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ViSalus CEO Steps Down

ViSalus Launches New Consumer Initiatives for 2016

ViSalus Launches Vi-Shape Superfood Shake

ViSalus Launches NEON Energy Drink

ViSalus Announces Partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs of America

ViSalus Kicks Off 2015 With Worlds Largest Group Workout

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ViSalus CEO Steps Down

Press Release | 12/22/2016

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 22, 2016 -- ViSalus CEO Ryan Blair today announced a new investor group and corporate restructuring designed to strengthen the company's balance sheet. As part of this transaction, Blair announced he is stepping down as CEO to devote more time to his venture capital firm and towards mentoring leading tech innovators. Blair will hand the reins to ViSalus Co-Founder Nick Sarnicola, who will take over as CEO effective January 1, 2017.

After selling the company to Blyth, Inc. in 2012 for $792.4M, Blair and his co-founders bought the company back for $148M in September 2014, taking the company private. After two years of investing in international expansion, the acquisition of NEON Energy Drink, right sizing the business, debt restructuring and stabilizing sales, Blair sold controlling interest to an investor group led by his Co-Founder Nick Sarnicola. Blair and The Goergen family remain on the board, and The Carlyle Group owned Blyth, Inc. remain shareholders.

ViSalus Launches New Consumer Initiatives for 2016

Press Release | 2/16/2016

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 17, 2016 -- As ViSalus prepares to celebrate 11 years in business, the company's continued focus on creating industry-leading high value nutritional products for consumers has never been more clear. Early results have shown that key initiatives launched at the beginning of 2016 are already paying dividends and paving the way for a personal and special customer experience with ViSalus' family of brands.

Having already helped over 3 million people transform their bodies using one of the company's Challenge Kits, Vi Customers and Promoters can now create their own customized mix of ViSalus products in their Challenge Kit. ViSalus now gives customers the power to personalize a ViSalus program that works for them, combining the meals, drinks, snacks, and supplements they prefer to support their Challenge and healthy lifestyle goals. With the ability to save up to 15% and get free shipping, the goal is to provide an enhanced consumer experience in the direct sales channel like never before.

"Consumers are smarter and more savvy than ever, and with advancing technology, consumer commerce and shopping online are prevalent the world over," said ViSalus Co-Founder & CEO, Ryan Blair. "We wanted to bring a personalized and simple shopping experience to our community so that they are rewarded for getting great nutrition delivered right to their door, just the way they want it."

With custom Challenge Kits, consumers can not only save money, but also be eligible to get their Challenge Kit for free and earn up to 500 Vi Points per month under the recently enhanced 3 for Free Program. Those Vi Points are now not only good for free ViSalus products, but also for items in the company's new ViP Rewards store. Building on the success of brand loyalty programs, ViP Rewards offers exclusive gear that can only be purchased with Vi Points, as well as incredible Vi- Life® experiences.

Co-Founder & President Blake Mallen reflected on the importance of this innovation. "We are proud to have been the first in the industry to launch a 3 for Free program, allowing our Customers and Promoters to earn their next month's product for free when they help three new customers to purchase their own Challenge Kits filled with great ViSalus products. With custom Challenge Kits, our enhanced 3 for Free Program, and our new ViP Rewards program, this is a very exciting time to join the Vi community. It's our mission to make the world a healthier place and it begins with people achieving their personal Challenge goals."

ViSalus has even rolled out brand new compensation enhancements for 2016 to reward Promoters who sell or who help ViSalus sell products directly to customers, by helping them earn Vi Points through many of the newly-launched and improved programs. Vi Points can also be earned when hosting or checking in at Challenge Parties and Challenge Groups, which help consumers learn more about which Vi Products they want to purchase and connect with others in pursuit of their healthy lifestyle goals.

As an innovator and pioneer in both healthy living and the direct selling industry, ViSalus' devotion to customer satisfaction continues to be a driving force behind their community's success. "ViSalus is a family, and when our community members go after their goals, we're here to offer them the very best platforms, products and support," added Mallen. "No two people are alike so we're giving our community plenty of options to choose what works best for them in order to succeed."

ViSalus Launches Vi-Shape Superfood Shake

Press Release | 1/19/2016

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 19, 2016 -- Built on a decade of science and a heritage of over 3 million health transformations, ViSalus launched into 2016 by debuting its first premium superfood product, Vi-Shape® Superfood Shake. This vegan, kosher, lactose-free* and gluten-free Vi-Shape Superfood Shake formula combines hand-selected superfood ingredients for densely-packed nutrition and superior health benefits. This complete meal replacement is packed with 17g of plant-based proteins enhanced with probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, all 9 essential amino acids, 25 vitamins and minerals, omegas, and an excellent source of fiber.

With nearly nine in 10 Americans interested in learning more about foods that have health benefits beyond basic nutrition1, ViSalus developed its first plant-based protein shake that is non-GMO, with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, trans fats, cholesterol, wheat, or soy – Perfect not just for those with personal diet preferences, but for anyone seeking the best in total body nutrition.

"Vi customers know plant-based proteins and fiber are good for them, so we went above and beyond to create our first 'superfood' meal to deliver these benefits with superior ingredients, plus more," said Blake Mallen, ViSalus Co-Founder and President. "I am proud to bring this product to market. The Vi-Shape Superfood Shake has the nutrients of a well-balanced meal and tastes delicious. It really is the perfect meal… in every glass!"

Superfoods consist of three main components—antioxidants, nutrients and fiber. Antioxidants help protect the body by supporting a healthy immune system, muscles, bones and skin. Nutrients in most superfoods supply key vitamins and minerals shown to be lacking in many American's diets. Fiber aids digestion, improves the absorption of needed nutrients and increases a feeling of "fullness."

"We're providing better meal options using better ingredients with the Vi community in mind - so reaching their weight loss or fitness Challenge goals is not only simpler but smarter," said Mallen.

*When used with dairy-free milk.

ViSalus Launches NEON Energy Drink

Press Release | 4/22/2015

LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2015 -- ViSalus officially launched NEON Energy Drink as part of its expanding product line portfolio at its National Success Training (NST) event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on April 11-12. This launch marks ViSalus' entry into the canned energy drink category – furthering its commitment to providing healthy on-the-go food and drink options to the world.

NEON Energy Drink is a great-tasting energy beverage containing natural sugars from 24% fruit juice concentrate and a proprietary blend of beneficial ingredients, including caffeine from green tea extract, prickly pear puree, and 6 energy-supporting essential B vitamins with at least 100% of the daily recommended value that are ideal for an anytime boost of sustained energy. This fun drink gets its name because it glows under black light due to an element it contains from the South American Cinchona tree.

"With the NEON Energy Drink, we can expand into the energy drink marketplace as a brand new category for us," said ViSalus Co-Founder, President and CEO Ryan Blair. "This acquisition will continue to set us apart from others in our industry. Not only do we develop products internally, but as entrepreneurs we are also quick to acquire innovative products that meet many of the product characteristics, such as nutrient content, taste and convenience, that we want to continue to offer on a global scale. The NEON Energy Drink has all this and more."

ViSalus acquired the NEON Energy Drink in January 2015 from Altairia Corporation whose President and CEO, Dakota Rea, created the product. The product had a soft launch earlier this year in North America to build excitement for the product's official launch including new Vi-branded packaging at NST – the biggest Vi training event of the year. A European rollout is planned for later this year.

"I'm very excited to partner with ViSalus," said Rea, who is now a ViSalus Promoter. "Not only does the Neon Energy Drink support the Challenge lifestyle, but with Vi's leadership and business model, we are rapidly expanding global brand awareness of the product."

According to market research firm Euromonitor, the global energy drink industry has increased 620%, from $3.8 billion in 1999, to $27.5 billion in 20131. Additionally, in the past few years, energy drinks have surpassed the growth in carbonated soft drinks2, and in 2013, energy drink sales of just below $9 billion in the United States nearly matched coffee sales of just above $12 billion.3 The acquisition also supports ViSalus' 2015 focus on continuing to expand its global footprint, since 70% of global energy drink sales are outside the United States4.

This acquisition follows ViSalus' expansion last year into the healthy snack category when it acquired Go Bites and used its technology to innovate and launch the Vi Bites™ product line. Expanding into the healthy snack and energy drink categories puts ViSalus in fast-growing markets where they can promote to a wider demographic.

"At NST, we introduced new plans, programs and products to thousands of ecstatic leaders – one big one being the NEON Energy Drink," said ViSalus Co-Founder and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Blake Mallen. "We are so excited for our customers and community to experience what everyone seems to agree is the best-tasting energy drink on the market!"

ViSalus Announces Partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Press Release | 4/16/2015

LOS ANGELES, April 13, 2015 -- As part of ViSalus' Project 10 Kids™ charitable giving program, the company has officially partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). The collaboration will help the non-profit organization reach their goal of 4 billion hours of physical activity and 500 million meals/snacks served by 2018. To further support this goal, ViSalus has announced BGCA as the Featured Charity Partner of the company's global Project 10K events taking place around the world on Saturday, April 18, 2015.

"Boys & Girls Clubs of America is aligned with our mission to transform lives and teach children how to build healthier habits," said ViSalus Co-Founder and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Blake Mallen. "As a company, we have already donated over 5 million meals to children in need through Project 10 Kids, and we are very proud to now partner with BGCA in helping future generations create healthy lifestyles. It's one of the reasons we're so excited they'll be the Featured Charity Partner at our Project 10K event."

Project 10K is a simple walk/run that brings people together—on the same day—to support their weight-loss and fitness goals while also providing nutritious meals, drinks or snacks for children. This event follows ViSalus' World Record this past January for the Largest Simultaneous Group Workout, which recorded 15,180 participants who attended 2,180 active Challenge Groups, resulting in raising 455,440 meal donations for children. ViSalus is now challenging the Vi Community to find a local Challenge Group and go the distance to make a difference in kids' lives, one step at a time on April 18th – at one of the Project 10K events being held around the world.

Project 10K Participants can choose to support BGCA or another Project 10 Charity Partner. Every participant is also encouraged to make an optional $24 (30 meals) donation to Project 10 Kids. Vi will then match every donation meal-for-meal to double the impact—potentially becoming the largest Project 10 Kids donation in ViSalus history.

"Boys & Girls Clubs of America believes living a healthy active lifestyle is critical to achieve a great future," said Jennifer Bateman, National Vice President of Program, Training and Youth Development with BGCA. "Thanks to ViSalus, we are furthering our goal of empowering Clubs and kids around the country to make choices that set the stage for a lifetime of healthy habits."

All Project 10K walk/run events begin Saturday, April 18th at 10:00 AM local time. Find more information, plus a full schedule of local events at

ViSalus Kicks Off 2015 With Worlds Largest Group Workout

Press Release | 1/1/2015

LOS ANGELES -- ViSalus is jumpstarting New Year's health and fitness resolutions in record-setting fashion with the World's Largest Simultaneous Group Workout. The headline-making event will take place January 3, 2015 at 12 p.m. in thousands of locations across 11 countries worldwide.

ViSalus, recognized in 2012 for the World's Largest Simultaneous Flash Mob with celebrity Alfonso Ribeiro, is determined to break another world record with this historic event that anyone can be a part of by simply showing up.

This event also includes a strong charity component. For every person who participates in the Jan. 3rd event, ViSalus will donate 30 kids meals through their PROJECT 10™ Kids program.

"We're inviting everyone to join us in making history while kick starting their health and fitness resolutions," said Blake Mallen, Vi Co-Founder and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. "What is especially inspiring is how through PROJECT 10 Kids we will continue to help children on their road to better nutrition. We're encouraging everybody—no matter their goal or fitness level—to join a Challenge group that day and be part of a fun social experience that launches their year in an extraordinary way."

Challenge Groups offer an array of fun, fitness activities to show how moving toward health and fitness goals can be accomplished in many forms. Participants will walk, run, hike, climb stairs, and even do yoga to show their dedication to reaching their 2015 goals while attempting to be an official record breaker. Already there are Challenge Groups forming every day—from Hawaii to Maine, Alaska to Florida, and internationally including Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and Finland.

There are two ways to participate: hosting or joining an event. Individuals can find a Challenge Group event online in their area, and simply show up to the scheduled workout. Or, they can host their own event. Either option allows people to be a part of making history.

ViSalus Recognized for Excellence in Media Communications

Press Release | 12/20/2014

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 16, 2014 -- ViSalus recently received six MarCom Awards for outstanding achievement in marketing and communication in web, print and video content—giving the company a combined total of 14 awards and honors for media excellence thus far in 2014.

The MarCom Awards is a prestigious international competition, judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), to recognize and honor quality, creativity and resourcefulness in companies and individuals whose talents exceed a high standard of excellence, and whose work serves as a benchmark in the industry.

"Our marketing team brings such enthusiasm to the table; their high standard of work reflects their genuine passion for Vi's commitment to transforming life, health, and prosperity around the world," said Blake Mallen, Vi Co-Founder and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. "We are so proud that this team is being recognized across so many key platforms."

ViSalus received one Platinum Award (the organization's top honor), three Gold Awards, and two Honorable Mentions. The complete list of Vi's MarCom awards and recognition are:

Platinum Award | Vi Bites Video | Video/ Film/ Marketing Product or Service category

Gold Award | Challenge Magazine | Writing/Magazine category

Gold Award | Vi Bites | Website Element/Landing Page category

Gold Award | ViSalus Overview Video | Web Video/Overview category

Honorable Mention | ViSalus Blog | Website Element/Blog category

Honorable Mention | ViSalus Training Video | Web Video/ Training category

Winners were chosen from more than 200 categories in seven forms of media and communication efforts.

In addition to receiving the MarCom accolades, ViSalus also recently took home a TrackMaven Excellence Honor for its Vi Bites™ social media strategy campaign, a 2014 W3 Silver Award for copywriting, and an honorable mention for Ragan's Content Marketing Awards. This past summer, ViSalus' video team also won four Telly Awards and a Kaltura Innovation Award.

ViSalus Expands into Snack Category

Press Release | 9/18/2014

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 15, 2014 -- Celebrating over nine years of innovation, ViSalus is revolutionizing its snack category with its launch of Vi Bites™ – a bold, new wholesome snack option available in four original varieties. Introduced for the first time to thousands of Vi Promoters and Customers at ViSalus's largest annual global event, Vitality 2014, Vi Bites provides delicious and convenient bite-sized snack options to support healthy living and help consumers achieve their Challenge goals.

Vi Bites come in four varieties of delicious, crunchy and nutritious snacks that add more flavor variety to eating and more flexibility for on-the-go lifestyles. Each Vi Bites product is packaged for convenience, suitable for vegetarians, and includes no cholesterol, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colors. Vi Bites come in both sweet and savory options to support both weight-loss and maintenance goals as well as active and fitness goals.

The introduction of Vi Bites enables the company to leverage growth opportunities in the popular snack food category. Studies show that the average person consumes almost 600 calories a day from snacking[1], and that the consumer trend of snacking between meals continues to grow[2] with nearly 100% of people snacking at least once a day[3] and 70% of all adults in the U.S. snacking almost three times a day[4]. The quality of snack greatly impacts health and lifestyle. The U.S. Department of Agricultural Dietary Guidelines recommends whole-food, nutrient dense snacks like nuts, seeds, and dried fruits – all of which are part of ViSalus' line of four easy, on-the-go, high quality Vi Bites products that promote "smart snacking." Vi Bites is bite-sized nutrition at its best, available for consumption anywhere and anytime.

"Vi Bites takes better snacking to an entirely new level, allowing us to provide a smart option for those snacking occasions for our Customers and Promoters on The Challenge," said Blake Mallen, ViSalus Co-Founder and CMO. "Our system of sensible eating offers people snack options between meals which are suitable to their lifestyle so attaining their healthy living goals cannot only be reached, but also maintained."

ViSalus Honored with Kaltura Innovation Award and Four Telly Awards

Press Release | 7/31/2014

LOS ANGELES, July 31, 2014 -- ViSalus, Inc., the company behind the #1 90-Day weight-loss and fitness challenge platform in North America, took home a Kaltura Innovation Award for 'Best Designed Video Experience' for the release of their Vi-Net Pro application as well as four coveted 2014 Telly Awards for excellence in video production.

The Kaltura Innovation Awards celebrate cutting-edge and exciting applications of video, and recognized ViSalus as their 2014 'Best Designed Video Experience' at Kaltura Connect, The Video Experience Conference held June 16-18 in New York City. Kaltura Connect remains at the forefront of video technology and acknowledged the Vi-Net Pro application as an innovative and premier mobile experience.

The company, whose mission is built around challenging others, took on its own Challenge and competed against 12,000 worldwide entries at the 34(th) Annual Telly Awards-- and won. For over a quarter century, the Telly statuette has been recognized as the premier award honoring the finest film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials, and outstanding local, regional and cable TV commercials and programs. ViSalus was honored with four Telly statuettes in the categories of: Online Video, Infomercial, Sales Program, and Live Event Segment.

"We love to innovate at Vi, and we are proud of creating and producing the highest quality programming showcased in our recently enhanced Vi-Net Pro application," said Vi Co-Founder and CMO Blake Mallen. "We aim for excellence in all facets of our business from our products to our support systems and are humbled to have ViSalus honored for our endeavors. When our amazing team of developers combines innovation with creativity our entire network has an experience unlike anything else," said Mallen. "It gives our Promoters quick access to high quality video content right in the palm of their hand with up-to-date information and tools accessible at anytime, anywhere in the world."

ViSalus Issued US Patent for NEURO Energy Drink Formula

Press Release | 5/7/2014

LOS ANGELES, May 5, 2014 -- ViSalus, the company behind the #1 90-Day weight-loss and fitness platform in North America, announced today that it has been issued U.S. Patent No. 8,642,095 entitled, "Dietary Composition and Method of Using the Same" by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) relating to the combination of ingredients in its ViSalus NEURO ® energy drink mix product.

NEURO is a low-caffeine (45 mg) powdered energy drink mix that supports the body and brain with healthy energy. With a proprietary, and now, patented blend of beneficial active ingredients, NEURO provides three key benefits: mental alertness, mental acuity and physical energy. The result is a gentle lift that awakens your brain and invigorates your body. The nutritional benefits of NEURO are delivered with only 1 gram of sugar and 12 calories per serving.

"At ViSalus, we are dedicated to offering our customers high quality nutritional products and functional foods," said Silvia Uribe, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Research & Development. "This patent enhances our ability to protect the combination of ingredients in our NEURO energizing blend."

ViSalus Presents Vi Pay with Cash

Press Release | 4/29/2014

LOS ANGELES, April 28, 2014 -- ViSalus, Inc., the company behind the #1 90-Day weight-loss and fitness Challenge platform in North America, presents Vi Pay with Cash, a payment option designed to bring the PROJECT 10™ Challenge to consumers who use cash as opposed to other forms of payment. In particular, the company is already seeing positive results among Hispanics who conduct the majority of their business in cash transactions and currently make up more than 80% of the Vi Pay with Cash Customer base.

Vi Pay with Cash Customers can conveniently make payments 24/7 at 17,000 neighborhood 7-Eleven ® , Family Dollar ® and ACE Cash Express ® locations in less than 60 seconds.

ViSalus Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Blake Mallen states, "Over 25% of business transactions are conducted with cash. The new Vi Pay with Cash program enables us to bring The Challenge to even more people nationwide who appreciate the option to pay with cash." More than 4,000 Challenge Promoters and Customers already use Vi Pay with Cash to help bring The Challenge to those who prefer the convenience of paying in cash.

ViSalus Latino Promoter Blanca Flores says, "I'm able to connect with all the people who prefer not to use a credit or debit card in order to help them start their Challenge. As a result, many of the Promoters I'm working with now have a greater opportunity to promote The Challenge and expand their businesses. Vi Pay with Cash is having an amazing impact in my community."

Challenge Promoter Jackie Maldonado from Arizona shares her experience with Vi Pay with Cash and says, "I met a family who preferred to pay in cash and thought this would prevent them from taking on The Challenge. They were so pleasantly surprised to find out about Vi Pay with Cash that they got started on their Challenge right away."

Vi Pay with Cash plans to triple its footprint by September 2014, offering more than 55,000 locations throughout North America and Puerto Rico for people to start their Challenge through fast, safe and secure payment options.

ViSalus Continues Investment in International Expansion

Press Release | 4/13/2014

LOS ANGELES, April 10, 2014 -- ViSalus, Inc., a leading marketer of high-quality weight-management products and nutritional supplements sold direct-to-consumers through an international sales force of independent Promoters, today announced the opening of its European headquarters. Building on recent successful launches in the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria, this new headquarters will serve as a base of operations to support all of Vi's international activities.

Vi has committed a total of $13 million toward a strategic international expansion initiative to open five new Vi markets by year-end 2014. The initiative commenced in 2013 with the launch of the UK. Having helped millions of people lose weight and transform their overall health and fitness in North America, opening a European headquarters to support its international markets is an important next step in the company's strategic mission to fight obesity.

As the Challenge sweeps across Germany and Austria, Vi recently recognized the first two Project 10(TM) winners, as well as new leaders already climbing the ranks including 2 Presidential Directors, 6 National Directors, and an Ambassador.(*) To date, Vi UK, which celebrated its grand opening in February, has seen 22 Ambassadors(*) leading the way with the PROJECT 10(TM) Challenge.

"We've made a strategic business decision by opening this new international office, which allows us to meet the needs of our growing sales force of international Promoters," said Ryan Blair, ViSalus Co-Founder and CEO. "A full scale European operation makes this the newest of many important milestones for Vi, committing our efforts on all fronts to help people lose weight and strive to reach their health and fitness goals on a global basis."

In order to support this international expansion, the company is actively hiring multi-lingual employees in several areas. ViSalus has also made substantial investments in technology infrastructure, information systems, and innovative mobile applications to address the needs of all Promoters in the growing global market, ensuring they have the necessary tools for success in the palm of their hands.

Detroit Free Press Reports ViSalus in Sales Spiral

Detroit Free Press | 4/8/2014

By JC Reindl, Detroit Free Press Business Writer

The founders of Troy-based nutritional supplement company ViSalus have spent the past 18 months trying to pull their once high-flying business out of its tailspin.

But ViSalus’ sales have continued to plummet since reaching $623 million in 2012, raising questions about the company’s future in weight-loss shakes and energy supplements and whether it can ever recapture the buzz and excitement of two summers ago.

ViSalus was once among the fastest-growing direct selling companies in the world and the second largest in Michigan after industry heavyweight Amway, based in Ada Township outside Grand Rapids. It employed 420 people in Troy as recently as last year.

Similar to Amway, Herbalife, and others in the industry, ViSalus’ distributors earn commissions based on their product sales to customers, as well as on sales made by and to other ViSalus distributors, whom they’ve recruited to join the company as part of their “downline.”

The company’s sales fell 44% in 2013 to $351 million, according to its latest financial results released March 14 by ViSalus‘s parent company, Greenwich, Conn.-based Blyth. ViSalus’ $63 million in fourth quarter revenue was down to a level last seen in late summer and early fall 2011 — the baseline to its boom that crested the following year.

Blyth attributed the revenue drop to a shrinking number of independent distributors, which ViSalus calls its promoters. There were 37,500 promoters at the end of 2013, down from 114,000 during the company’s hot summer of 2012.

ViSalus to Open Six New Markets During 2014

Press Release | 3/16/2014

TROY, Mich., March 14, 2014 -- ViSalus, known for its mission of helping people transform their health and fitness through the Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge, today announced that it will open five new markets in 2014, adding to its core North American market and expanding the Company's weight management, fitness and nutrition products to markets with nearly 600 million people, over half of whom are overweight or obese.

Ryan Blair, Chief Executive Officer of ViSalus, stated, "We have identified over $18 million dollars of cost saving opportunities within our business to free up capital for investment in international expansion, new product development and information technology innovation. By the end of 2014, we will have invested over $13 million to open six new markets, including the UK, which we opened in 2013, as well as Germany and Austria, into which we began shipping during the first quarter."

ViSalus also announced today fourth quarter 2013 sales of $62.9 million. The Company had approximately 35,000 qualified independent promoters in North America and nearly 2,500 qualified promoters internationally at the end of the fourth quarter.

Mr. Blair noted, "The fourth quarter is typically our seasonal low point for sales, during which we prepare for the January weight management season. Following a successful North American pilot in 2013 and with continued investment in 2014, we refined the Body by Vi Challenge further by providing a call to action in which promoters and customers challenge others to improve their health and lose 10 pounds, or build 10 pounds of lean muscle, with Project 10. Early indicators suggest that Project 10 participants are having even more success achieving their health and fitness goals than their non-participating peers."

1.2 Million Votes Cast For ViSalus Vi Model Finalists

Press Release | 11/12/2013

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 12, 2013 -- Breaking all prior records, this year's third annual ViSalus Vi Model competition will put 58 international finalists in the limelight when they take the stage during ViSalus' National Success Training (NST) event in Atlanta, November 15-17, 2013. 845 hopeful Vi Model contestants entered the international contest, which searched for individuals using ViSalus products to reach their Body by Vi Challenge goal. More than 1.2 million votes and an independent judging panel selected the finalists from a pool that included USA, Latino, Canadian, Canadian French and United Kingdom.

Hosted by E! News' Terrence J, the Vi Model 2014 competition will crown ten winners. The five men and five women will earn the Vi Model title and be featured on the covers of three regionally relevant versions of The Challenge Magazine, on newsstands January 2014. Winners will also receive an exclusive contract with top fitness modeling agency, Silver Model Management, and a photo shoot with acclaimed photographer, Mike Ruiz, who has appeared on numerous television shows, including America's Next Top Model.

"At Vi, we believe every Customer who takes on the Body by Vi Challenge to improve their health is a hero. That's why, when it came to selecting who would appear on the cover of The Challenge Magazine, we looked for real people who achieved real results on The Challenge," said Blake Mallen, ViSalus Co-Founder and CMO. "And while all the entries and over 1 million votes are exciting, we are even more excited about all the people who were inspired to make their own health a priority and take on The Challenge. I can't wait to see who our Vi Model winners are at NST Atlanta!"

Visalus Appoints Phd to Lead Research and Development

Press Release | 10/14/2013

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 14, 2013 -- As part of its ongoing commitment to fight the global obesity epidemic, ViSalus, the company known for the Body by Vi(TM) 90-Day Challenge, today announced the appointment of Dr. Silvia Uribe, PhD., as Vice President, Research & Development. Dr. Uribe will be responsible for providing strategic direction, planning and leadership for the formulation, licensing and regulatory management of the Company's global product portfolio. She will report directly to Todd A. Goergen, Chief Strategy Officer of ViSalus.

"Silvia's experience developing nutritional products and functional foods for leading global brands is a key asset to ViSalus as we expand our product line in North America and Europe," commented Ryan J. Blair, Chief Executive Officer. "Her leadership will allow us to increase further our internal development capabilities while continuing our partnerships with external developers and suppliers."

Dr. Uribe was most recently Technology Director at Sigma Alimentos. Prior to that she served as the Baking Innovation Center Research and Development Director for PepsiCo Americas Foods. Dr. Uribe also worked for over 13 years at the Kellogg Company in several roles, ending her tenure as Senior Director of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Asset Management.

Dr. Uribe earned her undergraduate degree at National Autonomous University of Mexico and her PhD at University of Leeds in England.

ViSalus Model Search Goes Global

Press Release | 10/10/2013

Vi Model Winners to Receive Exclusive Modeling Contract and be Featured on Cover of The Challenge Magazine 2014 LOS ANGELES, Oct. 9, 2013 -- ViSalus, Inc., the #1 90-day weight-loss and fitness challenge platform in North America, is searching for their 2014 Vi Models. Winners will be featured on the cover of The Challenge Magazine and earn a coveted one-year modeling contract and photo shoot.

Last year, thousands of hopeful Vi Model contestants entered the nationwide contest, which searched for individuals who achieved maximum results from the Body by Vi Challenge(TM) . People tuned in throughout North America as the Vi Model Competition aired live at the WBFF World Championship in Toronto where the 2013 North America Vi Model Winners, Mia St-Aubin and Alfonso Jones, were announced.

"Gracing the cover of The Challenge Magazine and becoming the Vi Model has literally changed the direction and pace of my entire life," said Mia St-Aubin, 2013 Vi Model winner. "As soon as the magazine came out, I felt like I had become a celebrity overnight."

This year, ViSalus takes the competition global with a total of eight winners gracing the covers of four international editions of The Challenge Magazine, spanning North America and Europe. Winners will be announced live on stage at the Company's National Success Training event in Atlanta, November 15-17, 2013.

"We're extremely fortunate to have a fun, passionate and connected community online that cares deeply about our brand," said Blake Mallen, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of ViSalus. " So it only makes sense that the face of our Challenge Magazine is not only someone from our community, but selected by our community."

The Vi Model search begins October 14. ViSalus Promoters and Customers can enter online at where anyone can vote. The prize package includes cover and spread in popular health and fitness magazine, The Challenge; a modeling contract with top fitness agency, Silver Model Management; and photo shoot with acclaimed America's Next Top Model photographer, Mike Ruiz.

Overwhelming Response To Vi Crunch Launch Crashes Snapchat

Press Release | 8/27/2013

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 23, 2013 — ViSalus, the leading weight-loss and fitness Challenge platform, inspired thousands of attendees at its Vitality Conference in Orlando to download Snapchat for clues about the company’s latest product launch. The ViSalus internal social team – whose initiatives continue to break new ground in the direct selling industry – utilized the popular photo-video sharing app to engage its independent Promoters in learning more about the patent-pending Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal. The response was overwhelming with nearly three thousand downloading Snapchat in the first 24 hours – crashing the app twice.

The ViSalus social team created simple, fun videos starring the internal staff that demonstrated a “crunch” sound, from crushing a can to doing a stomach crunch, to tease the Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal.

“We continue to try to meet our customers where they are. Their active social engagement on burgeoning social networking platforms, like Snapchat, demonstrates they are a unique audience on the cutting edge of communication,” said Blake Mallen, ViSalus Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Office. “We are thrilled that the launch of Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal, which we kept under wraps for two years, clearly inspired and excited them.”

ViSalus Focuses On Hispanic Customer Experience

Press Release | 7/26/2013

Creates Culturally Specific Programs and Materials In Response to Latino Leaders In The Field

ORLANDO, Fla., July 23, 2013 -- ViSalus, a company that has helped millions of people in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom transform their health and fitness through the Body By Vi Challenge(TM), announced recently at its national Vitality convention (July 19-21) an expansion of culturally relevant programs and materials for the Latino market to connect with a community that is disproportionately more likely to be overweight or obese. Improving and expanding its reach to the more than 50 million U.S. citizens of Hispanic descent is a crucial step in ViSalus's global expansion and, most importantly, in its mission to help people lose weight.

"Hispanics are 1.2 times more likely to become obese than non-Hispanics, " said Nick Sarnicola, Co-Founder and Global Ambassador of ViSalus. "This is an important constituency for us and we are excited to bring the Body By Vi Challenge to them to change more lives that are truly at-risk."

In a collaborative effort with the more than 5,000 independent ViSalus promoters of Latino heritage, ViSalus has created a new convenient cash payment solution, adapted hundreds of promotional materials to cross the cultural and language barrier, is launching a multi-city Spanish-only Challenge Tour in Q3 2013, and supporting the greater Hispanic community by focusing on developing ViSalus Vi-Cares(TM) charitable initiatives important to this growing demographic. In addition, the Spanish language version of The New York Times best seller, "Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain," the story of ViSalus CEO Ryan Blair's experience from humble beginnings to serial entrepreneur, debuted at the convention.

ViSalus Introduces New Breakfast Products

Press Release | 7/22/2013

LOS ANGELES, July 22, 2013 -- ViSalus is innovating breakfast by offering a cereal that delivers on the promise of making the first meal of the day, the most important and nutritious meal of the day. Complementing its already proven #1 best selling meal replacement shake* and nutritional supplements, the company is launching its biggest product introduction in its history with a new patent pending, high protein, high fiber cereal - Vi Crunch(TM) Protein Super Cereal. It is packed with 12 grams of Fi-Sorb(TM) protein blend from five sources of protein, five grams of prebiotic fiber, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants grape seed and rosemary extract, only three grams of sugar per serving and has the company's signature Sweet Cream flavor that has made its shake such a success. To create breakfast variety, ViSalus is also releasing Vi Crunch Fusions, two flavorful and nutritious toppings to add to Vi Crunch cereal, other favorite breakfast foods like shakes or yogurt, or to eat as a stand-alone snack. ViSalus is bringing its reputation for great flavor and nutrition, as well as the strength of its Challenge community, to challenge the $12.5 billion U.S. and Canada cereal market.

"Over the past 100 years, there has been little innovation in the cereal category," said Ryan Blair, ViSalus Chief Executive Officer. "We are challenging breakfast foods that have high sugar, salt and fat content by offering a nutritionally dense cereal that tastes great without ingredients that have a detrimental impact on human health."

While cereal remains the most popular breakfast food, most are loaded with sugar and low in nutrition. Six of the Top 10 cereal brands1 have 10g or more of sugar per serving, which equates to approximately 25% of the sugar found in a 12 oz. can of regular soda. Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal changes the ready-to-eat cereal category with a product that packs a punch of nutrition and contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives, is low in sugar (sweetened with evaporated cane sugar and Stevia), sodium and fat. Like ViSalus' Vi-Shape� Shake, it has zero trans fat, is cholesterol free, contains no wheat or wheat gluten and is OU Kosher certified.

Cereal lovers, 46 percent of whom eat cereal as snacks throughout the day1, can mix things up with Vi Crunch Fusions, which add a burst of flavor, crunch and additional nutrients to your breakfast. Vi Crunch Fusions, available in two flavors, Chocolate Macadamia Granola and Tri-Berry Puffs, can be enjoyed right out of the package as a delicious snack or sprinkled on cereal, yogurt, or even a Vi-Shape shake.

Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal and Vi Crunch Fusions will initially be available as an add-on order to the Body by Vi(TM) 90-Day Challenge kits, with plans for their inclusion in expanded Fit, Transformation, Core, Shape and Balance Kits in early 2014.

ViSalus Reports First Quarter Sales

Press Release | 5/9/2013

TROY, Mich., May 8, 2013 -- ViSalus, known for its mission of helping people transform their health and fitness through the Body By Vi(TM) 90-Day Challenge, announced first quarter 2013 sales of $104.3 million compared to $136.7 million for the same period last year. ViSalus had over 70,000 independent promoters at the end of the first quarter compared to over 92,000 promoters at the end of the prior year's first quarter.

Ryan Blair, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ViSalus, commented, "As part of our focus on our core weight loss customer, we launched the New Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge during the first quarter of 2013. This initiative includes a 90-Day money back results guarantee and Project 10, in which we award a total of $10,000 every week to 10 people who have lost 10 pounds on the Challenge. We have seen positive early results of this program following our seasonal low point of the fourth quarter of 2012.

Mr. Blair Continued, "We believe that the launch of the New Challenge, coupled with our product development pipeline and the recent opening of the U.K. market, will ensure that there is substantial opportunity for our customers to achieve their health and wellness goals and for our Promoters to build their businesses with ViSalus."

ViSalus Celebrates Pre-Launch Into First European Market

Press Release | 4/24/2013

Announces remaining schedule of phased expansion into the United Kingdom

TROY, Mich., April 24, 2013 -- ViSalus, the company that has helped millions of people improve their health and fitness through the Body By Vi Challenge™, celebrated on April 15th as its subsidiary, Vi (UK) Limited ("Vi UK"), began shipping the first Vi products and systems in the United Kingdom, the third most obese nation in the world. The completion of this first phase of an official three-phased pre-launch into the company's first European market is an important first step in the company's global expansion and critical to its mission of fighting obesity.

"Our fight to end obesity worldwide is just beginning," said Ryan Blair , Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ViSalus. "Obesity is a global epidemic that we will fight one person at a time, one nation at a time. In the UK alone, one in four adults is obese and almost 60% of the population is battling weight and fitness issues. We're honored to bring the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge to the UK to help fight and impact the obesity epidemic."

ViSalus Co-Founder and Global Ambassador, Nick Sarnicola , added, "We've experienced excellent momentum across the UK during pre-enrollment. The Challenge is proving to be as exciting and compelling of a personal health platform in the UK as it is in North America."

"The April 15th celebration was led by the more than 3,000 founding Promoters and customers of Vi UK who joined The Challenge during this time frame," noted Blake Mallen , Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. The pre-launch phase began March 23rd.

ViSalus Wins Silver Telly Award

Press Release | 4/10/2013

LOS ANGELES, April 9, 2013 -- ViSalus, a company that has helped millions of people transform their health and fitness through the Body By Vi Challenge™, won its first Silver Telly Award given by the 34th Annual Telly Awards in the Branded Content – Promotional Branding category for its rousing "Vi-Anthem" video.

ViSalus champions personal achievement through the Body by Vi Challenge, a 90-day health and fitness platform that encourages anyone interested in losing weight, achieving optimal physique or accomplishing a personal athletic activity to join its online community and take on The Challenge. It's that spirit of community and a participant's desire to achieve their personal best that is integral to the brand and so artfully communicated in the award-winning Vi-Anthem video.

"The Silver Telly Award marks the start of yet another great year for ViSalus," says Ryan Blair, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ViSalus. "We are a company that believes that everyone's life is limitless and full of opportunity. The Vi-Anthem video captures our core beliefs, and hopefully, inspires others to believe in their own limitless possibilities."

The goal of the video was to capture the attitude, culture and brand that make ViSalus unique. The video reinforces the distinctive ViSalus lifestyle – a unique culture of community and personal achievement that speaks to people of all ages. It's a culture that is young and young at heart, cool, modern and edgy, yet warm, authentic and approachable. It's a community that has something for everybody and every body. The Vi-Anthem video's "get out and experience life" approach encourages viewers to ask themselves what they want out of life and inspires them to inquire to find out more.

"The Silver Telly Award honors everyone at ViSalus and our global community," says Chris Schultenover, Vice President of Global Brand Experience. "When we conceived and produced this video we did exactly what the ViSalus leadership, company and community do every day – we strove for the best in everything we did."

The 'Silver' Telly is awarded by the Silver Telly Council, a prestigious judging panel of over 500 accomplished industry professionals, each a past winner of a Silver Telly. The award honors the very best in video and film productions as well as commercial broadcast, with less than 10% of nearly 11,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, receiving the coveted honor.

ViSalus Surpasses 1B in Sales

Press Release | 3/26/2013

LOS ANGELES, March 25, 2013 -- An audience of more than 10,000 celebrated the announcement of ViSalus reaching its billionth dollar sold since the company's establishment in 2005. The news was buoyed by the recent release of the company's 2012 fourth quarter sales bringing ViSalus' total 2012 annual sales to $623 million, which represents growth of 171% from 2011.

The sales milestone is one of several key highlights of the National Success Training event held in Los Angeles on March 22-24, 2013, by ViSalus, a company dedicated to helping people transform their health and fitness through the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge.

"No doubt 2012 was a watershed year for ViSalus," said Ryan Blair , Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ViSalus. "The success of our direct-to-consumer strategy and simple, social selling message demonstrates that the Challenge resonates with hundreds of thousands of people looking for support and a solution to achieving their health and fitness goals."

Blake Mallen , Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, stated, "ViSalus helped over 1.5 million people make their health a priority in the last year alone. To celebrate this success, we kicked off 2013 with a campaign to conquer obesity." Mr. Mallen noted that more than 1,500 people have participated in Project 10™, a ViSalus initiative that awards a total of $10,000 to 10 people who lose 10 pounds every week through participation in the Body by Vi 90-Challenge. To date, over 15,000 pounds have been lost by Project 10 participants, and a total of $80,000 has been awarded to weekly winners so far this year.

ViSalus also announced its planned expansion later this year into the United Kingdom, the population of which has the third highest percentage of obesity globally, behind Mexico and the US. Currently one in four adults in the UK is obese, and by 2050 that figure is expected to rise and encompass 60% of men, 50% of women, and 25% of children.

"Expanding to the UK is in keeping with ViSalus's mission to take weight off the world," stated Co-Founder and Global Ambassador Nick Sarnicola . "Given the tremendous impact the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge has had to the health and wellness of millions of people in the North America, we are excited at the prospect of dramatic improvement in the lives of people in the UK."

ViSalus also announced the appointment of Ros Simmons as Managing Director of Vi (UK). Prior to joining ViSalus, Simmons was Vice President of Global Brands at The Licensing Company, where she was responsible for creating strategies and implementing worldwide brand extension and licensing programs for Coca-Cola, Hearst Corp and Reckitt Benckiser.

Other convention highlights included testimonials from Terry Bollea "Hulk Hogan," Reality TV Star Ruby Gettinger, Teresa Scanlan " Miss America 2011", Jerry & Estella Hayes Season 7 "Biggest Losers: Couples" and Cris Judd on how participation in the Challenge has helped them achieve their health and fitness goals.

ViSalus Full Year Sales Increase 171 Percent

Press Release | 3/17/2013

TROY, Mich., March 14, 2013 -- ViSalus, known for its mission of helping people transform their health and fitness through the Body By Vi™ 90-Day Challenge, announced fourth quarter 2012 sales of $126.6 million compared to $98.5 million for the same period last year, an increase of 29%. ViSalus had approximately 76,000 independent promoters at the end of the fourth quarter compared to approximately 59,000 promoters on board at the end of the prior year's fourth quarter.

"ViSalus had another tremendous year in 2012, with total annual sales growing 171% from $230 million to $624 million," said Ryan Blair, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ViSalus. "We fortified our infrastructure to support the continued growth opportunity in North America and as we prepare for expansion into Europe. I am incredibly proud of what our team accomplished this year and very optimistic about the long-term prospects of our direct-to-consumer network marketing model, which we can now support very capably due to the investments we've made, including adding approximately 300 new staff members, new leased facilities to house our growth and new information systems and technology."

ViSalus Applies For Membership To United States Direct Selling Association

Press Release | 1/24/2013

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 23, 2013 -— ViSalus, the company that created the Body By Vi™ 90-Day Challenge, announced today that it has applied for membership with the United States Direct Selling Association (DSA). ViSalus champions personal victories and entrepreneurship through an industry-leading social marketing platform, premium products, and a highly engaged support community. The DSA is the national trade association of the leading firms that market and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers.

“We are honored to join the DSA and to be a part of an organization that has made so many important contributions to the direct selling industry,” said Ryan Blair, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ViSalus. “We look forward to learning from other member companies’ experiences as well as having the opportunity to share our perspective about our unique, customer-centric selling model,” added Blair.

ViSalus’s products are marketed by independent Promoters and sold directly to consumers by the company. Customers are typically introduced to the Challenge by a Promoter or existing customer. They set a weight loss or fitness goal, have the option to select 1 of 5 convenient product kits that will be sent to them monthly at their choosing and enjoy the support and encouragement of thousands of Promoters and customers in a large online and social community as they work to achieve their goal. ViSalus supports its Promoters by providing industry-leading technology that allows them to enroll customers, order products and manage their business on their mobile phone. The Company’s business model does not require Promoters to purchase and resell, or to consume, its products.

ViSalus recently launched the New Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge featuring an industry-leading 90-day money-back results guarantee, Project 10™ weekly reward system, and more than $47 million in free products, prizes and vacations, furthering its commitment to a customer-centric, consumer-friendly business model.

“We are pleased to add ViSalus to our roster of hundreds of member companies that are committed to conducting business with the highest level of ethics and service to consumers,” said Joseph Mariano, president of the DSA. “DSA has one of the strongest self-regulatory Codes of Ethics in business today, and pledging to uphold its tenets is a strong statement by the company about its commitment to its independent direct sellers and customers.”

ViSalus Launches New Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge

Press Release | 1/9/2013

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 9, 2013 -- As part of its commitment to help people lose weight and transform their health and fitness, ViSalus™ kicked off the New Year with the launch of the NEW Body by Vi™ 90-Day Challenge at over 400 Resolution Rally events throughout the U.S. and Canada. New in 2013, the Body by Vi Challenge now includes a 90-day money-back results guarantee, new weekly winners, more resources and support, plus over $47 million in free products, prizes and vacations.

After years of observing millions of customers on the Body by Vi Challenge, the company found that when people lost their first 10 pounds, they experienced a significant boost in confidence that helped them stick with their healthy habits and achieve their ultimate weight-loss and fitness goals. To further validate the benefit of losing 10 pounds, ViSalus’ Scientific Advisory Board looked at studies that showed that losing just 10 pounds can not only make you feel and look better, but also can have significant additional health benefits.

These observations led to the creation of Project 10™, a weekly reward system designed to provide the motivation and encouragement to help everyone achieve that pivotal 10 pound weight-loss milestone. Every week, beginning Feb 4, 2013, ViSalus will award a total of $10,000 to 10 people who lose 10 pounds. Plus, everybody who loses 10 pounds and enters the weekly drawing will automatically receive a free “i Lost it!” t-shirt.

“At a time of the year when people are resolving to improve their health, we want to share the knowledge that we’ve gained by studying the success of people who have lost weight and transformed their health through the Body by Vi Challenge. What we learned is that losing those first 10 pounds can do wonders to someone’s motivation for long-term transformation,” said Ryan Blair, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ViSalus.

In addition to giving away weekly cash prizes and “i Lost it” t-shirts, all Body by Vi Challenge finishers will receive a “Victory” bracelet and every month, finalists will be chosen in the weight loss, active and fitness categories and receive a professional photo shoot and other prizes. All monthly finalists will automatically be eligible to become Challenge Champions and win the Ultimate Transformation Vacation, awarded three times a year at ViSalus national events.

ViSalus Co-Founder Donates 1 Million to Support Entrepreneurship

Press Release | 12/21/2012

TROY, Mich., Dec. 20, 2012 — Nick Sarnicola, Co-Founder and Global Ambassador of ViSalus™, has pledged $1 million to the Sarnicola Foundation to support young, aspiring entrepreneurs.

Sarnicola grew up in a blue collar, middle class family in Grand Rapids, MI, and after being exposed to entrepreneurship at a young age, vowed one day to become independently successful. While building a massive national sales force from the ground up for a hyper-growth telecommunications company, Sarnicola found his true calling: He would inspire young adults to follow the path of entrepreneurship.

In 2005, Sarnicola joined two other entrepreneurs, Ryan Blair and Blake Mallen, and Co-Founded ViSalus, one of the fastest-growing direct-selling companies in the industry in 2012. Over the course of his career, Sarnicola has empowered hundreds of thousands of people to become entrepreneurs and achieve financial independence. In 2011, he created the Sarnicola Foundation to inspire youths and young adults to pursue entrepreneurship by providing scholarships, mentorship and funding to help make their dreams a reality.

"I want to share my passion and knowledge of how to achieve entrepreneurial success with others," said Sarnicola. "It's something I was never taught in school. Being a successful entrepreneur can change someone's life! The goal of the Sarnicola Foundation is to provide young people with entrepreneurial education and support so that they too can achieve success through entrepreneurship."

ViSalus Announces Cash Dividend

Press Release | 11/21/2012

TROY, Mich., Nov. 21, 2012 -- ViSalus, known for its mission of helping people transform their health and fitness through the Body By Vi(TM) 90-Day Challenge, today announced that it will pay a $22 million dividend to its shareholders. As majority shareholder, Blyth will receive 72.7% of the dividend.

Ryan Blair, Chief Executive Officer, commented on the announcement, saying, "Our earnings performance and cash generation in excess of our working capital requirements offer us the flexibility to invest in our long-term infrastructure needs and also return a cash dividend to our shareholders."

ViSalus Parent Company Reports 3rd Quarter Sales Increase of 40 Percent

Press Release | 11/7/2012

GREENWICH, Conn., Nov. 6, 2012 -- Blyth, Inc., a direct to consumer company and leading designer and marketer of candles, accessories for the home, and health and wellness products, today reported earnings for the third quarter. Net Sales for the three months ended September 30, 2012 increased 40% to $268.8 million versus $191.5 million for the comparable prior year period primarily due to the 132% year-over-year sales growth at ViSalus. International sales for Blyth represented 25% of third quarter sales this year compared to 34% last year, driven by ViSalus' strong domestic sales growth.

Commenting on the very strong third quarter sales growth, Robert B. Goergen, Chairman & CEO noted, "We are extremely gratified that ViSalus continues to grow well beyond our initial expectations for North America and fully expect growth to continue in that region going forward. Moreover, as ViSalus initiates its global expansion outside North America in the first half of 2013, we expect strong sales growth trends to prevail." Reflecting on last weekend's National Success Training, ViSalus' CEO Ryan Blair said, "The record Promoter turnout in St. Louis demonstrates the continued appeal that the Body by Vi(TM) 90 Day Challenge holds for our Promoters and customers and underscores our confidence in the continued growth potential of the North American market."

Operating Profit for the third quarter was $7.8 million this year versus a loss of $4.9 million last year and includes the following pre-tax items:

Fees of $4.7 million related to the ViSalus initial public offering, which was withdrawn on September 26th

A ViSalus equity incentive credit of $3.4 million this year and a charge of $7.3 million last year

Restructuring charges of $0.7 million for PartyLite this year, and

An intangible impairment charge of $0.8 million in the Catalog & Internet Segment.

Excluding the impact of these charges and credit, operating profit would have been $10.6 million this year versus $2.4 million last year. The increase in operating profit is due to the growth of ViSalus.

ViSalus Announces New Immunity Boosting Product

Press Release | 11/4/2012

November 3, 2012, Hawthorne, CA -- Thousands of people around the country and the world have turned to ViSalus and the company’s revolutionary weight loss shakes and Body by Vi packages, and these users have seen big results, according to Body by Vi reviews. ViSalus is known for its 90 Day Challenge, which users complete by using patented meal replacement shakes that not only satisfy your hunger, but also provide your body with the nourishment it needs to be fueled and healthy. ViSalus products differ from other weight loss shakes because their products are nutritionally sound, and contain all the vitamins, proteins, carbs and fats that are needed to be strong and energetic.

As people have shared their miraculous results through the use of the shakes, ViSalus is excited to announce the development of a new product, the Vi-Defy immunity booster, just as the dreaded cold and flu season is approaching.

The focus of ViSalus has always been a holistic approach towards not only weight loss, but also overall health, which is what led them to develop an immunity booster. Vi-Defy is designed to strengthen and supports the body’s natural defenses and can be used by anyone to help create a robust immune system to actively fight off germs, infections and diseases. The product has been launched as part of ViSalus’ continuing mission to create a whole-body revolution, bringing members to their peak physically and mentally, supporting them emotionally, and now protecting them from the rigors of daily life.

“Often cold and flu season can serve as not only a time where you suffer from the unwanted symptoms of sickness, but sickness can also deter you from other goals, such as fitness and weight loss goals, or even work and family-related goals,” said a spokesperson for ViSalus. “That’s why we wanted to design a product that can assist people in avoided sickness that can lead to other problems in all areas of their lives. Our products aren’t just about weight loss, or one particular goal, they’re about creating a better overall lifestyle, and part of that lifestyle is being as healthy as possible.”

“Inevitably when you set out to change your whole lifestyle for the better, the body is going to experience these changes as something of a surprise. The Vi-Defy product is designed to boost the body’s defenses and make sure that the initial energy it takes to start the program doesn’t distress the immune system. When used regularly, the supplement provides a continuous boost in protection against harmful microbes such as bacteria and virii,” said the ViSalus spokesperson.

All of the Body by Vi products by ViSalus work to meet these holistic goals. Where most fitness, diet or lifestyle programs generally offer only one of these elements, Body By Vi is one of the first to create a kit containing all three, with diet and nutrition, exercise regimes and community support all included in a single package.

ViSalus Withdraws IPO

Press Release | 9/26/2012

GREENWICH, Conn., Sept. 26, 2012 -– ViSalus, a subsidiary of Blyth, Inc., today withdrew its initial public offering due to uncertain market conditions. ViSalus has achieved Net Sales growth in excess of 450% in the first half of 2012; however, management believes that current market conditions are not conducive to recognizing this level of achievement. As such, Blyth management supports fully this decision.

Commenting on the ViSalus decision, Robert B. Goergen, Chairman & CEO of Blyth noted, “we are extremely confident in the long-term growth prospects of ViSalus. Over the past year, Ryan Blair, ViSalus’ CEO, has worked with ViSalus’ other Founders to put in place a first class management team and the processes and programs necessary to bring ViSalus to the next level of achievement. We look forward to working with the ViSalus team to continue to build long-term value for Blyth’s shareholders.”

ViSalus Donates Product to Help Feed Hungry Children

Press Release | 9/25/2012

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 24, 2012 -- ViSalus™, known for its mission of helping people transform their health and fitness through the Body By Vi™ 90-Day Challenge, has donated $1.2 million worth of its all natural "mini-meal" Nutra-Cookies™ to the Huntington Area Food Bank (HAFB) located in West Virginia. The unprecedented donation will help HAFB serve approximately 96,000 food insecure individuals in 12 counties of southern West Virginia, four counties of northeastern Kentucky and Lawrence County, Ohio.

"ViSalus is committed to health and wellness. That includes ensuring that families have access to healthy and nutritious food regardless of their circumstances. We know when food is scarce, healthy choices become limited," said Ryan Blair, ViSalus co-founder and chief executive officer. "It is our privilege to partner with organizations such as the Huntington Area Food Bank, to help them provide healthy alternative snacks to those who need it the most."

Last year, HAFB distributed six million pounds of food, water and cleaning supplies to its region. With the help of ViSalus, HAFB will be providing individuals with 420,000 individually wrapped Nutra-Cookies which provide a healthy, convenient on-the-go snack. Each Nutra-Cookie contains nine grams of protein, a full serving of fiber, calcium and fruit and vegetable nutrients and come in three flavors: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Raisin.

The city of Huntington, W.Va., is statistically one of the unhealthiest cities in the United States. As a consequence of Huntington's high rates of obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease, the city was chosen by celebrity chef and restaurateur, Jamie Oliver, to be the location of the first season of his television series, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Oliver was instrumental in revolutionizing the way Huntington residents consumed food, raising awareness and individual responsibility and resuscitating dying food culture.

"We have been working with ViSalus for more than a year now," said Scott Frasure, director of development at Huntington Area Food Bank. "We received donations from the company in March when the tornadoes ripped through Kentucky and in July after the derecho weather system came through our area. Hunger Action Month is an opportunity to make a tremendous impact in the community and speak out against hunger. ViSalus recognizes this, and we are pleased to be working with the company."

To make a donation to the Huntington Area Food Bank visit the website at

ViSalus Files for IPO

Press Release | 8/16/2012

GREENWICH, Conn., Aug. 16, 2012 -- Blyth, Inc. today announced that ViSalus has filed a registration statement on Form S-1 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for a potential initial public offering ("IPO") of its Class A common stock. The registration statement has been filed by FVA Ventures, Inc., which will be renamed ViSalus, Inc. in connection with the IPO. ViSalus is a direct-to-consumer, personal health product company offering a suite of branded weight-management products, nutritional supplements and energy drinks to customers in the United States and Canada through a network marketing model, which is a form of direct selling.

Following the IPO, Blyth will continue to own over 50% of ViSalus' common stock. The number of shares to be offered and the price range for the offering have not yet been determined. A portion of the shares to be offered in the IPO will be issued and sold by ViSalus, and a portion will be sold by certain stockholders of ViSalus.

A registration statement relating to these securities has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"), and is available on the SEC's website at, but has not yet become effective. These securities may not be sold nor may offers to buy these securities be accepted before the time the registration statement becomes effective. This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy these securities, nor shall there be any sale of these securities in any state or jurisdiction in which such an offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state or jurisdiction.

Jefferies & Company, Inc. will act as book-running manager for the offering. The initial public offering will be made only by means of a written prospectus meeting the requirements of Section 10 of the Securities Act of 1933. When available, a copy of the prospectus may be obtained from Jefferies & Company, Inc., Attention: Equity Syndicate Prospectus Department, 520 Madison Avenue, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10022, by email at, or by telephone at +1-877-547-6340.

ViSalus Parent Company Reports Record 2nd Quarter Sales

Press Release | 8/4/2012

GREENWICH, Conn., Aug. 3, 2012 -- Blyth, Inc., a direct to consumer company and leading designer and marketer of candles, accessories for the home, and health and wellness products, today reported earnings for the second quarter. Net Sales for the three months ended June 30, 2012 increased 70% to $324.8 million versus $191.5 million for the comparable prior year period primarily due to significant year-over-year sales growth at ViSalus(TM). ViSalus is a lifestyle company that markets health and wellness products such as weight management products, nutritional supplements and energy drinks through the Body by Vi(TM) 90 Day Challenge using a network marketing model of direct selling. International sales for Blyth represented 20% of second quarter sales this year compared to 39% last year, driven by ViSalus' strong domestic sales growth.

Operating Profit for the second quarter was $19.0 million this year versus a loss of $0.8 million last year and includes a pre-tax ViSalus equity incentive charge of $9.6 million this year and $6.0 million last year. The Company also incurred pre-tax restructuring charges of $0.2 million for PartyLite this year. Excluding the impact of these charges, operating profit would have been $28.9 million this year versus $5.3 million last year. The increase in operating profit is principally due to the growth in ViSalus.

Commenting on the Company's financial results, Robert B. Goergen, Blyth's Chairman of the Board and CEO, said, "ViSalus continued its dramatic growth in the second quarter during the seasonally-important springtime for our weight management business as consumers get ready for outdoor/summer season. The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge and our shake mix that tastes like a cake mix continue to be a winning formula for people seeking to improve their health through weight management and better fitness."

Mr. Goergen also stated, "At PartyLite, we continue to be encouraged by the results of new programs such as Move Up, designed to support leadership growth in the U.S., as well as strong growth in online sales despite an overall sales decline versus last year's second quarter. In Europe, negative consumer sentiment is concerning and clearly appears to have impacted consumer purchases of discretionary products, including PartyLite's. That said, management is very focused on programs that will support our consultants and leaders during the fourth quarter, which is PartyLite's most important selling season."

Net Earnings for the second quarter were $8.0 million compared to a loss of $5.2 million for the prior year. Diluted earnings per share for the second quarter were $0.46 this year compared to a loss of $0.31 last year. The Company recorded an after-tax loss from discontinued operations of Midwest-CBK and Boca Java of $4.7 million, or $0.28 per share, during the second quarter last year. Normalized earnings per share before the aforementioned ViSalus' equity incentive charges, PartyLite restructuring and discontinued operations were $0.72 this year versus $0.07 in last year's comparable quarter. All earnings per share reflect the Company's two-for-one stock split effective June 15, 2012.

ViSalus Powers Ocean Explorers for Historic Arctic Row

Press Release | 7/13/2012

LOS ANGELES, July 13, 2012 -- As ViSalus(TM) continues to challenge people to pursue their health goals with the growing, groundbreaking "90 Day Challenge" platform, four explorers and scientists have chosen to pursue a historic self-powered Arctic Row from Canada to Russia as their personal challenge.

The voyage begins on July 15, 2012 and marks the last leg of the adventurists' Challenge--which starts in Inuvik, Canada and is scheduled to end 30 days later when the four-man crew arrives in Provideniya, Russia. Along the way, Paul Ridley, Collin West, Neal Mueller and Scott Mortensen will be collecting plankton samples for the University of Alaska Fairbanks, part of a venture with Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation. To help the men power through the 1,300 miles of icy ocean waters, ViSalus is providing the crew with its signature Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix, a high protein, nutrient-rich meal replacement.

"Our purpose is to challenge people to live up to their greatness," says Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of ViSalus, Blake Mallen. "What these guys are doing is incredible, physically, mentally and scientifically. The work that they are doing while out on the ocean will help address environmental, climate and energy issues that affect us all. ViSalus is proud to be able to provide them with the fuel their bodies will need to complete the last 30 days of their 90-Day Challenge."

The crew will navigate unsupported in a high tech 29-foot-long, six-foot wide rowboat. The team will rotate between the two positions, each rowing two hours on and two hours off for 24 hours a day for approximately 30 days. The vessel features a desalinator, which converts 400 pounds of salt water into the 24 liters of drinking water the crew requires daily. Solar panels power a GPS, VHF radio, and laptop for the squad to stay in contact with Facebook, Twitter and blog followers throughout their journey.

"I believe that in order to soar to great heights, you have to lose sight of the shore," said Scott Mortensen. "And, when we leave Canada, we will be out there completely alone, but it'll be nice to know the ViSalus community is supporting us on this historic journey. This will be one of the biggest challenges of my life and while what I'm doing is more extreme than most, knowing that tens of thousands are losing weight and getting in shape with the 90-Day Challenge is really inspiring."

ViSalus Appoints Chief Technology Officer

Press Release | 7/11/2012

July 10, 2012 -- ViSalus, the number one challenge marketing company with its Body by Vi™ 90-Day Challenge, today announced the appointment of Aldo Moreno as its Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Moreno is a member of ViSalus' senior executive team and reports directly to Ryan Blair, ViSalus Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

As Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Moreno is responsible for providing strategic direction, planning and leadership for all aspects of technology for ViSalus worldwide. His focus will be on building, developing, and implementing integrated systems and IT infrastructure to support ViSalus' business objectives, as well as the company's affiliates and promoters.

"Aldo has a proven track record establishing technology operations in countries around the world and will be instrumental in helping us define and implement a technology roadmap to support our growth objectives," stated Blair. "We are pleased to have Aldo as a member of our executive leadership team as we continue to expand."

Prior to joining ViSalus, Mr. Moreno was Managing Partner of Liquid Thought, LLC., a technology and managing consulting company in Los Angeles. He has also served as Senior Vice President of Information Technology/Chief Information Officer at Herbalife International where he oversaw all information technology functions worldwide. During his tenure, Mr. Moreno led the successful migration from a legacy system onto Oracle order management, which significantly enhanced operational capacity and reduced implementation costs for all future country openings. Mr. Moreno also established a state of the art eCommerce platform for the company's distributors and customers worldwide. Previously, Moreno was Vice President of Information Technology at Walt Disney Studios and was responsible for defining and implementing enterprise wide technology solutions, managing systems development worldwide and overseeing information technology operations in Asia Pacific and Latin America.

"I am very excited to be part of the ViSalus team," said Moreno. "I look forward to working with the Founders, Promoters and management team to support the company's growth objectives and continue to advance the company's leadership position in network marketing."

Mr. Moreno graduated Summa Cum Laude from California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. Born in Argentina, he is fluent in Spanish and resides in Royal Oak, Michigan. Mr. Moreno is married and has two children.

ViSalus Names Janice Jackson Chief Brand Officer

Press Release | 6/9/2012

LOS ANGELES, June 8, 2012 -- ViSalus, the number one challenge marketing company with its Body by Vi(TM) 90-Day Challenge, today announced its appointment of Janice Jackson to Chief Brand Officer. Jackson is a member of ViSalus' senior executive team and reports directly to Ryan Blair, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ViSalus.

As Chief Brand Officer, Jackson oversees ViSalus brand and culture initiatives, developing and implanting company-wide strategies to ensure that brand and culture standards are consistent across all touch points and geographies. In that effort, Jackson heads the Product Marketing and Research & Development departments, as well as the Global Creative Services, Public Relations and Human Resource groups.

"I am excited to have Janice as a member of our executive leadership team," stated Blair. "Her experience and expertise are inspiring, and she is a true partner, helping lead us to build a global, consumer-centric lifestyle brand."

For 25 years, Jackson has held leadership marketing, branding and innovation roles in the consumer packaged goods industry. She joins ViSalus after serving as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer on the Management Board at JAFRA Cosmetics, where she headed up the worldwide Marketing and R&D functions. During her tenure, Jackson led the JAFRA brand refresh and revolutionized the JAFRA product portfolio, launching award-winning and leading-edge color and cosmeceutical lines in Mexico, Brazil, India, Russia, various European markets and the US.

Previously at both AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals and Amway Corporation, Jackson created and held leadership positions in their respective Innovations divisions. She completed her 12 year tenure at Amway as Vice President of Global Brands, responsible for 15 nutrition, cosmetics and household brands across 65 countries. In this role, as well as developing and managing the global product portfolio, Jackson initiated breakthrough worldwide brand experience and customer relationship programs.

Scotland-born, Janice is a graduate of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. She is fluent in English, German & French. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters.

ViSalus Appoints Paul Noack President

Press Release | 6/8/2012

LOS ANGELES, June 7, 2012 -- ViSalus, the number one challenge marketing company with its Body by Vi™ 90-Day Challenge, today announced the appointment of Paul Noack as its President. Noack is responsible for developing and managing international markets, operating the global supply chain, and enhancing the customer experience. Noack reports directly to Ryan Blair, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

"Paul has a successful track record in managing and growing billion dollar consumer oriented companies. Last year, as a consultant, he worked closely with the Founders and the board, proving himself instrumental to developing strategies for global expansion," stated Blair. "Paul is also focused on fortifying infrastructure and continuing to develop growth strategies. We are proud to have him as a member of our executive management team."

A seasoned and recognized business builder, Noack offers more than 25 years' experience in executive management, strategy, operations, and finance. Career highlights include launching Herbalife China as Managing Director Asia Pacific, more than a decade at The Walt Disney Company and managing a private equity fund.

At Herbalife, Noack was instrumental in taking the company public and, as Chief Strategic Officer, he developed strategies that laid the foundation for the company's global growth. As a member of the management team at Disney, he restructured the music division, helped launch the Disney Sports division (NHL's Mighty Ducks of Anaheim), developed high value consumer products strategies and was part of the Film and Television Management team that rebuilt animation. After Disney, Noack became Senior Managing Director of Knightsbridge Holdings, a private equity fund focused on entertainment, e-commerce and emerging technologies.

"ViSalus is one of the fastest growing companies in the fight against worldwide obesity and is poised to be the market leader in wellness and nutrition," stated Noack. "I look forward to working with the Promoters, Founders, and management team to deliver an excellent customer experience and advance The Body by Vi Challenge around the world."

ViSalus Announces Record Breaking First Quarter Sales

Press Release | 5/4/2012

LOS ANGELES, May 4, 2012 -- ViSalus, the number one challenge marketing company with its Body by Vi(TM) 90-Day Challenge, today announced first quarter 2012 sales of $136.7 million compared to $20.0 million for the same period last year. The Company had over 92,000 independent Promoters at the end of the first quarter versus over 16,000 for the same period last year.

"ViSalus' members continue to validate that our 90-Day Challenge business model works with their fast-paced lifestyle and helps them achieve their health goals," stated Ryan Blair, Co-Founder and CEO of ViSalus. "Our targeted new products and services support the growth and success of our Promoters, Leaders and customers as we build ViSalus into a leading lifestyle brand together."

"ViSalus had a very strong start to the seasonally-important first quarter for weight management and healthy lifestyle companies," stated Robert B. Goergen, Blyth's Chairman of the Board and CEO. "Programs such as the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge and Rising Star that were so effective leading into and throughout 2011, were bridged successfully into 2012. Moreover, Vi-Net Mobile products and services that support Promoters as they build their businesses launched during the first quarter with very positive reception from the Field."

"In Q1 we put a lot of focus into our social and mobile strategy," said Blake Mallen, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. "People love sharing their Challenge results, and the simpler we can make it for them to do so, the more people they can share them with."

ViSalus recently entered the Direct Sales Industry Top 100 Global Companies List, ranked at 47. As a result, ViSalus was awarded the prestigious DSN Bravo Growth Award by top industry trade Direct Selling News for its nearly seven-fold sales increase in 2011, from 2010. The award was presented to ViSalus Founders Ryan Blair, Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen on April 16.

Launched originally in 2005 as ViSalus Sciences® and known today as ViSalus, the company remains resolute on its mission to improve "Life, Health, and Prosperity"--through network marketing, premium wellness products, and a global community culture. ViSalus champions a range of personal health goals through five unique Challenge Kits designed to support individual milestones toward healthier living. The company's recent acquisition of the domain "" emphasizes its continued aggressive expansion in the challenge marketing space.

ViSalus Receives DSN Bravo Growth Award

Press Release | 5/1/2012

LOS ANGELES, April 30, 2012 -- ViSalus, the number one challenge marketing company with its Body by Vi(TM) 90-Day Challenge, broke into the Direct Sales Industry Top 100 Global Companies List at #47. As a result, ViSalus was awarded the prestigious DSN Bravo Growth Award by top industry trade Direct Selling News for its seven-fold sales increase over the past 12 months. The award was presented to ViSalus Founders Ryan Blair, Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen at the Direct Selling News Global 100 Celebration held in Dallas on April 16.

"We are humbled that the Direct Selling Industry has recognized ViSalus' innovative customer centric approach," stated Ryan Blair, Chief Executive Officer of ViSalus.

"With today's social sphere, it's amazing how quickly a simple message that brings real value to a consumer can spread," continued Blake Mallen, Chief Marketing Officer. "I'm very proud of our ViSalus Community."

Since 2010, the annual Bravo Growth Award has been honoring the company that reported the greatest sales increase during the prior 12 months. The winner is selected by the leadership of Direct Selling News based on the data compiled for the year. In 2011, ViSalus achieved net sales of $231 million, seven times its 2010 earnings of $34 million.

"This is an honor well-deserved and a testament to the leadership team at ViSalus," said John Fleming, Publisher of Direct Selling News. "Ryan and Blake have shown over the past two years a strong commitment to their employees, sales associates and customers, and it shows in the great success they have achieved."

Launched originally in 2005 as ViSalus Sciences and known today as ViSalus, the company remains resolute on its mission to improve "Life, Health, and Prosperity"--through network marketing, premium wellness products, and a global community culture. ViSalus champions a range of personal health goals through five unique Challenge Kits designed to support individual milestones toward healthier living. The company's recent acquisition of the domain "" emphasizes its continued aggressive expansion in the challenge marketing space.

ViSalus Joins American Dream Series to Inspire Military Veterans

Press Release | 4/25/2012

Ryan Blair, ViSalus CEO to Headline Entrepreneur Episode

LOS ANGELES, April 25, 2012 -- ViSalus, the number one challenge marketing company with its Body by Vi(TM) 90-Day Challenge, has partnered with Fascination Entertainment Corporation to help veterans and their spouses bolster economic security through entrepreneurship opportunities. Fascination Entertainment's "American Dream with Kristin Best" airs weekly on the Armed Forces Network (AFN) and tells the inspiring true stories of men and women who have overcome huge obstacles to achieve the American Dream. Ryan Blair, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ViSalus, will share his struggles on the road from gang member to self-made multi-millionaire airing May 3 and on May 6.

"Unemployment for veterans is almost double the national average and it's a disgrace," stated Ryan Blair. "This program is designed to help our men and women of service leverage the knowledge gained through the military and its lifestyle into new business."

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America found that nearly 17 percent of their members were unemployed as of January 2012. As of February 2012, the Department of Defense reported that as many as 26 percent of the military spouses were unemployed. In fact, 49 percent of members surveyed by The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America felt employers were not open to hiring veterans.

"Most Veterans I speak to are interested in starting their own business and are just not sure how. America needs new businesses to solve our old jobs problem. By sponsoring Armed Forces Network ViSalus is doing its part to help those future entrepreneurs take themselves off the unemployment list and create their own employment," Blair continued. The statistics agree with Blair's observation as more than 50 percent of IAVA members are interested in starting a business in the next three-to-five years.

"We are excited by Ryan Blair's story as an entrepreneurial CEO," states American Dream host Kristin Best. "The success of ViSalus is an extension of Blair's philosophy in practice that our audience can learn from and use."

Blair's episode, "Gang Member Turned Multimillionaire," will be aired on May 3 at 4:30pm PDT on via live stream at . The May 6 episode will be aired at 1:30pm PDT, on via live stream at .

Launched originally in 2005 as ViSalus Sciences and known today as ViSalus, the company remains resolute on its mission to improve "Life, Health and Prosperity" -- through network marketing, premium wellness products, and a global community culture. ViSalus champions a range of personal health goals through five unique Challenge Kits designed to support individual milestones toward healthier living.

ViSalus Vi Net Swipe Launch Fully Mobilizes Sales Force

Press Release | 3/26/2012

LOS ANGELES, March 26, 2012 -- ViSalus, the number one challenge marketing company with its Body by Vi(TM) 90-Day Challenge, today launched "Vi-Net Swipe," furthering ViSalus' technological lead by allowing its sales force Promoters to enhance customer experience via a quick, safe and secure mobile network.

"ViSalus Promoters will now provide their customers an experience equivalent to that of the most technically advanced retail stores," stated Ryan Blair, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ViSalus. "This innovation will be the single most important shift toward customer-first, service-centric direct selling that the industry has experienced since ViSalus paved the way by launching challenge marketing in 2009."

"Our Promoters now have a fully integrated, mobile point of sale solution," stated Blake Mallen, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. "This technological innovation gives our challenge Promoters the ability to provide instantaneous enrollment with a safe and secure point of sale. We believe this will provide a much better Promoter and customer experience and continue to drive our significant customer acquisition growth."

Vi-Net Swipe operates on Apple®, BlackBerry® or Android(TM) devices and is fully integrated into ViSalus' Vi-Net Mobile and social technology.

Further enhancing Visalus' customer value proposition, the company has opened its ViSalus Reverse Group Offer (RGO) to social media and web channels. The proprietary patent pending RGO technology, originally only offered to its promoter sales force in beta, now allows ViSalus' one million customers the opportunity to participate in tiered group savings on ViSalus products and services as well. "The goal is to offer our customers and promoters the best price on our products by allowing the community to purchase in volume from the company," continued Mallen, "and purchasing in a group allows for that, whether it's a box of our Nutra-Cookie's(TM), or a ticket to a Body by Vi(TM) Challenge event."

Launched originally in 2005 the company remains resolute on its mission to improve "Life, Health, and Prosperity"--through Direct Selling its premium weight-loss and active life style wellness products, and a global support community. ViSalus champions a Body by Vi(TM) member's range of personal health goals through five unique Challenge Kits designed to support individual milestones toward healthier living.

Kansas City Declares March 24 ViSalus Day

Press Release | 3/21/2012

Kansas City, Missouri March 21, 2012 -- Kansas City’s Mayor Pro Tem, Cindy Circo will officially declare March 24, 2012 as “ViSalus Day” during the ViSalus National Training Conference at the Kansas City Convention Center. Kansas City has hosted numerous ViSalus training conferences since 2007, bringing in millions of dollars in local revenue. More than 15,000 people are expected to attend the three-day conference the weekend of March 23, which will bring an estimated $5 million into the city’s economy. Kansas City is honoring ViSalus for fulfilling its mission to promote life, health and prosperity worldwide and for the economic impact it has made in the Kansas City community.

Celebrities including Hulk Hogan, Alfonso Ribeiro, Lorenzo Lamas, Roy Jones Jr., Lil’ Romeo Miller, Jeremy Jackson, Kevin Sorbo and Evan Wescott are slated to attend the conference. They will assist in crowning the new “Body by Vi” Champions -- participants with the best 90-day transformations, with more than $25 million in products, prizes and vacations, including BMW automobiles. The city will shut down two street blocks as a holding area for the BMW’s. Ribeiro, who played “Carlton” in the television hit-series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” will lead the celebrities on stage in performing the timelessly-popular “Carlton Dance” and will announce details to “The World’s Largest Flashmob” event scheduled for April 21.

ViSalus founders Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen, and Nick Sarnicola’s revolutionary entrepreneur business model has proved lucrative. With more than 100,000 people joining monthly, sales have expanded sevenfold – from a total of $34 million revenue in 2010 to $231 million in 2011. ViSalus is celebrating a benchmark number of one million members.

“How appropriate that ViSalus reached its one millionth member on March 11, further demonstrating our momentum, the commitment of our extraordinary Promoters and Staff, and ushering in a new ViSalus era,” said CEO and co-founder of ViSalus, Ryan Blair.

ViSalus, headquartered in Troy, MI and Los Angeles, CA, is a leading Health Transformation Company utilizing the direct selling channel to distribute its meal replacement and nutritional supplement products. ViSalus is built around the wildly successful Body by Vi™ 90-Day Challenge, a health challenge that helps people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. ViSalus is majority-owned by Blyth, Inc.

The “ViSalus Day” proclamation will take place on March 24, 2012 at 10:10 am, during the ViSalus National Success Training Conference at the Kansas City Convention Center, located at 301 West 13th Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

ViSalus Chief Sales Officer Steps Down

Press Release | 1/13/2010

ViSalus Chief Sales Officer Nick Sarnicola Leaves Corporate Role to Become a ViSalus Distributor Sarnicola brings with him former ViSalus Vice President of Sales Mike Craig to break records in the Network Marketing Industry.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 13, 2010 -- ViSalus Sciences Co-Founder Nick Sarnicola has announced that he will be stepping down from his role as Chief Sales Officer in order to build a new team from the ground up as a ViSalus Distributor. He looks forward to being a leader in the field, executing the ViSalus sales and training model and providing key feedback to the company he helped create.

Also announcing his decision to join Sarnicola as a Distributor is Mike Craig, who has served as the company’s Vice President of Sales, working closely with Sarnicola over the past year. Together they will build a new organization as they share the Body by Vi Challenge, a 90 Day Health Transformation initiative that has fueled ViSalus’ growth over the past 6 months.

For Sarnicola, this step is a return to his roots as a builder. “I’ve been involved with the Network Marketing Industry for 13 years, the last 5 of those in a corporate role with ViSalus,” said Sarnicola. “I have loved taking my vision and turning it into a reality with an amazing community of people, but I have missed the lifestyle that comes with being a Distributor. I can’t wait to put some of our latest strategies into action to create success stories on an even larger scale, and help thousands upon thousands of people enjoy better Life, Health, and Prosperity.”

With the company’s Body by Vi Challenge sweeping the nation, and the backing and stability of corporate partner Blyth, Inc., the timing was perfect for Sarnicola to join the ViSalus field and experience life as an Independent Distributor once again. “I have always said that the best job in the company should be that of the Distributor, and I’m excited to go live that lifestyle. I have found my utopia.”

For Mike Craig, who has worked closely with Sarnicola in the past, his time with ViSalus showed him the potential of the company’s products and opportunity. An expert in sales systems, Craig will serve as an integral part to the success of this new organization. “Like Nick, I am a builder at heart,” said Craig. “Traveling the country and speaking at ViSalus events over the past year has re-ignited that spark within me and showed me that ViSalus is a special place. When Nick decided to move into the field, I couldn’t pass up that opportunity.”

Sarnicola’s Co-Founders, CEO Ryan Blair and Chief Marketing Officer Blake Mallen, will continue to work with the current leadership to support the growth of the ViSalus community. They are excited to take another step towards their vision of ViSalus becoming the ultimate health transformation opportunity worldwide.

“When Nick came to me with this idea, and I saw the passion in his eyes, I was thrilled to support his desire to join the field,” said Blair. “Nick is an amazing entrepreneur, and with Mike as on his team, I have no doubt that they will be extremely successful.”

Blake Mallen, who has worked with Sarnicola for over a decade, is excited to support a longtime friend. “Nick and I were Distributors together when we launched our careers in Network Marketing. I know what he brings to the table. The existing team of ViSalus leaders is exception. Mike and Nick just bring one more competitive advantage.”

Sarnicola has the opportunity to achieve exciting new goals alongside a community that is close to his heart. “I love every one of our Distributors,” Sarnicola said. “I am thrilled today to join them in taking the life-transforming ViSalus vision to new heights.”

About ViSalus Sciences

ViSalus Sciences, with headquarters in Troy, Michigan and Los Angeles, CA, is a leading Health Transformation Company utilizing the direct selling channel to distribute its Weight Management and Nutritional Supplement products. ViSalus is the company behind the Body by Vi Challenge, a health transformation program helping people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals for a chance to win over $100,000 per year in total prizes. Their Body by Vi Community Challenge is closing in on a goal set in November of 2009 to donate 100,000 meals to children in need.

ViSalus Hires Former Herbalife Exec

PR Web | 2/4/2007

ViSalus Sciences Hires Audrey Sommerfeld as Vice President of Marketing and Brand Development

ViSalus Sciences, a leading wellness company and maker of the patented Vi-PAK, an advanced anti-aging and energy system, has announced the hiring of Audrey Sommerfeld as Vice President of Marketing and Brand Development.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 3, 2007 -- ViSalus Sciences, a leading wellness company and maker of the patented Vi-PAK, an advanced anti-aging and energy system, has announced the hiring of Audrey Sommerfeld as Vice President of Marketing and Brand Development.

Sommerfeld will work from the company's Los Angeles marketing office, heading up the company's marketing efforts and shaping the brand of the expanding ViSalus health and wellness product line. She has enjoyed a successful career as a marketing executive with global leadership roles in some of the world's most established wellness companies.

Sommerfeld recently served as the Vice President of Global Product Marketing for Herbalife International, a $2 billion corporation that spans 59 countries. There, she was responsible for product development and launch strategy, working with global licensing, Research & Development, and regulatory teams, creating sales and marketing tools, and conducting product trainings before thousands of distributors.

In 5 years with Herbalife, Sommerfeld launched a 12 SKU skincare line across 24 countries on the same day, repositioned and re-launched the company's core weight loss brand, and collaborated with nutrition experts on new product development. She was also instrumental in the launch of the company's Liftoff energy drink, now their top selling product.

ViSalus Sciences added to Directory | 3/22/2006

ViSalus Sciences has been added to the home based business directory. ViSalus is a privately owned company with headquarters in Troy, Michigan.

CEO Ryan Blair was formerly founder of 24 x 7 Tech and SkyPipeline.

VaSalus markets a line of nutritionals created by Dr. Michael Siedman.

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