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Rastelli Direct Introduces Sustainable Fish Program

Rastelli Direct Expands Organic Offerings

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Rastelli Direct Develops Unique Customer Rewards Program

Rastelli Direct Program Provides Meals for Needy Families

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Rastelli Direct Introduces Sustainable Fish Program

Press Release | 6/17/2014

Swedesboro, NJ, June 17, 2014 -- Rastelli Direct, a company that provides deliverable gourmet foods, announces their embrace of a sustainable fish program for summer 2014. Sustainable fish is forecasted to be a top U.S. summer food trend for 2014 on restaurant menus and in stores alike. Rastelli Direct is accommodating the movement by introducing an eco-conscious initiative to provide customers with the highest quality seafood.

The initiative will include:

Education and encouragement of customers to experiment with underutilized and under-marketed seafood

The use of Responsible Fishing Practices to preserve natural habitats

Wild Caught Fish found in abundance in their natural habitat Utilizing all parts of the whole fish

In support of sustainable fish, Rastelli Direct offers an extensive seafood menu featuring Wild Caught and BAP (Best Aquacultural Practices) certified Farm Raised seafood; specifically designed for sustainability. The Rastelli BAP certified farm raised program focuses on:

Raising fish species that are in high-demand or species in danger of overfishing

Raising fish species living in waters that have become compromised

Practice in clean and natural environments with free-flowing waters pens

"For Rastelli Direct, sustainable fish programs aren't just a trend for the summer," said Andrea Carr of Rastelli Direct. "We have been working towards a comprehensive offering of wild-caught and sustainably raised seafood from the very beginning. The popularity of the sustainable fish movement in 2014 really supports our menu direction."

Rastelli Direct Expands Organic Offerings

Press Release | 3/5/2014

Swedesboro, NJ, March 04, 2014 -- Rastelli Direct, an online provider of gourmet meats, seafood, and prepared meals, has set an agreement with Katama Foods, a manager of organic, sustainable food brands, namely organic beef. The new deal, which makes Rastelli the exclusive sales and marketing company for Katama, will allow the company to expand its offerings of organic and sustainable meats to continue their efforts to become a healthier brand.

The company already provides an extensive menu of gourmet meats, seafood, and heat-and-serve menu items, along with a selection of meats that are grass-fed and steroid, hormone, antibiotic, and GMO-free. "Our partnership with Katama is a big boost to Rastelli Foods' corporate strategy, which is to focus on growing our participation in the sustainable foods sector and in retail-ready organic foods," said Rastelli's co-founder and President Ray Rastelli. With Scott Lively, CEO of Katama Foods, overseeing Rastelli's sustainable foods division, their list of organic offerings will become even more comprehensive.

Rastelli was also one of the first plants in the United States to become USDA-certified to produce and cut organic products, cutting out the middle-man. This fact and the new agreement with Katama have worked in tandem to make Rastelli one of the largest organic beef companies in the US.

The company plans to expand by constructing a 50,000 square-foot addition to the Swedesboro, NJ headquarters that will facilitate the fabrication and packaging of organic and natural meat, sustainable seafood, and retail-ready prepared organic foods. These plans will be fully carried-out in late Summer 2014.

Rastelli Direct Offers New Healthy Products and Recipes

Press Release | 2/5/2014

Swedesboro, NJ, February 04, 2014 -- For decades, losing weight has consistently been the most popular resolution people make for the New Year. Staying fit and healthy is the fifth-most popular. However, only 46% of people tend to stick with their resolution for longer than six months. Rastelli Direct, in an effort to make 2014 a more successful year for its customers, has rolled out new products and tools to help. Among other things, RastelliDirect.com – a place where people can buy gourmet meat and seafood online – is expanding its line of organic meats and posting more healthy recipes on their blog.

"Having premium quality meat and seafood on-hand is the first step to healthy eating," says Andrea Carr of Rastelli Direct. That's why the company now offers hundreds of gluten-free and trans-fat-free lean meat and seafood options that can be ordered online. Many of their options are also 100% source-verified. Rastelli Direct also allows customers to sign up for automatic monthly shipping, meaning customers are able to have a consistent supply of healthy food without having to stop at the grocery store.

"Avoiding heavy sauces, seasonings, and preparation methods that strip away nutritional value is also key to a happier and healthier New Year," adds Carr. For that reason, Rastelli Direct's food blog, That’s A Mouthful, will now be posting more recipes and cooking tips for staying on a healthy eating plan.

Rastelli Direct Develops Unique Customer Rewards Program

Press Release | 1/1/2014

Swedesboro, NJ -- The holiday season is all about giving, and so is Rastelli Direct. The online provider of gourmet meats, seafood, and gifts is already known for its charitable Meal 4 a Meal program, but has decided to give back to its customers as well as the community. For that reason, every order placed earns customers Rastelli Direct Dollars to be used toward future purchases with no enrollment process – as well as other perks.

Upon making an order, every customer automatically receives 5% cash back. These Rastelli Direct Dollars never expire and can be used on any future purchase. However, customers who join the monthly auto-ship program – a program that automatically mails a specified selection of food every month to help keep the fridge stocked – earn an additional 5% cash back for a total of 10% per order.

Customers also get to reap the benefits of free shipping on all orders over $150 and on all orders of five or more items.

"We set out to develop a loyalty program that truly showed our appreciation for each customer and every order," says Andrew Hillman, VP of Sales. "Rastelli Direct is the only premium foods home delivery company offering this amount of cash back to our customers."

And it's true – no other premium foods home delivery company offers such a steep compensation in their loyalty program, and there are no minimum purchase or purchase frequency requirements. All purchases qualify.

Rastelli Direct Program Provides Meals for Needy Families

Press Release | 12/3/2013

Swedesboro, NJ, December 03, 2013 -- During the holidays, it's difficult not to become aware of the millions of families across the country wondering where their next meals are going to come from. Rastelli Direct, an online provider of gourmet food, is well aware of this, which is why they're heavily emphasizing the benefits of their Meal 4 a Meal program in the coming weeks. The Meal 4 a Meal program is a grassroots initiative designed to maximize the amount of resources for families in need by eliminating third party donation practices. For every Rastelli Direct product sold, a meal is provided to a family in need, which averages out to five donated meals per order.

Here's how it works: Meal 4 a Meal works with twelve major food banks, including Philabundance, the Food Bank for New York City, the Greater Boston Food Bank, and more. Each food bank is assigned a month, and Rastelli donates all the raised donations for that month to the designated food bank.

"Rastelli Direct's Meal 4 a Meal program grants food resources to thousands of families each month, but it's especially effective around this time of year," says Michael Carr, Rastelli Direct's Marketing & PR Director. "Knowing that their purchase provides meals for families in need gives our customers something extra to feel good about during the holiday season."

The Meal 4 a Meal program is a good way for customers to double their giving this holiday season. Their gourmet meats and seafood products make great gifts or holiday dinners, and less fortunate families get to enjoy their gifts, too.

Rastelli Direct’s Meal 4 A Meal Program launched in May 2012 with a mission to provide meals as well as financial support to Food Banks around the country. Our unique community reinvestment campaign focuses on finding Food Bank organizations that exhibit the greatest practices as well as major innovations in giving and a dedication to the health and wellness of the families that they serve.

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