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Rippln Launches PhotoGuessaroo Incentivized Sharing App

Rippln Passes 800000 User Mark

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Rippln Launches PhotoGuessaroo Incentivized Sharing App

Press Release | 9/26/2013

Melissa, TX September 26, 2013 -- Rippln today announced the release of PhotoGuessaroo, the world’s first-ever incentivized sharing app.

“Today marks a monumental day in our mission to usher in one of the world’s great technology revolutions,” said Rippln CEO Brian Underwood. “Never before has anyone been able to share a hot new app, track their social graph spreading and earn rewards along the way. We are beyond excited to officially begin the revolution.”

Rippln partnered with Surya Rising Inc., the company behind PhotoGuessaroo, a photo zoom game that allows players to create and share their own puzzles. It, too, is the first of its kind. Players take a picture, zoom in and choose a word that best describes their picture. PhotoGuessaroo creates the puzzle and enables the player to share it on Facebook, email or text for friends to guess the answer based on the zoomed in image and a handful of jumbled letters. Rippln players earn money as the people they have shared it with play the game and make in-app purchases.

Surya Rising founded The 90 Day App Challenge, the world’s first virtual app incubator designed to help entrepreneurs and new app developers bring their ideas to market.

“We are thrilled to be working with Rippln,” said James Sol Radina, CEO of The 90 Day App Challenge. “The quality and complexity of successful apps has gone up, and the costs to get the first downloads of an app have skyrocketed. Our goal is to bring together talented individuals, aid in the development of their first app, and help them succeed alongside the big players.”

Rippln Co-founder Jonathan Budd said that Surya Rising is an ideal partner for Rippln and that the two companies are in discussions to partner on six additional apps. “We are completely aligned in our missions to make it possible for individuals to participate in the next phase of technology distribution... a phase where we all are empowered in the equation,” he said.

“Rippln’s platform is about creating a vehicle that enables millions of people around the world to tap into the hottest, fastest growing sector of wealth in the world today… technology,” Budd added. “Rippln is a people-driven model. That is why we exist.”

Over the coming months, Rippln will introduce a host of apps in the gaming, lifestyle, entertainment, and productivity venues… including the “Rippln Communicator”... a brand new communication utility that will empower Rippln users to connect with each other worldwide.

Underwood added: “We believe that over time we will be one of the largest app networks in the world because our users will have the chance to get rewarded when they refer something to someone. We are committed to constantly evaluating all products and services we bring to market through the Ripple to provide a robust and attractive value proposition for all of our users. This is just our beginning.”

Rippln Passes 800000 User Mark

Press Release | 6/10/2013

Vancouver, WA, June 09, 2013 -- Rippln continues to add thousands of users as the company prepares to launch the Rippln Mobile App and rewards plan.

Contests are running high speed on the company's Facebook page and rewarding users for engaging with Rippln promotions. Every 1,000 Facebook likes will produce a winner that will receive one of many assorted gifts.

The Rippln Rewards program was announced recently and costs associated are a monthly $25 fee, and a annual fee of $69 to participate in the Rippln Rewards program. Users can also download the app and play for free. As a player, users will be able to track their social influence across the globe, and track the rewards running through their global social graph.

Never before has the technology been available for a person to track their own influence across social channels. LinkedIn provides some data that shows how many people you are connected to within your network, but has limited access to communicate with those people.

Rippln has created a platform for vendors, merchants, Ripplers, and advertising companies to distribute buzz worthy products through the Ripples and reward the users. This platform will allow global communication with language translation.

Transparent Business Solutions understands the value of having an audience. Music artists will be able to promote an album through the Ripple and reach a worldwide audience and have the ability to communicate with their fans through the Rippln App. Since language barrier is no longer an issue, music artists will be able to engage with their fans globally and connect on a more personal level. Not to mention, those that invite a celeb or music artist into Rippln will share a percentage of album sales, movie sales, etc.

Social media marketing managers will greatly benefit from Rippln by tapping into a very tight community of engaged users worldwide. The capability to track and measure the power of a person's social influence is vital, and Rippln will provide social media managers full capability to promote and engage a global social media campaign with full transparency and increased engagement.

As dual screening becomes more popular, brands could use Rippln to promote mobile apps that collaborate with gamified television shows.

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