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Shaklee Brain Research Grant Program Established

Press Release | 10/14/2014

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 6, 2014 -- How might nutrients, or a combination of nutrients, affect your memory over the next few hours? Or support your brain health over the next few years? With the launch of its new grant program for brain health research, Shaklee hopes to help scientists learn more of these answers.

"Shaklee is trying to bring our health span closer to our life span, and we believe nutrition can make a difference," comments Chief Science Officer Bruce Daggy, Ph.D. "Through this grant program, we are supporting new research to expand our understanding of the role nutrition can play in keeping us well."

About the Brain Research Grant This newly established program, within the established Shaklee Grants Program, was created to provide targeted funding of research on the role of dietary supplements in supporting brain health. This grant will be funded by proceeds of Shaklee's recently launched MindWorks™, a supplement developed to support short- and long-term cognitive health. MindWorks contains key ingredients that have three important benefits*: 1.Immediate improvement in memory and focus 3X better than the control group**. 2.Protects against age-related mental decline, as shown in a clinical study to reduce brain shrinkage rate, a common consequence of aging, by 30% over two years.*** 3.Supports healthy circulation which is important for the delivery of oxygen and key nutrients to the brain.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ** At six hours versus control. *** Based on a two year study of 223 adults with mild cognitive impairment. Researchers have until Nov. 30, 2014 to submit brain health proposals. As with all Shaklee grants, animal studies will not be considered. Investigators who have secured funding elsewhere and who are requesting from Shaklee only marketed product, with or without a matching placebo, can submit proposals at any time.

Study questions most likely to receive funding under this program will involve evaluation of nutritional ingredients or ingredient combinations suitable for use in dietary supplements for either acute (e.g., short-term memory, concentration, reaction time) and/or long-term improvements to or maintenance of cognitive function in healthy adults.

"As reflected by the MindWorks launch, we have a strong interest in doing more in the area of cognitive health," Daggy confirms. "Each of us has a brain that needs good nutrition to function optimally. Mental acuity is of concern to a broad range of adults, from college students who need to improve their focus on their studies, to older folks who have more serious concerns about maintaining long-term brain health."

Shaklee Corporation Launches New Weight Loss Program

Press Release | 2/28/2013

PLEASANTON, Calif., Feb. 28, 2013 -- Millions of Americans struggle with their weight, trying and repeatedly failing to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan. Shaklee Corporation, the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S., is introducing Shaklee 180™, an entirely new way to lose the right kind of weight, fat not muscle, and learn how to keep it off.

Shaklee 180 is a complete weight and, more importantly, inch loss program that anyone can do. The initial 90-day plan includes energizing smoothees, snack bars, teas, and metabolism booster* to help you lose the extra pounds. The second 90-days is designed to teach you how to keep your new healthy weight for life – something most standard diets neglect to do.

"At the heart of the Shaklee 180 products is leucine, an amino acid that signals your body to retain muscle so you lose the right kind of weight—fat not muscle," says Jamie McManus , M.D. and Shaklee 180 advisor. "On traditional diets, over 1/3 of weight loss could be muscle, which can result in a slower metabolism."

The comprehensive program is based on studies that show people who have community support, do it with others, and track their activities are more successful when it comes to dieting. Shaklee 180 takes that to a whole new level with its Shaklee 180 app and unique reward system that offers great incentives from smaller weekly prizes to trips of a lifetime.

"One reason fad diets fail is that people set unrealistic goals. With Shaklee 180, people learn how to maintain their weight loss with a realistic, convenient and affordable eating plan," says Harley Pasternak , bestselling fitness and diet author in 14 languages and 30 countries worldwide.

Real results, great rewards – welcome to the Shaklee 180 difference.

Shaklee Convention Attendees Commit to Lose Weight

Press Release | 9/25/2012

San Diego, CA September 22, 2012 -- Shaklee recently held its annual conference in Las Vegas, with over 3,000 members attending and even more following the convention on social networking feeds and updates on Facebook and Twitter. The four day event was filled with many highlights, such as the keynote address by Shaklee Chairman and CEO, Roger Barnett, guest appearances from the team captain of the Shaklee Pure Performance Team, Eli Bremer, and diver Justin Dumais, live streaming with the Shaklee athletes who were competing in the London Olympics at the time, and a motivational presentation by the winner of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, Jacqui McCoy, who lost 207 pounds and is now coaching others and sharing the company’s products with those who are going through similar weight loss challenges that she was able to overcome.

Most memorable, however, was probably the talk by Dr. Jamie McManus, who highlighted the problem the world is facing with obesity. This problem, which she termed “Globesity” is a global problem, and as she brought up, almost two out of three American adults are either obese or overweight. This problem is not merely a superficial one, but it is shortening the life expectancy of an entire generation and putting an undue burden on an already overtaxed medical care system.

Shaklee products and nutritional supplements have always focused on healthier living and maintenance of a proper weight. After hearing the information regarding obesity, the attendees at the conference all committed to losing a combined total of 72,855 pounds in the 90 days following the convention. Attendees were also encouraged to get their friends and family in on the challenge and by bringing along three others on the transformation journey, bring the combined weight loss goal up to nearly 300,000 pounds. While this is a lofty goal, according to the speakers at the conference, this would help thousands of Shaklee members and associates to live healthier lives and avoid many preventable health problems.

Shaklee Kicks Off Earth Day with Celebrations | 4/15/2010

The environmental heritage of Shaklee dates back more than 50 years—before Earth Day was established. Date Released: 04/12/2010 Shaklee Independent Distributors reach out to help build greener communities in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Basic-H®

PLEASANTON, Calif. – (April 8, 2010) – Shaklee Corporation, the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S., will be hosting hundreds of events throughout the United States and Canada to help promote environmental responsibility in honor of Earth Day’s 40th anniversary. These events, led by Shaklee Independent Distributors, will range from tree-planting activities to eco-fairs and informational meetings.

In addition to celebrating Earth Day, Shaklee also will be celebrating a significant milestone of its own—the 50th anniversary of Basic-H®, one of the first nontoxic, biodegradable surfactant cleaners in the world. In honor of the anniversary, bottles of Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate—an updated and more concentrated edition of Basic-H—will feature a commemorative seal for a limited time only. Basic H2, the flagship product of the Shaklee Get Clean® household line, provides a super-safe, really powerful, doubly-concentrated clean with thousands of uses. This phosphate-free formula is also concentrated, so it saves money and helps reduce waste compared to ready-to-use cleaners. In fact, the number of Basic H2 bottles sold last year contained the same amount of clean as nearly 1.7 million 26-ounce bottles of conventional, ready-to-use window cleaner—that’s enough bottles to wrap around the earth 11.4 times. Through sales of Basic H2, combined with last year’s sales of Get Clean Starter Kits, Shaklee saved 71 million pounds of greenhouse gases and 31 million pounds of packaging waste.

“There’s only one earth and we have to do all we can to protect it,” says Shaklee Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Roger Barnett. “That goes beyond reducing and recycling. It means reconsidering our options and changing the way we do things. It could be biking to work, using energy-efficient light bulbs, or switching to environment-friendly household cleaning products. If we all make a conscious effort to preserve the planet, imagine the difference we can make.”

The environmental heritage of Shaklee dates back more than 50 years—before Earth Day was established. The company was the first in the world to be Climate Neutral™ certified in 2000, and was recently recognized as an Industry Innovator by the nonprofit group Climate Counts. In 2006, Shaklee initiated a nationwide campaign called A Million Trees. A Million Dreams.™ in collaboration with 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai. As part of the campaign, Shaklee Distributors set out to plant a million trees throughout the U.S.; the millionth tree was planted on Earth Day 2009 at the company’s headquarters in Pleasanton, Calif.

There will be a Shaklee booth on April 24, 9 am-7 pm and April 25, 10 am-5 pm at Fort Collins Nursery, 2121 E. Mulberry, Fort Collins Co. For more information, contact Carol Aguero, (970) 430-0287, coaguero(at)

Shaklee Press Release | 3/9/2010

Shaklee Corporation, the leading natural nutrition company in the U.S., would like to congratulate the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding for taking home an astounding 21 medals, including six Gold medals at the Games in Vancouver. Date Released: 03/06/2010

PLEASANTON, Calif., March 5, 2010 � Shaklee Corporation, the leading natural nutrition company in the U.S., would like to congratulate the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding for taking home an astounding 21 medals, including six Gold medals at the Games in Vancouver. Since 1980, Shaklee has been the exclusive nutritional sponsor of the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding to help these world-class athletes achieve peak performance through optimal nutrition. Comprised of 14 different men's and women's national teams, the U.S. Ski Team, which includes leading athletes across Alpine, Cross Country, Disabled, Freestyle and Jumping/Nordic Combined categories, and U.S. Snowboarding have long trusted Shaklee Nutrition. This 30 year partnership is a natural fit because both the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding are aligned with Shaklee�s dedication to scientific research, quality control and science-based products.

�I am so proud to be associated with a company whose heritage has always been about improving people�s health and their ability to reach personal goals�, says Independent Shaklee Distributor, Carol Aguero. It�s very exciting to be a part of this wonderful achievement.�

�What makes our partnership so successful is our unwavering commitment to nutritional standards and product safety� says Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO of Shaklee Corporation. �By conducting over 80,000 quality tests each year, we guarantee the purity and effectiveness of each and every product our athletes and consumers use.�

Working to optimize the athletes� health and performance, the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding Sport Science Director, Troy Flanagan, works closely with Shaklee to create a nutritional regimen that helps to give them an edge over the competition. �Shaklee products are invaluable to our U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding,� says Troy Flanagan, USSA Sport Science Director. �By working with the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S., we�re confident that we�re providing our athletes with the best, cutting-edge products to help ensure optimal body conditioning.*�

To help maintain health and wellness, the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding nutrition teams recommend that their athletes take several Shaklee nutritional products to boost their immune systems, whether they�re pushing through jet lag, harsh temperatures, tough training or the stress of competition. As the skiers and snowboarders travel four to five months straight each year, the Shaklee nutrient, energy and hydration products help them to perform at the highest level despite rigorous conditions.*

Shaklee Plants Millionth Tree on Earth Day | 4/27/2009

In celebration of Earth Day, Shaklee Chairman and CEO, Roger Barnett, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Dr. Wangari Maathai plant Shaklee's millionth tree. The event was the culmination of Shaklee's 'A MillionTrees. A Million Dreams™ Campaign, begun just three years ago.

Schwartzenegger explained how large a million is in California terms: that many trees would fill the square acreage of Disney Land eighteen times over.

Inspired by the visionary works of Dr. Maathai and her Green Belt Movement, Shaklee began a tree-planting campaign across the United States and Canada on Earth Day 2006, encouraging the company's 750,000 Members and Distributors to organize tree-planting events at the grassroots level in their respective communities.

Dr. Maathai, a 2004 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, was honored with the first Shaklee Eco-Entrepreneur of the Year Award™ for harnessing economic rewards through her non-profit organization which empowers communities around the world to protect the environment.

"Shaklee led the way in achieving carbon neutrality in 2000 and has mobilized its networks to plant a million trees for the planet, which is not only a great achievement, but an inspiration to all of us," said Dr. Maathai.

Shaklee Issues Statement on Domestic Terrorism | 4/24/2009

PLEASANTON, Calif., Apr 21, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- As a socially-responsible company, Shaklee does not conduct animal testing, we have never conducted animal testing, and we will never conduct animal testing. We have never done business with any lab that conducts tests on animals. Shaklee's corporate headquarters was bombed years ago by an individual who mistakenly targeted us for animal testing which had nothing to do with us or our products and was in fact conducted separately by a pharmaceutical corporation that owned Shaklee at the time (we have been independent since 2004). Unfortunately, the record of this misguided act of violence sometimes creates confusion that erroneously links our company with animal testing. Nothing could be further from the truth and we appreciate this opportunity to correct the record.

Shaklee Starts Infinite Possibilities Tour

SYS-CON Media | 2/4/2009

Shaklee Corporation Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett will launch a nationwide campaign to promote an opportunity that offers economic support to one million families in 2009. The campaign will kick off February 9 in Greensboro, NC.

"Families are struggling to make ends meet in this difficult economy," says Barnett. "While so many others are cutting back, we're a 50-year-old company with a revolutionary business model that's seeking to create one million new entrepreneurial opportunities to give people the potential to thrive even during these difficult economic times."

"Shaklee has actually grown during the past seven economic downturns. Our economic growth, combined with products that make people and the planet healthier, make Shaklee a powerful force for good," says Barnett.

Shaklee in the Livingston Daily

Livingston Daily | 11/28/2008

Ron and Nancy Gosselin believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with nature.

As such, they have committed themselves to helping educate others on the benefits of healthy living, which they say begins with making choices on the "little" things, such as the cleaning products people use in their homes.

"It started with me being a musician," Ron Gosselin, 55, explained. "I was playing four nights a week and working full time. That was taking a toll on my health. I thought I'd be old before I was 30."

Ron Gosselin started using Shaklee supplements, a product with which his father had some familiarity. He began to see a difference in his energy level, as did his bandmates, who asked for his secret. He shared his secret.

Shaklee Products Reviewed in SustainableLife

SustainableLife | 5/29/2008

Shaklee and their line of green products were recently favorably reviewed in SustainableLife:

...After writing a story a month or so ago about Joan Lubar-Alvarez and the Shaklee products she sells, I decided to try Shaklee’s home cleaning line, called Get Clean.

I was impressed that all the products are biodegradable, and have been for years before it was popular to call products “green.”

Lubar-Alvarez told me that the cleaning products “do not contain harmful chemicals, have been tested and the goal of Shaklee is not to harm a single tissue cell.”

The philosophy of the company is to “live in harmony with nature,” she added...

Click below for the complete review

Shaklee in the FayObserver | 4/22/2008

Practically every Fayetteville store has some sort of Earth Day display on the shelves now, which made it really easy to shop for green finds this week.

I tried to narrow my picks to things that were either new to the market or now available because of mass demand.

Bed Bath & Beyond has an entire row of all-natural and eco-friendly bed linens in stock. The best are the bamboo linens made from the rapidly growing (and thus sustainable) bamboo plant. A set of queen sheets is about $90 and are soft as silk. And since they are bacteria resistant, they are a good option for those with allergies.

Shaklee, the maker of biodegradable cleaners, has an incredible concentrated all-purpose cleaner for practically anything that’s dirty. A 16-ounce bottle of Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate (which creates 48 gallons of solution) is about $12. You can buy it online or from a local distributor to support the local economy. Distributors can be found at www.

Shaklee in the eNews Park Forest

eNews Park Forest | 4/8/2008

An average of one out of every 13 school-age children has asthma. Asthma rates in children have increased more than 160%. Common household cleaners and appliances give off fumes, which can increase the risk of asthma and allergies. Shaklee’s “Get Clean” products gives you the cleaning choices that are nontoxic, all natural and does not contain any harmful ingredients.

It’s time you heard the news about Shaklee’s “Get Clean” Products? It’s one of Oprah’s Winfrey’s Favorite things, Doctor Oz loves “Get Clean” and Rachel Ray used it on her show. Now it’s available at EnlightenedHealing Center in Orland Park.

Shaklee in the Portsmouth Herald

Portsmouth Herald News | 3/29/2008

A party for 50 at The Red Door in Portsmouth, with live music by the PMAC Jazz Faculty. A pair of reserved seats (donated by a season ticket holder) for a 2008-09 UNH Men's hockey game between two of the perennial powerhouses in Hockey East, one of the strongest rivalries in college hockey: UNH vs. Maine. Two rounds of golf with a golf cart at Sagamore Golf Course. An art party hosted by Anna Nuttall. Several "Night on the Town" packages provided by Radicci Restaurant, Redhook Brewery, Loco Coco's Mexican Restaurant, The Music Hall, Seacoast Repertory Theatre, and more. Four passes to Water Country. A "Best Friends" photo package from Grazier Photography of Boston. A three-hour digital recording session at PMAC with sound engineer Mike Effenberger - includes master CDs of your recording. Tiger Mountain Jewelry. A Shaklee Get Clean Kit for a greener home. An evening of classical piano for your event by Adam MacDougall. A two-hour consultation with a wardrobe consultant. Roger Goldenberg print. Gift certificates and gift packages provided by many local businesses including Portsmouth School of Ballet Pilates Classes, Sheila Duffy Skin Care, The Flower Kiosk, Yoga East, Duda Spa, Bettencourt Chiropractic, The Little Milkman, Kim Truesdale Massage, and more.

Shaklee in the Hartford Courant

Hartford Courant | 3/26/2008

It was hard to believe Shaklee's automatic dishwasher concentrate could be so, well, concentrated.

I had to check the directions twice to be sure that only 2 teaspoons of the powder were all that was needed to clean a load of dirty dishes with no pre-rinsing. The result: The dishes came out cleaner — and with no residue of detergent —than with any other dishwashing detergent I've tried (Arm & Hammer, Cascade, Ecover or whatever is on sale). The company says the enzyme-activated cleaning powder contains no polluting phosphates or hazardous dry chorine bleach and is safe for septic tanks.

Shaklee Introduces new Cinch Meal-in-a-Bars

PR Newswire | 2/25/2008

Shaklee Corporation, the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S. and pioneer of one of the first green household cleaners, introduced three new tasty food products to its Cinch Inch Loss Plan line -- Cinch Meal-in-a-Bars in two delicious flavors and the delectable new meal replacement, Cinch(TM) Strawberry Shake Mix.

Shaklee's Cinch Meal-in-a-Bars are crunchy, satisfying and complete on-the-go meal replacements and are available in two new flavors -- Berry Almond Crunch and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. The Cinch Berry Almond Crunch Meal-in-a-Bar marries tangy fruit flavor with rich nutty almonds while the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip is a divine dose of decadent dark chocolate chips, paired with roasted peanuts and real peanut butter. Both bars are packed with 20 grams of high quality soy protein, enhanced with leucine to help preserve muscle while on a weight loss program. Each bar contains just 260 - 270 calories, depending on flavor, and is high in fiber with six grams of dietary fiber. Both Cinch Meal-in-a-Bars are low glycemic and kosher certified. As with all Shaklee Cinch products, these bars contain no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and of course, no trans fats.

Oprah Recommends Shaklee Products on Oprah Site | 2/1/2008

On Oprah's site under Mind and Body the talk show host makes a positive comment and recommendation for Shaklee's Get Clean Line. Oprah is quotes as saying she loves their Basic H2 Spot Remover

Shaklee Eco Friendly Products Provided to Sundance Elite

Marketwire | 1/29/2008

PARK CITY, UT--(Marketwire - January 28, 2008) - Shaklee Corporation, the nation's number one natural nutrition company, premiered its first appearance at the Sundance Film Festival as a sponsor of The Green Lodge at King Rd. The Green Lodge served as a premier destination for celebrities and tastemakers at Sundance and housed a variety of eco-friendly brands and services.

Shaklee hosted the laundry room, appropriately gifting attendees with its Shaklee Get Clean Fresh Laundry Liquid Concentrate, HE Compatible, and Shaklee Get Clean Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets. Shaklee Get Clean Fresh Laundry Liquid Concentrate is super-concentrated to reduce shipping and packaging waste, contains no phosphates or borates and is natural and hypoallergenic. Shaklee Get Clean Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets are non-toxic, natural and biodegradable. Recipients were also given reusable Shaklee Get Clean grocery totes to discourage use of plastic and paper bags when shopping. Shaklee's Get Clean household products line provides non-toxic and natural cleaning choices that are safe for you, your home and the planet.

Shaklee Products Referenced in Whole Life Times

Whole Life Times | 1/15/2008

Go green with household cleaners Unless you are using products scented with natural oils, your favorite “clean smell” is likely the result of a chemical concoction. Try natural cleaning agents such as baking soda and white vinegar. Or look for brands with non-toxic ingredients like Shaklee’s Get Clean or Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. If you’re a fan of scented candles, consider switching to soy, which burns much cleaner than petroleum-based counterparts. To keep the bugs away, use boric-acid-based bait stations as an effective alternative to chemical sprays.

Enlist the power of plants While formaldehyde (found in plywood, adhesives, carpets and paints), benzene (found in Styrofoam, plastics, lubricants, detergents and synthetic fibers) and carbon monoxide (off-gassed by heating or cooking equipment) are bad news for people, plants can thrive on them and help remove them from the air. Peace lily, bamboo palm, English ivy, mums and gerbera daisies top the clean-air list. Plus, they’re easy to care for, so even if you don’t have a green thumb, you’ll still have a good chance of keeping these babies alive.

Shaklee to Provide Critics Choice Awards Bag

Reuters | 1/9/2008

The 13th Annual Critics Choice Awards Gift Bag Goes Eco-Friendly

NEW YORK, Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- The 13th Annual Critics' Choice Awards kicks off the awards show season when the ceremony airs LIVE on VH1, Monday, January 7 at 9:00 PM. Actor and comedian D.L. Hughley will host the ceremony held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. The Broadcast Film Critics' Association (BFCA) created the Critics' Choice Awards to recognize excellence in cinematic achievement. Historically, the Critics' Choice Awards are the most accurate predictor of the Academy Award nominations. The winners are not the only ones that will win big at this year's show. Attending talent will receive gift bags including 24 items worth more than $8500. Many of this year's gift bag items support the nationwide green initiative ranging from environmentally friendly cosmetics, to children's furniture and bedding, to an eco-friendly resort stay. Alternative ( is a premium lifestyle apparel brand inspired by and created for free-thinking people. To celebrate the 2008 Critics' Choice Awards, Alternative is gifting Men's and Women's Alternative Earth tees, accompanied by a gift certificate to redeem an Alternative/Alternative Earth item of choice. A percentage of all sales of Alternative Earth products are donated to environmental organizations across the world. Brentwood Skincare will provide a gift certificate for 2 one-hour facials at Brentwood Skin located in Santa Monica, California and will also gift products from this all-natural skincare line which uses a natural Vit-K preservative. At Brentwood Skincare, they use rich raw materials and 100% natural essential oils in their products.

Shaklee in the Cherry Hill Courier Post

Cherry Hill Courier Post | 10/8/2007

Indeed, there are cleaners that are unbelievably effective at getting out any stain. These same cleaners probably rip a quarter size hole in the ozone with every squirt and cause your pets whiskers to fall out (just kidding, sort of). Try blending power with responsibility by searching for an environmentally friendly home cleaner. Help the water supply by using Ecostore's toilet cleaner, which uses safer, plant-based ingredients so toxic synthetic perfumes and dyes aren't released into our waterways.

The product sells for $9.95 for a 500 ml bottle at Shaklee Corp. offers a whole line of eco-friendly products, including its Basic H2TM Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate, which comes in a 16-ounce bottle. The non-toxic, natural and biodegradable cleaner is double concentrated, so it only takes one to two drops in 16 ounces of water to clean off mirrors or windows. It's also good for splattered spaghetti sauce and spilled milk. Available for $11.95 at

Shaklee Mentioned in Eco Friendly Article | 6/6/2007

Probably not Shaklee, a direct seller of natural nutrition and personal care products and environmentally friendly household cleaners. But Shaklee was a green business pioneer before any of those companies were started. If you are under 30, you may not have heard of Shaklee. A one-time Fortune 500 company that is now mostly in private hands, the Shaklee brand has been "under-marketed" for years, its CEO, Roger Barnett, concedes.

But Shaklee - which was started in 1956 by a chiropractor named Dr. Forrest Shaklee, deploys 7,500 worldwide distributors (many of them homemakers working part-time) and generates nearly $500 million a year in revenues - often has been ahead of its time.

Shaklee in the News

The Triton | 6/3/2007

Each of us has been on a boat where the previous stewardess was a product shopper; always searching for the perfect cleaner that would do the job better. Then when the product does not work, it does not get thrown away but stuffed in the back of the cabinet, taking up prime real estate.

I came aboard M/Y Milk and Honey in November. I could not believe my eyes when I opened the cabinet doors in the laundry room.

There seemed to be a million different products.

On most of them, the directions were in another language. I had to smell them and look at the pictures on the box to figure out what each one was used for, not to mention how toxic most of them were.

Shaklee Basic H in the News | 6/3/2007

Shaklee's Basic H product gets mention in this article titled:

Basic H The Safest MultiTasking Cleaner Youll Ever Find

Click the link for more info.

Shaklee Receives Direct Sales License in China

CNW | 3/28/2007

PLEASANTON, CALIF., March 26 /CNW/ - Shaklee Corporation, a leading natural nutrition company in the U.S., is pleased to announce that its application for a license to engage in Direct Selling in China was approved by the country's Ministry of Commerce on March 23, 2007.

Shaklee Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett commented, "We are delighted that Shaklee is one of the first US companies approved under China's new Direct Selling regulations, and express our gratitude to the Chinese government for this opportunity and vote of confidence. We are excited about bringing our 50 years of research and development to bring the best natural health products to the Chinese people."

Shaklee (China) Ltd. Chairman John Holden added: "We are delighted to be able to provide health and income opportunities to the Chinese people. We will work hard to ensure that as many Chinese consumers as possible will be able to enjoy high quality Shaklee products."

Shaklee Goes Green

Press Release | 10/14/2006

Shaklee Corporation Goes Green, Becomes EPA Climate Leader

Nutrition Company to Offset 100 Percent of Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions for 2006-2009

PLEASANTON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 12, 2006--As part of its continued commitment to sustainable practices, Shaklee Corporation (, the number one natural nutrition company in the United States, announced today its participation in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Climate Leader ( program. By participating in Climate Leaders, Shaklee has pledged to completely offset its annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from 2006 - 2009. Climate Leaders is a key component towards the country's goal to reduce GHG emissions by 18 percent over the next 10 years, and Shaklee will be directly contributing to that national target. Shaklee announced its intent today during the EPA 2006 Climate Leaders Partners Meeting in Arlington, Va.

Shaklee Unveils Growth Platform

Market Wire | 8/23/2006

Shaklee Corporation Celebrates 50th Anniversary: Unveils a Powerful Growth Platform SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 22, 2006 -- Shaklee Corporation, the number one natural nutrition company in the United States, celebrated its 50th Anniversary by launching two product lines and announcing new social initiatives that exemplify the company's commitment to accomplishing public good. Shaklee's carbon neutral convention -- the first in San Francisco history -- attracted nearly 10,000 attendees from five countries and included speeches from world renown speakers including Rudy Giuliani, 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Muta Maathai and Millennium Promise director and co-founder Dr. Jeffrey Sachs.

"Shaklee products protect the health of people and the planet," said Roger Barnett, Shaklee Chairman and CEO. "Our goal is to expand from five to 50 countries in the next decade and use our business model to help reduce the problems of malnutrition and poverty. We hope to demonstrate how our 50-year history represents a sustainable business model that other companies can follow to make a positive impact on the world."

New Products Deliver Health Benefits

Shaklee introduced Get Clean™ a nontoxic cleaning line that's safe for you, your family and the planet. The concentrated cleaners are environmentally safe and sold individually or as a Starter Kit. Get Clean recently outperformed 11 national brands in independent laboratory tests.

Dr. John Heckman, an environmental expert from Five Winds International, a sustainability management consultancy firm, compared the environmental impact of the new line with conventional cleaners. He said, "The Get Clean Starter Kit helps eliminate more than 100 pounds of packaging waste from landfills and also eliminates 248 pounds of greenhouse gases from the air -- that's the environmental equivalent to planting 10 trees."

Shaklee also introduced the Cinch™ inch loss plan, a comprehensive program formulated to deliver weight loss and inch loss results. Unlike fad diets, Cinch is designed to help users successfully reach their desirable body weight while preserving muscle. Cinch products contain clinically proven ingredients including leucine, a key amino acid which provides a key signal to help the body preserve lean body mass (muscle), protein to help control hunger, and other ingredients to help retain normal blood sugar levels.

Positive Social Change

At the convention, Shaklee announced that 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Muta Maathai, founder of the grassroots environmental organization Green Belt Movement, will become Global Ambassador of the company's "A Million Trees. A Million Dreams™" tree planting campaign. In her new role, each time Shaklee enters a new market, Dr. Maathai will be on hand to empower people to improve the environment and their lives.

Shaklee's second social initiative centers on Millennium Promise, which encourages individuals and organizations to join the fight against global poverty, disease and hunger, and achieve the U.N. Millennium Goals set for these issues by 2015. Shaklee will form a strategic alliance with Millennium Promise to address the nutrition and energy needs of a village in East Africa. Shaklee will provide nutritional expertise and underwrite the costs of installing solar panels to help provide energy to the homes of 5,000 people in the poorest villages in the region.

Shaklee also announced its sponsorship of Will Steger, the prominent Arctic explorer and winner of the prestigious National Geographic Society's John Oliver La Gorce Medal. Steger is set to launch his fourth Arctic expedition, called Global Warming 101, in February 2007.

"Shaklee simply wants to make the world a greener place," said Barnett. "Our partnerships with Green Belt Movement, Millennium Promise and Will Steger help educate people on the importance of sustainable development which respects the environment."

Shaklee's 50th Anniversary Conference itself is another example of its commitment to the environment. The company worked with Boulder, Colo.-based Econergy, a world leader in Carbon Credit generation, to ensure the entire Shaklee Conference -- a four-day affair with an estimated 10,000 attendees -- was carbon neutral, and had zero net impact on global warming. Shaklee is no stranger to environmental protection; it introduced one of the first biodegradable cleaners in 1960 and was the first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral™ in 2000.

Shaklee Predicts Double Digit Growth

Contra Costa Times | 8/20/2006

Healthy profits lie in going green Shaklee CEO predicts 'double-digit' growth with company's launch of toxin-free products; economists not so sure

SAN FRANCISCO - Shaklee Corp. believes that by Going Green, it can produce a bumper crop of greenbacks.

The Pleasanton-based marketer of nutritional, health care and household cleaning products has been at the forefront of being friendly to the environment, a point its executives made repeatedly at its 50th anniversary gala in San Francisco on Thursday. Now, the company is convinced that its decades-long commitment to "green" products can dramatically increase its sales and profits.

To be sure, Shaklee's push to launch a line of toxin-free household products, plant 1 million trees, install solar power in impoverished African villages, sponsor expeditions to the Arctic to investigate global warming, become the world's first carbon-neutral corporation, and generally tout Shaklee as a "green" company, can all burnish the firm's corporate image.

Shaklee Still Growing at 50

SFGate | 8/12/2006

Shaklee still growing at 50 Many scoffed at its multilevel marketing approach, but the company that sells natural supplements and cleaning supplies has its fans

Fifty years ago, during the era of synthetic fabrics, processed food and TV dinners, an Oakland chiropractor started a company to sell natural products to improve people's health. Even earlier, in 1915, before the concept of vitamins was widely understood, Dr. Forrest Shaklee had invented something called Vitalized Minerals.

Shaklee Corp., the company he founded, now operates in Pleasanton, selling vitamins and other nutritional supplements, natural makeup and biodegradable cleaning products through a multilevel marketing force of 750,000 distributors and members.

Shaklee Earth Day Campaign Targets Global Warming

World Wire | 4/28/2006

On April 21 Shaklee kicked off its global environmental campaign to raise awareness of global warming, "A Million Trees. A Million Dreams.™", with a tree-planting event in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

Working in tandem with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, and San Francisco's Recreation and Parks Department, 150 Shaklee employees planted 225 Monterey Cypress and Pittosporum five-gallon trees in Golden Gate Park's Marx Meadow.

Inspired by the visionary work of 2004 Nobel Peace laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai and her Green Belt Movement, Shaklee has set a goal to plant over one million trees throughout North America to raise the awareness of global warming and help offset a significant portion of the CO2 the company produces.

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