflame currently operates in 62 countries around the world including all of the Asian markets. India is presently the most successful enterprise for Oriflame while Russia is number one in regard to European markets.

"In the future we are looking forward to improving our products and services in Sri Lanka. On average Oriflame has recorded an annual growth rate of 17% consecutively for the past 20 years which we feel is a very impressive rate of growth." Mr. Jochnick said.

Oriflame hopes to regionalize its product range as well but is very strict in regard to maintaining quality all over the world. "Although we service the upper segment of the market our prices are quite affordable which is why we have become so popular in Sri Lanka." Jochnick added.

Oriflame Mentioned on Financial Express

Npros.com | 5/5/2010

The concept of corporate responsibility, charitable giving and the marketing impact of both are the topic of an article on Financial Express by Kiran Yadav where Oriflame India is mentioned.

“Whatever happened to Friedman’s concept that “business of business is business”! Today, most luxury brands are doing their share of philanthropy and as an expected spinoff, the ultra high net worth individuals are moving towards responsible indulgence. Did you just get a hint of oxymoron leanings there?

Consider Oriflame, which launched the ‘Power of Kiss’ initiative this February.”

The full article can be read at the link below.

Malta To Hold 7 Day Conference

Npros.com | 5/5/2010

Malta will be holding its largest convention to date, with the gathering of over 5,000 delegates over the course of 7 days.

"This is good news, this conference means 35,000 bed nights for Malta"

Malta will host its largest ever convention between August and September, when 5,000 delegates will come here for a seven-day event organised by Oriflame Cosmetics of Sweden, Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism Mario de Marco said today.

This particular week was chosen because it comes at the tail end of the peak tourism season and just before the normal 'conference travel season' starts.

The organisation of the conference is being handled by On Site Malta, a destination management company. Most of the convention's events will be held on the Granaries in Floriana.

Oriflame Press Release

Press Release | 4/27/2010

Oriflame Cosmetics has reported a net profit of E37.2 million, or E0.65 per diluted share, for the first quarter ended March 31, 2010, a 54% increase, compared to E24.2 million, or E0.43 per diluted share, for the first quarter ended March 31, 2009. Sales for the first quarter of 2010 were E361.9 million, compared to E341.3 million for the comparable quarter of 2009, representing an increase of 6%.

Operating profit for the first quarter of 2010 increased 11% to E42.2 million, from E37.9 million for the first quarter of 2009.

Magnus Brannstrom, CEO of Oriflame Cosmetics, said: "As we have communicated earlier, the first half of 2010 will be challenging with tough comparables. This has proven true as growth in the first quarter was rather modest. However, we are comfortable with our outlook for 2010 of around 10% sales growth with an operating margin above 12% at current exchange rates.

"Given the growth at the start of the year, we will focus our resources even more towards top line growth. On the positive side, we see that currencies are moving strongly in our favour and if that remains it will have a positive effect on our operating margins for 2010."

Oriflame Founder To Visit Sri Lanka

Npros.com | 4/19/2010

Due to its outstanding success in Sri Lanka, Oriflame, a direct selling beauty and cosmetics company based out of Sweden will be celebrating along with Oriflame founder and family member Alexander af Jochnic, son of founder Robert af Jochnic. Alexander will also be making a special announcement regarding Oriflame Lanka's future. Oriflame Lanka has experienced a 50% growth ratio over the past 10 years of operation in Sri Lanka.

"Jochnic will be visiting Sri Lanka due to the commendable success we have made since our entry to the local market. He wishes to examine the reasons behind this success and share it with other markets in which we operate. There has been a fantastic development in our operations throughout the years. Currently we have more than 17,000 active consultants and we are now setting the direction of achieving our dream of 25,000 consultants within the coming 12 months" said Oriflame Lanka Managing Director, Pierre Martensson.

Speaking of the initiation of Oriflame, Martensson said that it had been the discovery of market opportunities through network marketing and direct sales that prompted the founders to launch the venture. "Also, the cosmetics market in Sweden was in the early growth phase during that time with few options to choose from." he added.

In regard to the future of Oriflame Lanka, Martensson said that they were planning to invest heavily into northern and eastern markets in an attempt to generate a projected 25,000 consultants within the next 12 months. Currently, Oriflame has production facilities in Sweden, Poland, Russia, China and India.

Oriflame Press Release

Press Release | 4/16/2010


Oriflame Cosmetics will publish its first quarter 2010 report at 07.15 CET on Wednesday, 21 April.

Conference call for the financial community The company will host a conference call on Wednesday, 21 April at 09.30 CET.

Participant access numbers:

US: +1 703 621 9132

The conference call will also be audio web cast in "listen-only" mode through Oriflame's website: www.oriflame.com

Oriflame India Adds 50K Consultants

Npros.com | 2/16/2010

A subsidiary of a luxury cosmetics company known as Oriflame has increased its force of sales consultants by over 50,000. As of now Oriflame India has 1,50,000 sales consultants, and by adding another 50,000, it will reach the 2-lakh figure, Oriflame India's Sales Director Shilpa Ajwani said. "India has been growing rapidly, in terms of potential, for direct marketing. According to the Indian Direct Marketing Association the present Rs 3,300 crore-market would become Rs 5,000 crore by the end of 2012. So we have immense potential to grow in this market," she told the Press Trust of India. Ajwani indicated that sales have increased by 40 per cent in the last five years in India, which is one of the top three most rapidly expanding countries for Oriflame. In addition, 25 per cent of its 790 products were manufactured in India. Oriflame has 12 branch offices and 1,267 distribution points all over the country and has tied up with a Delhi-based NGO Deepaalaya through which it will donate Rs 2 on every sale of an Oriflame lipstick for the education of school children.

Oriflame Cosmetics Seeks Overseas Marketing Recruits

Npros.com | 1/8/2010

Cosmetics firm seeks marketing recruits Plans have been announced by Oriflame Cosmetics to strengthen its team of 29,000 sales consultants with the addition of 70,000 new recruits in East Africa this year. An estimated Sh500 million in dividends were distributed during its first year of enterprise, in addition to commissions for consultants.

“Our growth pattern in East Africa has truly surprised us and looks more promising than some of our other markets around the world,” said Terje Widht, Vice President and COO of Oriflame East Africa.

Upon launching a recruitment campaign for Oriflame's top sales consultants, Mr Widht expressed that the company was fulfilling its pursuit of giving more people the opportunity to look great, as well as make money via the company's exclusive business opportunities.

Having previously been established in North Africa in places such as Sudan and Egypt, Oriflame aims to expand to the east, with Kenya as an already successful starting point. Oriflame will be able to introduce its products to Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda by 2010, having already established markets in over 65 countries worldwide, including Russia, its most dominant market yet.

“This investment is a demonstration of our confidence in the East African market and our belief in the people’s desire to make money and look great,” said Oriflame East Africa Chairman and Chief Executive, Fred Andersson.

More individuals were urged to become a part of Oriflame when Mr Terje spoke about the "unique" business opportunities that could become available, claiming that such opportunities are open to all Kenyans, providing flexible, part-time, and full-time flexibility.

Oriflame Relaunches

WorldPressOnline | 2/14/2009

During 2009 Oriflame will launch several new and improved products within the Optimals range. The first launch includes Optimals cleansers and the new Optimals Nutri Calm Creams for dry and sensitive skin.

Cleansers You can now create your own optimal skin care routine by combining the new Optimals cleansers with your favourite Optimals range. Choose between four different cleansers:

* The Optimals Cleansing Gel is a convenient way to remove make-up. The lightweight gel with moisturising agents gives your skin a magical feeling of absolute pureness. The gel contains Silver Birch Extract which has purifying and astringent properties and the delicate formula of the cleansing gel optimises the condition of all skin types.

Oriflame Launches New Brand

Economic Times | 1/30/2009

Clear Skin

Oriflame launched Aloe Vera Cleansing Pads that has been formulated for cleaning and toning, ensuring a healthy skin after every wipe. Suitable for all skin types, it is priced at Rs109 and available through Oriflame consultants.

Oriflame to Enter Wellness Sector

domain-B | 12/5/2008

Oriflame India, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oriflame, plans to venture in to the oral care and wellness sectors in early 2009.

The first product will be a toothpaste which will be launched in the first quarter of 2009. The company intends to spend one-third of the overall marketing budget on the oral care and wellness sectors.

Devapriya Khanna, national marketing manager, Oriflame India, said, "The reasons for venturing into these segments are in keeping with Oriflame's strategy of first focusing on external beauty and now on internal beauty. The overall positioning of the wellness products has two parts – one is beauty from within and second is get into your favourite dress."

Oriflame Stock Slides

National Post | 11/28/2008

Stocks slumped, sending the MSCI World Index to the lowest level since 2003, on concern bank losses will increase and corporate profits will crumble as the recession spreads. Treasuries and the yen rallied.

Deutsche Bank AG and ING Groep NV dropped at least 8% after Citigroup Inc.'s plan to buy troubled investment-fund assets fueled speculation of more bank writedowns. Copper declined for a third day and oil slid toward US$50 a barrel, sending commodity producers lower. Treasuries rose, pushing two- year note yields to a record low as investors sought the safety of government bonds.

The MSCI World lost 1.9% to 806.46, the lowest since April 2003, at 12:31 p.m. in London. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index tumbled 4.5%, with Russia's Micex Index sliding as much as 9% before trading was interrupted for an hour.

Oriflame in the Georgian Daily

Georgian Daily | 10/30/2008

If you happened to pass the Sports Palace in the early afternoon of October 22, you would probably have wondered about the enormous crowd gathered in front of the main entrance.

Even though it’s been quite a while since a sports competition or concert performance was organized in this city-center mansion, the endless lines at the doorway could only mean that something notable was happening inside.

Those long lines were filled with journalists, organizers and lovers of skin-care products from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. They came together in order to celebrate the largest presentation Oriflame has ever held in the country.

Oriflame Opens Sri Lanka Office

Daily Mirror | 5/27/2008

Oriflame Lanka, one of the pioneer direct selling companies in Sri Lanka relocates its new state of the art office in the heart of Colombo.

“The shifting to new premises is a milestone for Oriflame Sri Lanka. We have through years outgrown our old premises and this is one proof of our success. So it is with great pride that we now can offer our consultants even better service, more convenience and an office to be really proud over,” were the comments of the Managing Director of Oriflame Sri Lanka Mr. Per Gunnarsson. He added “Being in the Cosmetics and Personal Care business, projecting class and elegance is crucial and this location in addition exhibits the global image of Oriflame.

Oriflame Q1 Profits Rise on Sales

Hemscott | 4/29/2008

Oriflame Cosmetics said first quarter pretax profits rose 7 percent, boosted by the introduction of a new operating platform as sales soared by over 20 percent. Pretax profits, including 4.9 million euros of restructuring charges, rose to 37.9 million euros from 35.4 million, the Swedish cosmetics company said.

Local currency sales increased by 26.5 percent and euro-denominated sales by 20.7 percent to 324.2 million euros. The operating margin inched up to 15.5 percent from 15.4 percent, while diluted EPS including restructuring costs was 0.58 euros from 0.55. The company reiterated its 2008 guidance for sales growth of well above 10 percent in local currencies, and for higher operating margins.

Oriflame Launches New Product

India Infoline.com | 3/29/2008

The new ‘Oriflame Beauty Kiss Proof lipstick’ is the latest offering by Oriflame with long lasting colour and renewable shine. With this New Lipstick you can kiss, eat and drink in all your business meetings, lunch breaks or even dinner for two with zero trace.

This special lipstick has the ability to give you the long lasting effect of 7 hours with high comfort gloss and Zero-trace. This lipstick has dual wand with moisture rich colour at one end and ultra lacquered gloss at the other. The exciting 6 kiss proof shades will surely cast a complete spell on you!!!

Oriflame Gets Network Makeover

IRISHDEV.com | 3/26/2008

Oriflame, the direct sales natural Swedish cosmetics company, has engaged Kedington to makeover its network. The cosmetics company was originally forced to move half of its Bray operations to a second adjacent location for the duration of a major renovation of its main offices. Kedington was engaged to provide a seamless upgrade of the network, allowing the two premises to function as one entity. Kedington won the competitive tender based on cost and a single point of service for all communications infrastructure.

Christine Healy, IT manager, Oriflame,"We were faced with significant disruption to our operations, and the task of linking the two premises to function as one" Christine Healy, Oriflame says: “We were faced with significant disruption to our operations, and the task of linking the two premises to function as one. Kedington had the technical expertise in the area that Oriflame needed a laser link and at a budget that was competitive.”

Oriflame Sponsors Girls Education

The Financial Express | 7/23/2006

Cosmetic major Oriflame sponsors education of 1,000 girls

Swedish cosmetic giant Oriflame has announced a mega charity initiative to sponsor the education of 1,000 girls for a period of three years. Called the ‘Oriflame Girl Child’, the project, launched in partnership with Delhi-based child welfare organisation Deepalaya, will primarily facilitate the education of girls in the age bracket of 4 to 17 years. The direct selling company has allocated Rs 2.7 crore to the NGO for the project.

Tomas Eriksson, managing director, Oriflame India, says the project is “much more than just education”. He adds: “What is more important is the investment made on a girl child. We believe that any investment made in the education of a girl translates directly into better healthcare, poverty reduction and enhanced socio-economic performance of the family. Education for the girl in the family has wide ranging impact on the family in the first place, and human survival and development in the long run.” Eriksson says that the new project is “an attempt to spread the message that a community’s development is incomplete without the education of its girls. Says he: “Through this, we aim to lead the girls towards the path of education and bring out their latent talent.”

Oriflame Celebrity CEO Brings Color to Russian Faces

Moscow Times | 7/10/2006

Celebrity CEO Brings Color to Russian Faces

Source: The Moscow Times For hundreds of thousands of people across Russia and the former Soviet Union, the person they credit with giving them the power to take control of their lives is not Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin but a tall Swede with an uncanny resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As the chief executive of cosmetics firm Oriflame, Magnus Brannstrom is at the helm of one of the fastest-growing cosmetics companies in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Oriflame Builds New Moscow Plant

Cosmetics in Russia | 7/10/2006

Oriflame cosmetics company schedules to complete the construction of an inhouse plant in Moscow region within this November. The plant will specialize in the lipstick manufacturing.

Sergei Kanashin, Deputy Director General of the division of the company in Russia comments on it: We will manufacture the lipstick at the plant and we in the short run we will focus solely on manufacturing this product.

The planned production capacity of the plant is 100 mln. pieces a year, the initial production volume is 20-30 mln. pieces a year. Having built the plant in Moscow we will cut down the logistics expenditures". Mr. Kanashin also stated that some share of the output scope will be supplied to other markets.

Oriflame started construction of the plant in Russia late in September, 2003. Apart from the manufacturing complex of 3 thousand square meters area a trade and service center and a storage terminal were erected on the site. The volume of investments is 35 mln. euros.

Oriflame Upgraded to Buy

newratings.com | 6/12/2006

Deutsche Bank Upgrades Oriflame To Buy

1001 GMT [Dow Jones] Deutsche Bank upgrades Oriflame (ORI-SDB.SK) to buy from hold, citing a strong operational performance and recent share price weakness. Says the products and the catalogues seem to continue to work well, which should translate into healthy productivity and further sales force growth continuing into 2Q. However, adds negative currency changes in Russia, Ukraine and Poland and risk for delays with the launch in China could hurt sentiment. Reiterates SEK260 target price. Shares trade -1.1% at SEK236. (MKR)

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