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Royal Bodycare Changes Name to RBC Life Sciences

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Royal Bodycare Changes Name to RBC Life Sciences

Business Wire | 7/27/2006

...On June 8, 2006 the Company name was changed from Royal BodyCare, Inc. to RBC Life Sciences, Inc. as approved by stockholders. RBC Life Sciences, a fully reporting company, was assigned a new OTC Bulletin Board trading symbol, RBCL.

The Company manufactures dietary supplements, including buffered magnesium ascorbate, and the antioxidant, Microhydrin(R) Plus (TM) which scavenges free radicals that attack vital tissues. It also increases cellular hydration, recharges other antioxidants, and reduces lactic acid during strenuous labor or exercise. The Company markets other supplements often missing in modern diets, through independent distributors in North America, South Korea, and through international licensees...

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