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Stampin Up CEO Steps Down Temporarily

Middle School Students Create Art with Stampin Up

Stampin Up Changes Electronic Communication Policy

Stampin Up Wins Readers Choice Award

Stampin Up Hosting Holiday Extravaganza

Stampin Up in the Evansville Courier

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Stampin Up CEO Steps Down Temporarily | 2/20/2015

February 18, 2015 -- The co-founder and CEO of Stampin' Up, Shelli Gardner, announced that she is leaving the company for a year to serve with her husband on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Gardner plans to return to work after the year-long mission is over.

"When we return, life will resume as usual. I intend to return to work because I love what I do and love the people I work with," Gardner recently wrote on her blog.

The Gardners' daughter, Sara Douglass, will run Stampin' Up during her mother's absence.

Middle School Students Create Art with Stampin Up | 4/12/2010

Karen Schindler and Karen Hinckley, demonstrators for Stampin’ Up, a home retailer, created a stamping club for the students at Center Middle School. They have been meeting with students for five years and they purchase the materials and stamps from Stampin Up for the students to use so there is no expense.

“We get together with the kids about every other week, roughly, and it’s been really nice,” said Schindler. “We just walk them through the steps and they make the cards.”

Hinckley, who runs a summer stamp camp, thought it might be a fun and easy crafting project for the students to work on during the school year since so many seemed to really enjoy it over the summer. Some students were influenced by parents who also stamp. The students say it gives them a way to be creative even though they are not great at drawing or other mediums.

“Anyone can stamp,” said Hinckley. “Even if you’re athletic or musical, it doesn’t matter. You can be yourself and be accepted and that’s nice for this age.”

In addition to the students stamping club, a second club consisting of teachers and former teachers meets at the school once a week. Schindler claims the club is almost exact to the student’s club, except the adults purchase their own materials and are a little more experienced.

Stampin Up Changes Electronic Communication Policy | 9/3/2009

Stampin Up recently emailed changes to the Stampin Up policy on using electronic communications:

Q: If I have a Stampin' Up! blog where I promote my Stampin' Up! business and a personal blog that I keep separate from my Stampin' Up! business, do the same guidelines apply to both blogs? A: Yes. As a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, any presence you have in the electronic communications world (blog, web site, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) must meet the guidelines outlined in the new IDA. When you sign the new IDA, you agree to refrain from using any electronic communications to promote, market, or sell the products of any other companies (direct selling or retail) that offer similar products, including decorative stamps in any form, stamp art accessories, scrapbooking products, digital art solutions, and vinyl wall art. Keep in mind, again, that the restriction does not completely prohibit you from using competitive products and posting images on your personal web site. You could, for example, post a project you made for your child's birthday party using non-Stampin' Up! accessories, but you would need to refrain from providing specific sales information (price, retailer, etc.) that would be considered marketing of those products. When you post projects, whether they are on your Stampin' Up! blog or a personal blog, you are representing Stampin' Up! and your postings impact your business and Stampin' Up! as a whole.

Stampin Up Wins Readers Choice Award

Press Release | 2/11/2009

For the ninth year in a row, Stampin' Up! has won Creative Keepsakes magazine's coveted Readers' Choice Award for its core product - decorative rubber stamps - as well as the categories of Stamping Inks , Software and Idea Books. Creating Keepsakes calls Stampin' Up! results a "sweep" in these respective categories. During the economic downturn, Stampin' Up! has also seen renewed interest in its direct-sales business opportunity.

Stampin' Up! is a Utah-based, creative, direct-sales company that specializes in exclusive stamp art and color-coordinated accessories, and provides home-based business opportunities.

Stampin Up Hosting Holiday Extravaganza

Salisbury Post | 12/2/2008

KANNAPOLIS — The Kannapolis Intimidators baseball team has recently received new inventory in the "Intimidation Station" souvenir store.

The new merchandise includes crew sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts and fleece blankets. The Intimidation Station also has T-shirts, hats, player trading cards, mini-bats and much more. for the holidays, customers receive $10 off any purchase of $50.

The Intimidators souvenir store is located at Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium, Exit 63 off I-85. The store is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Stampin' Up! will host a holiday extravaganza sale with up to 50 percent off select product bundles through Monday online at

Stampin Up in the Evansville Courier

Evansville Courier & Press | 11/28/2008

FRESNO, Calif. -- It may sound like an exaggeration to say that Kathy Chono-Herring's hobby of making greeting cards for family and friends was spilling into every room of her home. Guess again.

"I had towers of stuff everywhere," she says. "There were piles -- avalanches waiting to happen -- here and there."

What to consider when choosing window fabrics How to decorate a Christmas tree like a pro Keep your hardwood floor working hard and looking even better with a few proactive measures The description is hard to imagine, given how organized her 10-by-11-foot stamp room is today.

Chono-Herring is an independent demonstrator for Stampin' Up! -- a Utah company that makes decorative rubber stamps used for card-making and scrap booking. It's a hobby she's enjoyed for 14 years.

Stampin Up in the Biloxi Sun Herald

Biloxi Sun Herald | 6/9/2008

SALT LAKE CITY and ST. PAUL, Minn., June 5 --Scotch 3M's Stationery Products Division, major manufacturer of adhesives and computer accessories, and Stampin' Up!, a leading manufacturer of decorative rubber stamps and crafting supplies, have formed a joint marketing agreement. Both companies anticipate the agreement will produce substantial increased reach to crafters in the billion-dollar US craft market and beyond.

"The synergy created by this program will be outstanding," says Stampin' Up! CEO Shelli Gardner. "We are very excited about the cross-promotional opportunities with a great company like 3M."

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