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Wealth Masters International Names VP of Operations for PURE

Wealth Masters International Announces Key Staff Assignments

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Wealth Masters International Welcomes VP of Marketing for Europe

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Wealth Masters International Names VP of Operations for PURE

Press Release | 1/6/2012

Houston (January 5, 2012) – Wealth Masters International celebrates the arrival of entrepreneurial veteran David Robey to the executive team of their sister entity PURE, a separate nutrition company dedicated to vibrant health from the ground up. As PURE’s Vice President of Operations, David has over fifteen years of new business development, product rollout, e-commerce and strategic planning experience. He has been instrumental in the success of numerous startup ventures and has a long history in high technology, communications media and network marketing. “As a professional colleague I’ve known Dave for years and we were thrilled when he decided to join the PURE team,” said Troy Allen, PURE President. “A balanced approach to strategy and tactics is so critical to business success. Very few top executives out there can match Dave’s intelligent blend of detailed, day-to-day operations expertise with the ability to grasp the big picture and manage to it. We couldn’t imagine having anyone better suited for this role as we move into our pre-launch phase.” Before joining PURE, David oversaw the operational aspects of successful enterprises in real estate, e-commerce and network marketing, including infrastructure development, product design, staffing, quality assurance and customer relationship management. His role at PURE will be to ensure the smooth and timely flow of resources in all aspects of the operation, from process to products to people. “Dave is a born collaborator with amazing creative energy,” said Becky Maes, M.D., PURE’s Chief Medical Officer. “We’re so excited to have him in the PURE family.” In addition to his PURE duties, David will be an asset to the creative team in the Wealth Masters home office. Reflecting on his new role with PURE, David said, “We have a big mission ahead of us and I firmly believe in the tremendous leadership we have in place. That leadership, in conjunction with the profound vision behind the company and our life-changing products will establish PURE as the new definition of ‘natural’ and what it means to experience abundant health. PURE is going to be huge.” PURE is entering a pre-launch phase in January with a full-scale formal launch scheduled for the second quarter of 2012.

Wealth Masters International Announces Key Staff Assignments

Press Release | 11/9/2011

Houston (November 7, 2011) – Wealth Masters International (WMI), a global entrepreneurial leader, announces corporate team assignments supporting a new wave of international expansion. In addition to strategic executive placements, numerous long term home office staffers have advanced into key roles based on their diverse talents and industry backgrounds.

“The stability of our home office team is something we can point to with pride and the statistics speak for themselves,” said WMI CEO Kip Herriage. “Providing the right support for our growing worldwide network of marketers has always been a priority, as demonstrated by the extraordinary talent we keep on our permanent payroll. Wealth Masters has entered the most significant phase of growth since our inception and we’re proud of the loyal team we have in place”

Dr. Becky Maes, Chief Medical Officer, and Dan Maes, Business Consultant, lead the executive team of PURE, WMI’s sister company focusing on nutrition and wellness, with Troy Allen serving as President of PURE in parallel with his duties as WMI’s Chief Technology Officer. The full corporate lineup includes Charisse Bankett, Executive Assistant; Danny Herrera, Accounting Specialist; David Jue, Marketing & Design Specialist; Dirk Smith, Wealth Accelerator Co-Creator; Ed Asiano, Director, Global Events; Henry Swasey, Senior Project Manager; Jashin Howell, Director, Marketing; Jeremy Miner, VP, Marketing; Jesse Musick, Marketing Partner; Jessica Nelson, Event Specialist; John Lavenia, Director, Consultant Development; Julio Chapa, Marketing Specialist; Morgan Johnson, Senior VP, Operations; Nick Straub, Support Specialist; Pat Berry, Marketing Partner; Per Gunnar Hoem, VP, Marketing, Europe; Ryan Fleming, Assistant VP, Accounting; Ryan Nelson, VP, Internet Strategy; Sammie Payne, Senior Support Specialist; Tim McDonnell, VP, Communications; Walter Young, Director, Opes Partners; Wayne Root, Senior Economic Advisor.

Karl Bessey, WMI President said, “Besides being amazing at what they do, all of these people work together like a family. It’s the heart and dedication of this team working side by side with Kip and me every day that truly makes Wealth Masters the world’s premiere wealth creation community.”

About Wealth Masters International Incorporated in 2005 and based in Sugar Land, Texas, Wealth Masters International is one of the world’s fastest growing financial education and entrepreneurial resource companies. Promoting Wealth, Health and Wisdom, WMI serves a growing community of members and consultants with operations in the US and 147 countries.

Wealth Masters International Welcomes Senior Technology Chief

Press Release | 11/1/2011

October 31, 2011 -- Wealth Masters International (WMI), a global entrepreneurial leader, announces the arrival of information technology veteran Troy Allen as Chief Technology Officer. Allen will oversee the technical operation of WMI's global marketing systems and ensure cutting edge performance of WMI's worldwide web presence and all home office software and hardware solutions.

"One of many attributes that makes Troy such a perfect fit for WMI is his dual background as a technology rainmaker and as a leader in network marketing," said WMI CEO Kip Herriage. "Our suppliers, our staff and, most importantly, our global consultant family of now have one in-house technology authority they can trust to guide WMI through the most significant worldwide expansion since we opened our doors in 2005. Not only is he totally fluent in the cutting-edge systems that are critical for our success, he also understands our entrepreneurial environment as a true industry insider."

With over 15 years in information technology, Allen has been instrumental developing enterprise-grade software and infrastructure systems in healthcare, e-commerce, marketing and financial services. He has a B.S. degree in Human Centered Design & Engineering from the University of Washington. After enlisting in the United States Marine Corps at 17, he rose to the rank of Sergeant and was then selected for the highly competitive Enlisted Commissioning Education Program. As a First Lieutenant, he served as Advanced Communications/Computer Systems Officer at MCB Quantico, a major research, technology and training hub for the USMC.

Karl Bessey, WMI President said, "Troy is gifted at making complex subjects simple and useful. He's the smartest guy in the room and with the expansion of WMI, PURE and Opes Partners as the ultimate incubator for entrepreneurs, he's the right man at the right time." In addition to his CTO duties, Allen will leverage his extensive network marketing experience as part of the senior executive team of PURE, the nutrition and wellness company positioned to launch in early 2012.

Wealth Masters International Announces m2 Wealth Conference

Press Release | 10/27/2011

Houston (October 26, 2011) – Wealth Masters International proudly announces their 14th consecutive m2 Wealth Conference in Maui, December 5-8. The event also marks a significant birthday celebration for WMI, kicking off their 8th year in business. In addition, it will be the world’s first glimpse of PURE, a company focused on nutrition and wellness. Dr. Becky and Dan Maes, the industry veterans leading PURE, will be there to deliver a sneak preview of the company’s innovative 2012 launch plans. To mark the occasion and encourage the entire WMI community to be there in force to experience it, Kip Herriage, WMI CEO & Co-Founder has released this special media statement:

"Since opening our doors in January 2005, Wealth Masters has sponsored 17 world class, sold out events (thirteen m2 Wealth Conferences and four m3 Private Wealth Groups). What makes WMI events so popular? Based on the feedback we’ve received over the last seven years, we would have to say that their success is in large part due to the time-tested, TRUE experts that we feature as keynote speakers on Wealth, Health and Wisdom. And, with the $50 Trillion Wealth Transfer picking up speed, #14 looks to be our best line-up EVER!

FIRST, one of the three US-based major news networks will be there to film one of our most successful WMI Member stories to date, as he gives an incredible, must-see keynote presentation! These are just a few of the additional m2 highlights and 20+ Keynote Presenters:

•Mike Maloney, of GoldSilver.com fame, and THE recognized global expert on precious metals •G. Edward Grffin, bestselling author of the Federal Bank expose, "The Creature from Jekyll Island" •Rob McCaulay, CEO of Falcon Oil and Gas. Is this really the energy story of the century? •Wayne Allyn Root, Vice Presidential Nominee 2008, best selling author, relentless self-made multi-millionaire entrepreneur •John Perkins, bestselling author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" •Joe Sugarman, the original infomercial and copywriting expert, and founder of the sensational global phenomenon that is "BlueBlockers"

And of course... the WMI staple... Wealth Creation! No fewer than EIGHT, game-changing wealth creation opportunities... no longer are these strategies reserved only for the elite 1% of the world" ~ Kip Herriage, CEO, Wealth Masters International

WMI’s 14th m2 Wealth Conference is set for December 5-8 at the Westin, Maui. This is an extremely popular destination at a highly desirable time of year and WMI expects available space to fill up quickly.

Wealth Masters International Welcomes VP of Marketing for Europe

Press Release | 10/25/2011

Houston (October 20, 2011) – Wealth Masters International (WMI), a global entrepreneurial leader, proudly announces the appointment of Per Gunnar Hoem of Norway as Vice President of Marketing for Europe. Per Gunnar turned to the direct sales industry after his construction company succumbed to tough economic times in Europe. The financial turnaround he experienced is a success story that now serves as an inspiration to his rapidly expanding network of business associates around the world.

“Per Gunnar is the very definition of a true leader,” said Kip Herriage, WMI CEO. “Everywhere he goes he creates success and wealth in others, and he does so with selfless determination. As WMI’s 2010 Consultant of the Year, Per Gunnar’s selection as VP of Marketing for Europe was 100% earned. As we continue to expand aggressively throughout Europe, his leadership will take WMI and PURE to the next level.”

According to Direct Selling News statistics published in a special supplement to the Wall Street Journal, direct sales companies generated over $125 billion in revenue last year through more than 75 million men and women who recognize entrepreneurship as a way to take back control of their financial futures in uncertain economic times. The same analysts expect industry volume to double in the next few years. DSN reports that the top 20 companies alone are processing more than a half million new applications every month. Per Gunnar’s track record puts a human face on the industry numbers.

WMI President Karl Bessey said, “Per Gunnar’s success has changed lives all over the globe. He has earned his position as VP of Marketing in Europe by demonstrating tremendous leadership and his international impact has been second to none. Lives have been touched by this incredible leader and family man.” In addition to overseeing marketing expansion throughout Europe, Per Gunnar will be instrumental in the European launch of PURE, WMI’s sister company focusing on nutrition and wellness.

Wealth Masters Gains New Subsidiaries

Press Release | 11/28/2010

Wealth Masters International, the world's premier wealth creation community, announces the formation of Opes Partners, LTD., a financial services and insurance company, and WMI Health and Nutrition, LTD., both wholly owned subsidiaries of Wealth Masters International, GP.

Opes Partners - The Future of Wall Street

Opes Partners (pronounced Op-us), Latin for Wealth and Abundance, will serve as WMI's phase one presence in the over $1 trillion insurance and financial services industry, first domestically in the U.S, before expanding into global markets during the second half of 2011.

"This important addition to WMI's corporate structure has been on our drawing board for some time," said WMI CEO and Co-Founder Kip Herriage. "With the ongoing, self-induced implosion of Wall Street, clients are hungry for a financial services company committed to integrity and cutting edge innovation...with the clients best interests at heart at all times. WMI Members have come to expect and appreciate our level of commitment, and the addition of Opes Partners will be a natural extension to the WMI brand. In addition, our newly hired and licensed partners will have the entire WMI suite of products to introduce to their existing client base, creating an unprecedented opportunity to build each subsidiary, while dramatically expanding the income potential for all of WMI's professional entrepreneurs. The timing for this move could not be more perfect, as it will both expand our reach into the traditional side of the investment industry as well as move us one step closer to an initial public offering."

Opes Partners will commence full operations from its Sugar Land, TX. corporate headquarters in January, 2011, and will be led by newly appointed Vice President Walter Young, one of the nation's top advisors in insurance and generational wealth planning. The selection of initial partners into Opes will begin next month, along with the release of full operational details.

WMI Health and Nutrition - A Natural Evolution

WMI is also proud to announce the formation of WMI Health and Nutrition, with official launch in Q1, 2011. The Company is in the final stage of research and development, including branding and product selection of the world's most advanced anti-aging technologies. Existing WMI Members and Consultants will have an immediate opportunity to participate in the new subsidiaries, with details to follow in the near future.

"The launch of Opes Partners and WMI Health and Nutrition cements our stated mission to change the world one person at a time, and further enhances our reputation as an incubator of world class expertise in Wealth, Health and Wisdom," stated WMI President and Co-Founder Karl Bessey.

Wealth Masters International Holds Wealth Conference

Press Release | 8/4/2010

Doris Hullett joined the Wealth Master’s International M3 Private Wealth Conference for financial literacy education at the Ritz-Carlton in Montego Bay, Jamaica July 12-18, 2010. Formerly a Community College Educator of Family Literacy, and Speech/Language Phonetic Literacy, she has turned her educational focus to Internet marketing and Financial Literacy through her business with WMI. She offers through Wealth Masters not only the M1 financial education product line component, but also the M2 and M3 for people seeking a business.

The Wealth Masters International m3 wealth conference in Jamaica focused on global economics, financial literacy, education, and opportunities during economic lows, as we are seeing in today’s economic recession.

Conference speakers were world-renowned experts, CEO’s and top financial authorities, teaching strategies in their specialty fields of finance, business and world economics.

WMI emphasizes Wealth, Health and Wisdom; Kip Herriage, CEO and Co-Founder of Wealth Masters imparts, “We believe that health is just as important of a topic as wealth, because truly, a prosperity lifestyle entails being healthy enough to actually enjoy your wealth.” During the WMI event we were informed and challenged to have healthier life styles, as well!

Owning a small business creates the financial freedom many are seeking today, especially with job loss at an all time high. It’s important to take care of your family; there is no job security. “I believe WMI provides these solutions all in one company,” related Doris Hullett.

“Most inspiring were the events designed to conquer mental barriers and challenges we face regarding goals in our personal life,” Hullett shared. “The zipline was fun, but also challenged your trust factors. The Rebar-bending activity was a challenge against one’s own commitment, and finally, a map-maze challenged one’s ability to get right back up when there is apparent failure.”

Wealth Masters International Visits Calgary

Npros.com | 6/15/2010

Wealth Masters International (WMI) is soon to hit Calgary to host their very first live event while on a world tour. The gathering will include top leaders such as Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey in addition to other top leaders in the WMI family. During the event, speakers will be sharing their inspirational vision with others in order to promote success and wealth.

The evening will start off with a comprehensive company overview followed by a presentation of the current state of the global economy, pin pointing exactly where Canadians stand in the overall picture. In addition, the presentation will also discuss personal financing, investing and debt consolidation. The gathering will be held at the Sheraton Cavalier on the corner of Barlow Trail and 32nd Avenue NE on Monday, June 21st and will be open to everyone.

Wealth Masters International Press Release

Press Release | 4/28/2010

Wealth Masters International announces the winners of first quarter’s M1 sales awards, and Lena Bjorna, who won first price for most M1 sales in the month of January, ties for second place.

Wealth Masters CEO Kip Herriage together with president Karl Bessey proudly announced the names of the first quarter’s top producers on a company call yesterday: Lena Bjorna, Gregg Davison, Jeff Learner and Andrew J. Cass each took home several ounces of gold together with the public recognition.

"Cass, Learner and Davison are friends of mine and individuals that I have a great deal of respect for" Bjorna says. "I am humbled to be considered a main contender in a sales contest among accomplished professionals like them"

Bjorna, who won first prize for M1 sales in the month of January this year, and has now achieved second place alongside Learner for most quarterly sales, has also recently witnessed the M1 home study course undergo a substantial makeover.

What used to be a course mostly relevant to Americans and Canadians, was re-launched on February 1st in a brand new and completely international version. It now contains financial education relevant to everyone regardless of where they live in the world.

"This is something I anticipated" Bjorna says. "Now that Wealth Masters is open in all countries world-wide, this was the natural next step"

"Especially since WMI’s partner company CarbonCopyPRO started on the process of translating all its training materials into multiple languages last year. Since the two work so closely together, it only made sense that WMI, too, would start focusing more on the international market"

Bjorna, who has personally sponsored consultants in 19 countries on five continents, says she is extremely pleased to see this change.

She explains: "The education contained in the M1 program is now more valuable, more applicable than ever before. And it is a product that is certain to make a huge difference in the financial lives of their customers, whether they decide to work with WMI as a distributor or not"

Wealth Masters International Press Release

Npros.com | 3/9/2010

Wealth Masters International (WMI) opened up its 2010 World Tour in Oslo, Norway to the tune of approximately 400 potential entrepreneurs eager to learn about WMI's host of financial, health and personal empowerment solutions. Conducted by WMI's CEO and Co-Founder, Kip Herriage, the event served as a full-on business demonstration of Wealth Masters' diverse product suite.

The day started with a screening of WMI's introductory documentary, "The Conspiracy Against Your Money" DVD. Event Coordinator and Norway based WMI Consultant, Per Gunnar offers perspective; "Kip got right down to business and started off the day with a bang! The crowd was electric and the momentum never seemed to die. They knew right from the beginning how these products could benefit them and their families."

Attendees were then introduced to WMI's inventory of solutions designed to educate and empower users through wealth, health, and wisdom while also offering an entrepreneurial opportunity. Over the next two days, several hundred interested participants were invited back for a more personal session.

"When Karl and I founded Wealth Masters we knew we wanted to deliver a truly International impact. Since that time the worldwide response has been massive and we are resolute in our commitment to supporting it by any means necessary," said Herriage. To service the growing Scandinavian Member base WMI also announced they are finalizing the launch of a dedicated office in Norway scheduled to open in March.

Wealth Masters plans to continue its 2010 World Tour with appearances in Australia, Canada, and anywhere its Member base demands it.

As the global economic outlook becomes increasingly uncertain individuals across the globe are turning to Wealth Masters International (which features a panel of economic educators that include Ed Garrett, Mike Maloney, and Wayne Allyn Root) for guidance.

About Wealth Masters International: Wealth Masters International is a Texas based L.L.C incorporated in January 2005. They are at the forefront of promoting the best financial education and providing their members with a platform for securing life-changing wealth and success.

In just a few short years, Wealth Masters International has propelled itself as the leading company in its respected industry, due to their ability to combine exceptional products with a business opportunity that is geared towards generating unlimited prosperity.

In these uncertain economic times one company is bucking the trend, hiring top talent, and treating its members to lavish events akin to the lavish lifestyle it represents.

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