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Smart Media Press Release

Press Release | 9/29/2013

Henderson NV September 26, 2013 -- Smart Media, the creators of YOBSN (Your Own Branded Social Network) has announced that YOBSN Mobile is now in Beta testing. YOBSN is a PC application that installs on your browser and allows users instant access, without any cost, to things like music, movies, games, bargain shopping, university and computer courses, Smart Mail, Smart Chirp, Smart Chat, the YOBSN Social Network and so much more.

While some of these things may be found on other websites what makes YOBSN unique is that users earn real cash, prizes and Social Points. They can play games, without any cost to the player, but at the same time win real cash and prizes. They can also win cash and prizes simply by clicking on the daily, weekly and monthly prize boxes where the users' odds of winning increase everyday, since the entries accumulate, and are good until the user actually wins a prize. For those people who are not into playing games they can still win prizes from the games if one of the people they referred wins a prize. When someone wins a prize in those games the person who actually told them about YOBSN in the first place will actually earn the same exact prize. There is no limit to the number or prizes a person can win.

Users can earn "Social Points" for doing what they are already doing online and even if they are doing it on any website. "Social Points" can be used to buy things from the YOBSN online store. The online store offers everything from digital products like music and movies to physical products. With over 1 million products in the online store it would be impossible to list them all. Users can also purchase gift vouchers to use in stores in their own countries.

Like other social networks YOBSN earns its revenue from advertisers. The big difference here is that YOBSN shares this revenue with its users. Users can even earn "Social Points" while using any of the other social networks.

YOBSN Mobile brings all this and more to the users' Smart Phones and Tablets. The YOBSN Mobile App also has three new Mobile Games produced by one of the most respected mobile development companies in the world. This company has created major applications for some of the world's largest Fortune 500 tech companies and best selling games for the Playstation 3, Smart Phones, Tablets and Social Networks.

YOBSN has put exclusive features into the YOBSN Mobile App and Mobile Games that no other Mobile software ever has. Like YOBSN for PC, YOBSN Mobile is available at no charge to anyone worldwide.

Businesses can create the best type of top-of-mind product awareness by licensing the software which they can then brand, add special content and even products too, and then give it away to their clients. When those clients share it with their friends, as they often do with any other social network, the businesses' client base grows both exponentially and virally. Whenever those people are online they are seeing the business, products and services. Customers are more receptive to this type of advertising because it can benefit them as well. It takes the idea of having a website to a whole new level because YOBSN keeps them coming back day after day without the business owner having to do any extra work or spend any extra money.

As an added bonus YOBSN owners also earn from those free users. Whatever those users earn every day in social points the owner earns 3 times that amount in cash. The potential income from this can far exceed what the businesses actually earn each year simply by giving it away to their customers.

Another bonus to the YOBSN system is that it can instantly boost sales for the business. If the business needs a quick influx of cash, it can simply place a message to all their clients who will see it instantly when they are online. An example of this could be a bar that is having a slow night. They simply post a drink special on their YOBSN and all their customers see it. This does not cost them anything at all so they can do it as often as they want.

Smart Media Technologies Releases New Game

Press Release | 4/30/2013

Henderson, Nevada, April 29, 2013 -- Smart Media Technologies new Bubble King game is a fun new game where players race against a clock and an advancing wall of bubbles in an attempt to match 3 of the same in order to destroy them before the timer runs out or the wall reaches the bottom. If all the bubbles are destroyed the user wins that scene. The game starts out with a map of different scenes to choose from. There is really no losing at this game which most users will find enjoyable. If the player does not win a scene they have attempted they are taken back to the map where they can select it again or simply choose another one.

As with all Smart Media Technologies' games users earn Smart Points whenever they are playing that they can spend in the online rewards store to purchase great items. However, since HPP is always on it really does not matter what they are doing online they are still earning Smart Points even if they are just chatting with their friends on Facebook or playing games on any other website.

Bubble King was created for version 2 of SMT's Dynamic Bar Home Page Pays, a plugin that works on any browser that provides free games, movies, software, University and even computer classes...

Users of HPP v2 earn "Smart Points" that they can spend in an online rewards store for things like movies and music downloads, electronics and even computers. This means that when they are playing the games they are earning "Smart Points" whether they are winning or losing. But that is not just exclusive to SMT - game users of HPPv2 earn "Smart Points" when they are on any website not just HPP v2. This really changes the entire mindset of videos being a time-waster.

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