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3330 E. Louise Dr., Suite #600
Meridian ,Idaho 83642

Product Category: Candles

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Scentsy Review:

A year after starting Scentsy wickless candles as a home business, Kara Egan and Colette Gunnell went to a home show in Utah in March 2004 where they met Orville Thompson. Orville and his wife Heidi, after trying the wickless candles, and loving the scents, bought the company from Kara and Colette in May 2004, and started it as a party plan company in July of 2004.

Orville and Heidi started making the candle chunks in a “40 foot metal box”, and everyone, including family members, unpaid, chipped-in to help package and ship them. Scentsy took off so fast and grew so quickly, that the Thompsons were having trouble keeping up with the demand for bigger space during the entire first two years.

Finally, in 2008, Scentsy secured a facility in Meridian, large enough to hold the manufacturing and administrative staff necessary to run the growing company. By the end of 2008, Scentsy had invested in two automated candle bar machines, affectionately named “Alice” and “Fred” after Heidi’s mother and stepfather, who had both volunteered for the first two years to help get the company started.

Scentsy is currently operating in every state in North America, Guam and Puerto Rico, as well as several provinces in Canada.

The products consist of chunks of scented candle wax, and an electric candle warmer unit to melt them. Scentsy offers 75 unique candle warmers, and a wide variety of scent categories, including Bakery, Romance, Fall and Winter, among others, and scents ranging from Taj Majal, to Sticky Cinnamon Bun.

Becoming a consultant requires a $99.00 initial product and party-kit fee. For this price you get an entire kit for having your party, as well as 3 months of your website (which will cost $10 per month after the 3 months expires), and access to as much training and assistance as you need to be successful.

Scentsy has a code of ethics that includes complete financial transparency. Orville holds a meeting every month to detail what is going on in the company and what can be expected. If a decision will affect the financial success of the consultants, it is not approved. Scentsy is a family business, and as such, upholds certain family values in the course of the company operations.

Scentsy is a direct selling company, an active member of the Direct Selling Association, and follows the same code of ethics. Persons interested in starting their own Scentsy party-plan business, can visit the company website and enter a request for either information only, or that a consultant contact them via telephone or email. You must contact a consultant in order to become a consultant.

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