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XANGO Launches 12 Days of Giving Campaign

Xango President Earns Stevie Award

XANGO Launches Aeris Anti-Aging System

Xango Names Names Ryan Anderson VP of US and Canada Markets

XanGo Lawsuits Settle Out of Court

XANGO Announces New Product, Compensation System

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XANGO Launches 12 Days of Giving Campaign

Press Release | 12/22/2016

LEHI, UT--(December 21, 2016) - XANGO, a global wellness and direct sales leader, is marking a successful 2016 by mobilizing its worldwide force of distributors for the '12 Days of Giving' campaign to help support children and families in need. Leading up to Christmas, the company is spreading goodness and inviting people to purchase XANGO Meal Packs to provide much-needed nutrition to malnourished populations in underserved areas of the world.

"At XANGO, we love the spirit of giving that abounds this time of year, and the '12 Days of Giving' campaign gives people a way to help alleviate suffering in many parts of the world," said XANGO Chairman and CEO Aaron Garrity. "For those looking for a cause they can support, we invite them to give the gift of nourishment and life by purchasing XANGO Meal Packs for malnourished children and families in often-desperate circumstances."

The XANGO Meal Pack is a water-soluble formula that provides ready-made meals to support suffering populations in diverse parts of the world. The Meal Pack is specially formulated for best absorption and utilization by malnourished individuals with fragile digestive systems. Since it began in 2007, the Meal Pack program has provided more than 7 million meals to undernourished children and families in dozens of countries through partnerships with leading humanitarian relief, non-profit organizations.

The Meal Pack is part of the XANGO Goodness movement, a corporate-giving program begun shortly after the company opened for business in 2002. Through the XANGO Goodness Foundation, and related charitable activities, XANGO and its distributors have donated tens of millions of dollars in cash funding, in-cost goods and volunteer hours to support community development, improved nutrition, and childhood and family wellness in six continents across the globe.

"Giving back is baked into XANGO's business model and an important way of acknowledging our success," said XANGO Founder Gordon Morton. "The '12 Days of Giving' campaign gives all of our distributors and customers the opportunity to give a gift of life to a child or adult in need of basic nourishment. We invite interested consumers to purchase a Meal Pack and help us continue to change lives through this wonderful initiative."

Xango President Earns Stevie Award

Press Release | 12/17/2015

XANGO Global President Leslie A. Gallacher was recently selected as an Executive of the Year award winner in the 2015 Stevie Awards for Women in Business Program.

Promoted to company president earlier this year, Gallacher has been involved in nearly every function of XANGO’s business since 2004.

Based in Lehi, XANGO is a global wellness and direct sales business with operations on six continents.

“We’re thrilled for Leslie to receive this well-deserved recognition of the substantial and lasting impacts that her leadership has on our business and the communities we touch,” said Aaron Garrity, XANGO CEO and chairman. “Leslie is strategic, hard working and committed to ensuring our brand values permeate our company culture.

"She embodies the very best of the many women leaders who are empowered by XANGO to succeed.”

In its 12th year, the Stevie Awards are the world’s top honors for female entrepreneurs, executives, employees and the organizations they run. The 2015 awards received entries from 31 nations and territories.

“We are again humbled by the accomplishments of so many high-achieving women in this program,” said Michael Gallagher, founder and president of the Stevie Awards. “Their work is an inspiration to girls and women around the world who dream of starting and growing a business, managing a leading company, or improving their community.”

XANGO Launches Aeris Anti-Aging System

Npros.com | 9/12/2015

LAS VEGAS, NV , Sep 11, 2015 -- Global wellness and direct sales leader XANGO today at its global convention at the MGM Grand Resort & Casino launched a complete anti-aging solution: XANGO Aeris. Featuring a three-step system to reverse the signs of aging, Aeris firms skin around the eyes, and reduces signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Aeris' Marine Collagen Complex optimizes the body's natural collagen production with formulas that feature marine collagen, mangosteen and traditional herbs.

"Aeris follows in the XANGO tradition of advancing wellness and youthfulness through innovative formulas based on the nourishment of mangosteen and other leading botanicals," said XANGO Founder and CEO Aaron Garrity. "Pre-launch users of Aeris are knocking years off their appearance and regaining their youthful confidence by following a simple, three-step process that boosts their natural collagen levels. Aeris stands out in an emerging market as a premium skin care and ready-mix drink line designed to help people reverse the signs of aging and feel great again."

XANGO Aeris is clinically proven, dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic. The Aeris line features three products to address anti-aging: XANGO Aeris Instant Eye Gel, XANGO Aeris Eye Renewal Concentrate and XANGO Aeris Marine Collagen Complex.

Taken together, the Aeris product line provides a clinically proven 5-in-1 solution to address major signs of aging, and it also boosts the body's natural collagen production. Consumers looking to address fine lines and wrinkles, under-eye bags and deep wrinkles, dark circles and uneven skin tone, dull and uneven texture, and dryness now have a clinically proven, comprehensive system that can provide visible results.

"Aeris is designed to support healthy, youthful skin and protect it from various issues caused by aging, stress and lifestyle," said XANGO Board Member Beverly Hollister. "We know we are more successful in our daily living when we look and feel better, and our collagen levels play a key role in maintaining our youthful vigor. Aeris reverses the aging process and helps us feel young and vibrant again."

Xango Names Names Ryan Anderson VP of US and Canada Markets

Press Release | 3/10/2015

LEHI, UT--March 10, 2015 - XANGO, a global wellness and direct sales leader, today announced the appointment of Ryan Anderson as its new vice president of the U.S. and Canada markets. Anderson returns to XANGO after serving in executive positions in other network marketing companies the past four years. XANGO's vision, incomparable compensation plan, founders who are passionate about the success of their distributors, and prospects for future success helped lure Anderson back to the company where he spent seven years.

"We're extremely excited to welcome Ryan back to the XANGO family," said XANGO Chairman and CEO Aaron Garrity. "Our distributor leaders worked closely with Ryan for many years and grew to appreciate his leadership and unparalleled devotion to their success. Ryan has a unique ability to relate to others, as well as a comprehensive understanding about how distributors can grow their businesses. Because of this, his leadership will be an important asset for our distributors in reaching their goals and helping continue to build upon our company's current momentum."

As vice president of the U.S. and Canada, Anderson will be responsible for market profitability, overseeing all activities such as leadership development, sales, events and every other business function within these markets. During his first stint at XANGO from 2004 to 2011, Anderson held several positions including serving at different times as General Manager of Asia Pacific and director of sales of the U.S. and Canada, overseeing country operations and market openings for several key markets. Anderson also played a pivotal role in opening several European markets.

"I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to return to XANGO, a company that holds a strong place in my heart and has been instrumental in who I am today," said Anderson. "In the past four years, I've met many great people and developed successful direct sales' strategies. Along the way, I've also been able to discover why XANGO represents the apex of direct selling and the place where distributors have the best chance to succeed. I'm coming home, because there's no other network marketing company that quite measures up."

XanGo Lawsuits Settle Out of Court

Npros.com | 11/29/2013

XanGo and a cofounder have settled lawsuits against each other.

Bryan Davis, a cofounder of XanGo, sued the company in Federal court in May, alleging it defrauded him and diluted his ownership interest in the company by falsifying financial information that also led Davis to personally guarantee XanGo's debt. The lawsuit further alleged that company executives had embezzeled millions of dollars from the company for personal expenses such as vacations and expensive gifts.

XanGo countered by suing Davis in state court, alleging that Davis had demanded a buyout and threatened to destroy the company with a lawsuit, used company funds for personal expenses, and made disparaging remarks about the company to top distributors and a competitor.

In 2010, XanGo also settled with a group of investors who claimed the company founders and officers used company funds for personal expenses.

XANGO Announces New Product, Compensation System

Press Release | 9/29/2013

LEHI, Utah, Sept. 27, 2013 -- XANGO, LLC, recognized category creator as the first company to bring mangosteen to a global market, announced to a sold-out gathering at its Bold international convention a groundbreaking new product and compensation system designed to address cellular health for an aging population and lift people out of economic and financial despair. XALO® Ageless by XANGO, available for purchase for the first time today, aligns with XANGO's legacy as a wellness opportunity company, and pairs perfectly with patented XANGO® Juice for a complementary physical and financial wellness boost.

"Since its launch 11 years ago, XANGO Juice has propelled a new era of direct selling and become the benchmark by which startups measure themselves," said XANGO CEO and Chairman Aaron Garrity. "XANGO's success has been built on the pairing of innovative, effective products with the industry's most rewarding compensation system, designed for people of all ages and situations."

Continued Garrity, "Today, we're boldly furthering that legacy through the XALO Ageless product and its accompanying XALO compensation system, which, when positioned alongside XANGO® Juice, makes XANGO the best opportunity for people wanting to feel that 'it's safe to dream again.'"

Based on XANGO's foundation of whole-fruit mangosteen and formulated with proprietary botanical blends that provide an absolutely unique, one-of-a-kind market offering, XALO Ageless addresses wellness at the cellular level.

Addressing the associated business opportunity, Garrity said, "Since the very beginning, XANGO has focused on building its compensation system upon the principle that those who are new to the business should be able to succeed and make money while they're learning the business. We're continuing this commitment with the XALO compensation plan, but we're also adding new incentives that help people set and reach short- and long-term goals as they build their business for the long term."

Revolutionary Business Opportunity The XALO compensation plan includes key tenets of XANGO's renowned, classic compensation plan such as true 50-percent payout of commissionable volume, unilevel commissions, dynamic compression and many more elements to reward the newest and most tenured distributors alike. Current distributors retain their rank and volume from the existing XANGO compensation plan while enjoying the enhancements of the accelerated XALO plan as they promote XALO Ageless and accompanying products Limitless, Ignite and Reload. New distributors gain universal access to the XALO plan from day one.

XanGo Lays Off One Fifth of Workforce

Press Release | 7/31/2013

Lehi, UT -- XanGo laid off about a fifth of its workforce, fewer than 50 employees, at the company's Utah headquarters. XanGo executives said the layoffs were in response to underperforming investments and that all the affected workers are encouraged to apply for new positions at the company as they become available.

XanGo described the layoffs in a formal statement as "part of a long-term strategy to ensure the company is nimble and best able to support its strategic goals and quickly seize developing opportunities with full vigor and commitment."

XANGO Announces New Roles for 2 Company Founders

Press Release | 7/8/2013

LEHI, Utah, July 3, 2013 -- Global wellness and network-marketing leader XANGO, LLC today announced the appointment of two company founders to key new roles: Joe Morton will serve as president of XANGO Americas & Australia, and Kent Wood takes on the role of president of XANGO Europe, CIS & South Africa.

"XANGO's story of success for over a decade is as a category-creator where leaders at every level – in the field and in the company offices – personally invest and take action to help others succeed. As founders and board members for over a decade, Joe and Kent have dedicated themselves to that mission," said XANGO Founder, Board Chairman and CEO Aaron Garrity.

"Growth for every distributor is at the core of our XANGO Bold Strides initiative. With these new roles, Joe and Kent will work hand-in-hand with our distributor leaders in these regions as well as our board and employees to ensure optimal service to every distributor working to grow their XANGO business," said Garrity.

While living in southeast Asia years ago, Joe Morton's discovery of the mangosteen fruit as a global product opportunity inspired the launch of XANGO® Juice and a new category of nutritional supplements. A passionate advocate of the network-marketing lifestyle, Joe has dedicated his executive career to driving a global evolution in distributor relations, building dialogue with leaders at every level of XANGO's vast network. A six-time Ironman competitor named by a magazine as Utah's "Fittest Executive," Joe is known for his tireless efforts on behalf of XANGO's 2 million distributors worldwide.

Kent Wood spent most of his career auditing, consulting or being employed by some of Utah's most successful multi-level marketing companies. One of XANGO's six founders, his many years of experience prepared him for his role as XANGO's original CFO. Since then, Kent has served in many capacities, namely XANGO's COO, President of Operations and President.

Kent also held the honor of being named one of Utah Business Magazine's 40 Under Forty in 2008, an annual award that recognizes some of the most successful and significant businessmen under the age of 40 throughout the state.

XanGo Seeks Ouster of Davis in Lawsuit

Npros.com | 5/22/2013

May 21, 2013 -- Bryan B. Davis, the XanGo co-founder who filed a lawsuit accusing his founding partners of asset mismanagement, intimidation and illegal activities including fraud and bribery, is now himself the subject of a lawsuit.

XanGo filed a complaint in Utah state court alleging that Davis engaged in inappropriate conduct and breached his ethical obligations as XanGo's corporate attorney by disclosing confidential company information to employees, distributors and competitors after he was fired in 2012. Davis, one of the six founding members of the 11-year-old company, remains on the XanGo board of directors. The complaint by XanGo seeks his removal from the board and an unspecified amount in compensatory and special damages.

According to XanGo, the board of directors was already preparing to sue Davis and the complaint is not in response to his recent lawsuit.

XanGo Co-Founder Sues CEO and Founders

RepSpace.com | 5/20/2013

On May 16, 2013 XanGo co-founder Bryan Davis has filed a three million dollar plus lawsuit against XanGo CEO Aaron Garrity and other co-founders and members of the executive board, alleging Tax Fraud, Money Laundering, misappropriation of company assets, and other civil claims.

Named in the suit are Aaron Garrity, XanGo CEO, Gary Hollister ( Founder, Board of Directors ), Gordon Morton ( Founder, Board of Directors ), Joseph Morton ( Founder, Board of Directors ), Kent Wood ( Founder, Board of Directors ), and XanGo CFO Nate Brown.

For the complete filing click the link below.

XANGO CEO Named To Direct Selling Power 50 Top 10

Press Release | 2/2/2013

LEHI, Utah, Feb. 1, 2013 -- For the third consecutive year, XANGO Founder, Chairman & CEO Aaron Garrity has earned a spot in the top 10 of the DirectSellingLive.com Power 50 list of the industry's most influential people in the world. The Power 50 recognizes the people and organizations that have had the greatest impact in direct selling over the past year while giving back to the world's communities through social, economic and environmental efforts.

" Aaron Garrity is a smart, innovative and charismatic leader," said Keeper Catran-Whitney, founder and CEO of DirectSellingLive.com. "He has shown his passion for direct selling and for helping others succeed, and we agree with the conclusion of a Harvard Business Review study which named him as an 'enterprising innovator.'"

Under Garrity's leadership, XANGO has grown to reach more than 2 million independent distributors doing business in more than 40 markets. Having established XANGO as a remarkably global brand within its industry, recognized as the first company to introduce a mangosteen beverage to a worldwide market, Garrity continues to drive XANGO's bold innovation and social purpose. This includes company initiatives to take the experience of its leadership events to a global audience through live streaming and empowering women through the Women Building Bridges program.

XANGO continues to explore the benefits of mangosteen-based products, including the recent launch of FAVAO™ by XANGO, a total lifestyle reset approach to weight management which was named a 2012 Ethos Award recipient by the Direct Selling Association. The company also recently announced the donation of 5 million meals to those suffering from chronic malnutrition in underdeveloped nations, distributed through a partnership with global humanitarian aid and medical relief organization AmeriCares.

Previously, Garrity has been recognized by the Harvard Business Review as one of the top innovative entrepreneurs in a six-year study on innovators and what sets them apart from other business leaders. He was also named a national finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and CEO of the Year by Utah Business magazine.

XANGO Serves 5 Million Meals To Malnourished Children and Adults

Press Release | 1/9/2013

LEHI, Utah, Jan. 8, 2013 -- Utah-based global direct sales company XANGO, LLC, is known for being the first to bring the mangosteen fruit to a worldwide market. Having recently completed its 10th year of business, XANGO continues to match its charitable giving to its international growth, with 5 million supplemental meals donated to severely malnourished children and adults around the world.

XANGO's philanthropic efforts, organized under the XANGO Goodness Foundation, have served as a critical component of the company's operations since before it opened its doors in 2002. Among XANGO's global initiatives is the Meal Pack Program, which started in 2008 and sends nutrient-rich and water-soluble porridge to impoverished communities around the world. The porridge is carefully formulated so that even the most malnourished stomachs can assimilate its nutrients, allowing children and adults on the brink of starvation, or suffering from the effects of chronic malnutrition or illness, to work their way back to health.

"XANGO Meal Packs are an effective way to give supplemental feedings to malnourished patients," said Dr. Frank Bia , medical director for global nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization AmeriCares. "By simply adding water, you have a beneficial supplement that's easy to both prepare and use."

XANGO is proud to partner with AmeriCares in this endeavor. Through partnerships with accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) established in strife-ridden parts of the world, AmeriCares personally delivers Meal Packs to critical populations and provides on-site product training to ensure best results. Meal Packs have reached dozens of countries to date. Last year, for instance, XANGO sent meals to Tanzania, Haiti, Ghana, Afghanistan and Somalia.

Meal Packs are donated by independent XANGO distributors, many of whom contribute every month. The commitment of XANGO distributors continues to grow, with donations this past December surpassing previous Decembers by 20 percent.

"XANGO distributors never cease to amaze us with their commitment and charitable hearts," said XANGO Chairman and CEO Aaron Garrity . "Through a strong partnership with the wonderful people at AmeriCares, our commitment has never been stronger to helping the world's children and families in need to live better lives."

Added Bia, "I would like to personally thank XANGO and its distributors for facilitating the distribution of Meal Packs to AmeriCares partners. We congratulate you on your tenth anniversary and look forward to the next ten years of working together."

XANGO Celebrates 10 Years

Press Release | 9/13/2012

LEHI, Utah, Sept. 12, 2012 -- XANGO, LLC, recognized category creator as the first company to bring mangosteen to a global market, kicked off its 10th-anniversary celebration with a gathering of several thousand company distributors in Las Vegas this past weekend. Reflecting on the millions of lives that the company has touched in its first decade, XANGO founders looked forward with an aggressive growth strategy to reach millions more in the next decade. Coinciding with the 10th anniversary, XANGO launched a commemorative bottle of XANGO® Juice, along with new products designed to address sleep quality, weight management and quality of life.

"Reaching our 10th-anniversary milestone is a humbling moment, and it serves as a reminder of the many people who have joined us to create a vibrant wellness opportunity that we're committed to growing," said XANGO CEO and Chairman Aaron Garrity. "Over the past decade, we've reached millions of individuals through our business and our charitable efforts, and as founders, we've had the opportunity of witnessing real change as made possible by our distributors. Though we've achieved great success, we're far from satisfied and have even bigger goals for the next 10 years."

Reflecting upon the company's first 10 years, XANGO founders highlighted some key milestones:

•More than 2 million independent distributors •Operating in 43 countries, with 27 offices and 49 distribution centers •$2 billion in cumulative revenues •More than 100 millionaires created, averaging approximately one per month •1,700 surgeries provided for children born with cleft lip and cleft palate •About 5 million supplemental meals delivered to the world's malnourished

Amid continued global economic uncertainty, XANGO continues to expand, with the kickoff of a recent South American expansion initiative that now has the company doing business on six continents. More than 2 million independent distributors enjoy the low-risk, low-startup cost of the XANGO business opportunity. XANGO supports its distributors and the communities where they live through initiatives such as Women Building Bridges and the XANGO Goodness Foundation, which empower women entrepreneurs and support children's charities, respectively.

Launched from a small leased office suite in September 2002, XANGO has grown to encompass a global headquarters that spans more than 30 acres in Lehi, Utah, as well as 27 international offices in locations such as Mexico City, Moscow, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Milan, Cannes, Taipei, and others. XANGO founders chose September 11, 2002 as their date of incorporation, hoping to attach a positive association with the date that, just one year previous, had been so dark.

"We've all been through an amazing journey of growth and discovery during our first 10 years – and we've enjoyed great success amid two major economic global slowdowns," said Garrity. "Now, we're ready to move forward, building upon a strong legacy of changing lives, with confidence and optimism in the future and a renewed commitment to the distributors and consumers that make our business thrive. We're excited about the next 10 years and reaching millions more looking for the improved health and financial independence that XANGO can provide."

XANGO also continues to innovate with mangosteen-based, all-natural products that accelerate the business opportunity while addressing weight management, sleep quality and quality of life.

XANGO Receives DSA 2012 ETHOS Award

Press Release | 6/6/2012

LEHI, Utah, June 5, 2012 -- XANGO, LLC, has been awarded the 2012 ETHOS Award in the Wellness Sub-Category with its FAVAO(TM) by XANGO total lifestyle reset program, and named a Product Innovation category finalist by the Direct Selling Association (DSA). The award will be formally presented to XANGO today at DSA's 2012 Annual Meeting at the Gaylord Texan Hotel in Grapevine, Texas. The category winner will be announced during the awards gala this evening.

Unlike ineffective "magic" pills and fad diets on the market, FAVAO takes a different approach to weight management by focusing on three core principles: carefully formulated supplements, a healthy, delicious meal plan, and simple, straightforward workouts designed to help consumers meet their goals. The result: not just a physical transformation, but also a healthier, happier outlook on life. Offering a digital wellness library, access to licensed trainers and a social network of like-minded consumers, FAVAO helps consumers gain emotional and physical strength to positively impact their families, friends and communities.

"XANGO is a company built on providing wellness - whether it be physical, emotional or financial strength that people gain through our business," said XANGO Chairman and CEO Aaron Garrity. "We're honored to receive the 2012 ETHOS Award as a recognition of the investment we've made in FAVAO as a new kind of weight-management product. By focusing on the pillars of nutrition and supplementation, physical exercise and healthy eating, FAVAO is helping tens of thousands achieve a total lifestyle reset and enjoy the happiness they're looking for."

ETHOS Awards are given annually to DSA member companies with programs that empower independent direct sellers and fuel business processes.

ETHOS Award entries are judged by a panel of industry leaders and outside experts. Criteria for the judging of the award are specific to each category with an overall focus on excellence, creativity and innovation in the direct-selling industry.

"Receiving a DSA ETHOS Award is a testament to the commitment a company has made to being a model for the highest standards in business practices and ethics," said DSA President Joseph Mariano. "I congratulate this year's winners on their achievement."

XANGO Senior VP Named 16th Most Powerful Woman in Direct Sales

Press Release | 4/3/2012

LEHI, Utah, April 3, 2012 -- XANGO, LLC Senior VP Beverly Hollister was named the 16th most influential woman in global direct selling in the annual Power 30 list by leading industry resource DirectSellingLive.com. Recognizing Hollister's three decades of creating best-selling products in the health and wellness industry, the publication highlighted her creation of XANGO's lines of natural, toxin-free personal care products. Most recently, Hollister's leadership in product development led to XANGO's being named a "Champion of Safe Cosmetics" by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics; additionally, Hollister has helped XANGO form a global women's empowerment initiative titled "Women Building Bridges."

"Beverly is an inspiration to everyone she meets, including me and my partners, our employees and the millions of independent XANGO Distributors around the world," said XANGO Founder, Chairman and CEO Aaron Garrity. "Her vision and leadership compels all of us at XANGO to strive for the healthiest, natural formulations in our personal care products, and her energy and partnership with women around the world empowers them to achieve their dreams."

A conscious leader, Hollister continues to grow the Glimpse® and Juni® lines of personal care products, formulated using green chemistry to avoid harsh chemicals. When not launching products, Hollister travels the globe supporting XANGO Distributor leaders with mentorship and empowering events titled "Women Building Bridges," which bring together Distributor leaders in XANGO to teach best practices and inspire women to achieve their success and dreams in life. Thus far, "Women Building Bridges" has hosted events across the U.S., Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, France, Belgium, Portugal and many other XANGO markets. The global event this year is held in Carefree, Arizona, on May 18 through 20 - for more information, go to www.womenbuildingbridges.com .

A responsible products thought leader with an active role in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Breast Cancer Network, Hollister is a member of the American Management Association, the National Association for Female Executives, Lexington Who's Who and Cosmetic Executive Women. She has also been recognized by Utah Business Magazine as one of the most Powerful Women in Utah as well as a Woman to Watch.

XANGO CEO Appears on Power 50 List

Press Release | 2/8/2012

LEHI, Utah, Feb. 6, 2012 -- XANGO Founder, Chairman & CEO Aaron Garrity has again secured the number two spot while he and his partners, collectively, are number 16 on the annual Power 50 list of the most influential people in global direct sales by DirectSellingLive.com, a leading industry resource. The Power 50 recognizes the people and organizations that have had the greatest impact in direct selling over the past year while giving back to the world's communities through social, economic and environmental efforts.

"XANGO, in my opinion, is the company that will lead direct selling in a very positive direction for the next 20 to 30 years," said Keeper Catran-Whitney, founder and CEO of DirectSellingLive.com. "From a technology standpoint, no one does it better than the XANGO team out of Utah."

The Power 50 listings have recognized XANGO's innovation in serving distributors, including building a celebrated global brand and utilizing technology such as online, on-demand viewing to take events to a worldwide audience.

The Power 50 rankings are "another important accomplishment for XANGO and a direct credit to our nearly two million distributors worldwide," wrote XANGO Chairman Emeritus Gary Hollister in a blog post after the Power 50 announcement. "In founding XANGO, we brought a vision of a powerful brand and global community that would evolve the business of direct selling. And that vision is realized everyday by the leaders who bring XANGO to life in the field. I'm so proud of Aaron and every one of my partners for again representing XANGO's influence in evolving the industry we love so much."

Garrity, who ranked number two on the Power 50 last year, was recognized by the Harvard Business Review as one of the top innovative entrepreneurs in a six-year study on innovators and what sets them apart from other business leaders.

At XANGO's annual convention last September, Garrity unveiled five "Bold Strides" initiatives the company would engage at a global level, including cultivating the next generation of direct sellers, advancing XANGO's social purpose in areas like sustainability and empowering women in every market the company serves.

XANGO Launches FAVAO Weight Loss Program

Press Release | 1/4/2012

XANGO launches total lifestyle reset program focused on nutrition and supplementation, exercise and facilitating support systems both online and off

LEHI, Utah, Jan. 3, 2012 -- Today, as millions of Americans include weight loss in their New Year's resolutions, FAVAO(TM) by XANGO offers a total lifestyle reset and a comprehensive program to help consumers lose the weight and keep it off. Unlike ineffective "magic" pills and fad diets on the market, the FAVAO program takes a different approach by focusing on three core principles: carefully formulated supplements, very doable workouts and a healthy, delicious meal plan to help consumers meet their goals. The result: not only a thinner waist, but a healthier, happier outlook for life.

"Nearly a decade ago, we revolutionized health and wellness by introducing the mangosteen fruit to a global market," said XANGO Founder, Chairman and CEO Aaron Garrity. "Today, we take another step in our company's history by offering a true, comprehensive solution to weight loss that tackles the physical, emotional and social obstacles behind so many Americans' weight gain. We're excited to offer people a life-long solution to not just losing weight but leading healthier, longer and more productive lives for themselves and the people they love."

"As a personal trainer, registered nurse and certified nutritionist, what I observed in working with people on their weight-loss goals was that many quit prematurely, grew frustrated or typically regained the weight due to extenuating factors," said Kristi Attaway, FAVAO program expert. "XANGO's intent in designing this program was to create--once and for all--something that would free people from their bad habits and give them a real, permanent solution that would change their life, their relationships and their long-term health. FAVAO allows people to live as they've always wanted without starving themselves or missing their family and friends because of countless hours at the gym."

FAVAO helps consumers achieve whole-body wellness through four carefully formulated supplement regimens. Paired with simple but comprehensive meal plans and targeted daily exercise, these supplements address different functions of the body to accelerate the results of exercise and fundamentally change the way people eat and live.

Wellness Without Weakness

With studies classifying two out of three Americans as overweight or obese, FAVAO is a solution-oriented program designed with real, lasting change in mind. Whether someone is looking to shed pounds or achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle, FAVAO offers a clear, easy-to-follow program that requires no guesswork.

Xango Recognized as Champion of Green Personal Care

Press Release | 12/1/2011

LEHI, Utah, Nov. 30, 2011 -- Today, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a coalition of more than 150 nonprofit organizations working to protect the health of consumers and workers by eliminating dangerous chemicals from cosmetics, recognized global wellness leader XANGO, LLC as a Champion in the area of green personal care for its Glimpse® and Juni by XANGO® branded products. In achieving Champion status, XANGO fulfilled all the goals set out by the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, a voluntary pledge to avoid chemicals banned by health agencies outside the U.S. and to fully disclose product ingredients.

"As a company driven by a social purpose, XANGO takes very seriously its obligation to encourage sustainability, health and wellness in every aspect of its business," said XANGO Founder, Chairman and CEO Aaron Garrity. "When it comes to personal care products, our Glimpse and Juni lines prove that consumers do not have to sacrifice premium results to benefit their own health and safeguard the environment. We're excited to be part of a meaningful movement that changes the consumer mindset and leads the market toward a healthier future."

Mia Davis, organizing director of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and coordinator of the new Safe Cosmetics Business Network, applauded XANGO "for being a Champion and for demonstrating that it's possible to make personal care products that far exceed current safety standards in the United States." Davis added, "The company is a great example of making safe products part of a successful business model; trends demonstrate natural and safe cosmetics make up the fastest-growing segment of the $50 billion cosmetics industry."

More details are available in a new report released today, "Market Shift: The story of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and the growth in demand for safe cosmetics," which describes the seven-year project during which time the nonprofit organizations that make up the Campaign worked with companies in a unique partnership to raise the bar for safer personal care products.

XANGO's Glimpse® and Juni by XANGO® personal care lines target specific skin, hair and body needs from anti-aging to dry skin and scalp. At the core of the product formulas are plant-based ingredients starring the "Queen of Fruits," the mangosteen from Southeast Asia. Rich in antioxidants and other phytonutrients such as xanthones, the mangosteen enjoys a long history of use for the skin as a calming agent in Southeast Asian tradition. XANGO, a recognized category creator as the first company to bring mangosteen to a global market in the form of premium beverage XANGO® Juice, continues to lead development of mangosteen-based solutions for the entire body – inside and out.

"XANGO's commitment to apply green chemistry and avoid known toxins in our personal care brands is a stand we choose to take for our consumers and the people they love," said XANGO Senior Vice President and Creator of the Glimpse and Juni brands Beverly Hollister. "As a global wellness leader and a category creator, XANGO delights in introducing mangosteen and other naturally-based wellness products to the world. At the same time, we pledge to provide the market with innovative solutions that are responsibly produced and have a positive impact on our environment."

Today's announcement marked the completion of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, though the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics will continue to advocate for safe, healthy products for all consumers by working with a broad range of companies in the new Safe Cosmetics Business Network and by working with voters and Congressional leaders to pass the Safe Cosmetics Act. If passed, this bill would update the 1938 cosmetics regulations.

Xango Releases New Products

Natural Products Marketplace | 9/27/2011

Xango has introduced four new collections for personal care, children’s health and overall wellness for adults: Glimpse Luminescence skin care products, an updated line of Juni hair and body products, XANGO 3SIXTY5™ children's multivitamins, and Precis™, a line of specialized supplements designed to address individual health concerns.

The Glimpse Luminescence Collection leverages antioxidants and the properties of the mangosteen to help restore skin’s healthy, radiant appearance. The updated Juni brand of hair and body products is sulfate-free and formulated with pure essential oils and mangosteen. 3SIXTY5 Kids promotes brain support, bone building and eye health along with an immune system boost.

Read the entire article at the link below.

Xango Releases New Mineral Treatment

Press Release | 6/7/2011

Leading global wellness company, XANGO, LLC, announces its Glimpse® Mineral Treatment has undergone extensive UV testing that found it offers SPF 25 and PA+++ protection. Glimpse achieves safe and effective protection for the skin by using Zinc Oxide and botanicals, rather than using chemical sunscreens such as octinoxate and avobenzone that may cause harm to the skin.

"Recent studies raise the question as to whether the more chemical-laden sunscreens on the market do more harm than good," added XANGO Senior Vice President Beverly Hollister. "In contrast, we are proud to offer products that are free of the harmful chemicals and toxins found in most leading brands, while still offering excellent UVA and UVB protection."

The SPF number indicates your defense from UVB rays while the PA+++ is the measurement for protection against UVA rays. UVA/UVB rays damage your skin in different ways and it is essential to choose products that guard against both UVA and UVB radiation.

"We've always felt that the formulation for Glimpse Mineral Treatment provides essential sun protection," said Paramedical Master Aesthetician and Glimpse Formulator Misha Hughes. "Research now confirms that health-conscious consumers can achieve the look they want without unnecessarily exposing their skin to harmful rays or harsh chemicals."

Xango Reaffirms Green Stance

Press Release | 4/29/2011

Known for donning the trademark company orange in most settings, today employees, distributors and executives of global wellness leader XANGO, LLC opted for the color green as part of the worldwide Earth Day commemoration. About 100 green thumb executives and employees from the company's Utah headquarters planted trees, cleared trails and pruned shrubs along popular canyon trails. Meanwhile, XANGO distributors participated in projects large and small in communities across the globe and shared their efforts on Facebook, each vying for the opportunity for permanent recognition at company headquarters.

"Today is about making the world a better place through XANGO's celebrated core value of volunteerism," said XANGO President and CEO Robert Conlee. "As a company, we're always striving to improve our stewardship of the environment."

Beyond today's activities, XANGO continues to make advancements in reducing its carbon footprint and protecting the environment. These include:

Energy-efficient features at XANGO's headquarters, such as a ground loop thermal heating system, a green roof that reflects sunlight, a building automation system, fluorescent and LED light bulbs and low-flow toilets, faucets and fixtures Enhanced use of Forest Service Council (FSC) certified paper in product packaging and marketing materials Recycling of scrap glass from XANGO® Juice bottles for reuse in fiberglass insulation Green chemistry and low-temperature processing for Glimpse products to reduce carbon footprint, and use of delicate plant-based ingredients in product formulations to eliminate use of harsh chemicals and toxins

Meanwhile, XANGO continues the search for the most compelling Earth Day projects. Starting today through next week, XANGO invites distributors and customers to post their Earth Day projects on the company's Facebook page. The person receiving the most votes for their project will have a tree planted in their honor at XANGO headquarters, alongside a plaque with their name on it.

"Technology enables us to share in each other's accomplishments on Earth Day, wherever we live," said XANGO Founder and Chairman Aaron Garrity. "We're fortunate to include the most driven, caring people anywhere in the world as our distributors and employees, and we believe strongly in the ability of motivated individuals to change the world one person at a time."

XanGo Welcomes Lennon Ledbettter

Press Release | 11/9/2010

International Nutrition Company XanGo Greets Long Time Network Marketing Industry Leader Lennon Ledbetter.

XanGo, LLC, a highly recognized global leader in the nutrition industry has welcomed long-time network marketing icon and founder of Team Builders Global, Lennon Ledbetter, to their team of more than 1 million distributors in 35 countries. Ledbetter, among others, will greatly contribute to the future success of XanGo and its premier nutritional and well-being product line.

Aaron Garrity, XanGo’s Founder and Chairman states, “We’re thrilled, in our eighth year, to have a dynamic, incredibly accomplished leader such as Lennon joining XanGo without a signing bonus or guaranteed position. Lennon’s achievements stand at the pinnacle of our industry, due in large part to his unique ability to inspire others and help them realize their potential. In XanGo, he can count on a strong partner with extraordinary executive leadership and a commitment to supporting our distributors in a way that accelerates their growth now and well into the future.”

Ledbetter, active in network marketing since his early 20’s, has been a key motivational speaker, team builder, and trainer and has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their dreams and ambitions. Ledbetter states, "I'm extremely excited to find in XanGo an innovative, energetic partner that shares my commitment to work with people to help them realize their dreams. By choosing to build from scratch with XanGo – just like any other person becoming a distributor today – I have the opportunity to closely mentor young and veteran networkers and help them make a true difference in the lives of the people they love and others they don't yet know."

XanGo continues to push an aggressive growth strategy, encompassing a growing portfolio of international markets. Some say XanGo’s affiliation with visionary leaders such as Ledbetter should make this expansion a success. "Lennon is a proven leader whose boundless energy, focus and determination attracts people and helps them achieve like they never thought possible. With XanGo, he finds a like-minded commitment to teamwork and success; we look forward to what we will accomplish together." states XanGo President and CEO Robert Conlee.

Ledbetter’s experience in the network marketing industry stems from industry giant Quixtar (formerly Amway) as well his continuous training, team building, and one-on-one mentoring. This coupled with XanGo’s ambitious goals should help launch XanGo into a successful future.

Xango Holds Regional Convention

Press Release | 10/22/2010

Orlando plays host to XANGO, LLC's North American regional event this weekend as the company celebrates its eighth anniversary with news of growth, prosperity and renewed product offerings. As a relatively young company in the direct sales industry, XANGO has evolved over the years from the "mangosteen company" to a full-blown global health and wellness organization, expanding its distributor base into more than 30 international markets and introducing new products to help meet consumer needs.

"XANGO has reached the sweet spot for success after eight years in the direct sales industry. We've built a solid foundation as an established company, but we're not so big that our distributors lose connection to our leadership and core values," said XANGO President and CEO Robert Conlee. "Our combination of stability and fresh, exciting opportunity is leading many of the biggest names in our industry to choose XANGO as the place for them and their teams to achieve long-term success."

The continued migration of many veteran network marketers to XANGO – particularly in North America – along with strong international growth in places such as Italy, Russia and Portugal, is driving a global surge in 2010. Heading into this weekend's event in Orlando – expected to draw the company's largest crowd for an event outside of Salt Lake City – key business drivers point to an optimistic outlook. New distributor sign-ups are at a 30-month high while global distributor retention rates and average order size of XANGO products have increased considerably since the Las Vegas regional convention earlier this year.

"These trends are key indicators of a second wave of XANGO global growth and expansion," said Conlee. "Together with our distributor partners, we're creating a standard that attracts those looking for a proven, growing opportunity to improve their health and financial wellness."

Among the expected announcements in Orlando, XANGO plans to relaunch its XANGO 3SIXTY5™ multivitamin and preview wellness product innovations for 2011. "The relaunch of XANGO 3SIXTY5 is the result of listening to the health and wellness needs of our distributors and consumers," explained XANGO Chief Marketing Officer, Larry MacFarlane. "This launch is just the first of several announcements to come within the next year that will demonstrate our continued commitment to creating fresh wellness opportunities for our distributors and consumers."

In addition to improving the health and wellness of consumers and enhancing their lifestyles, XANGO distributors actively support those who are less fortunate through the XANGO Goodness program. In Orlando, company representatives will report on XANGO Goodness humanitarian efforts around the world, including the completion of more than 450 cleft lip and cleft palate corrective surgeries and the continued distribution of XANGO Meal Packs for the world's chronically malnourished and hungry population. Since 2007, more than 2 million meals have been purchased. For more information, please visit www.XANGOGoodness.org.

Direct Sales Legend Joins XanGo

Press Release | 8/20/2010

XanGo, LLC, a global health and wellness leader in the direct sales industry, announced today that worldwide network marketing icon and recognized business leader Lennon Ledbetter has joined the ranks of XanGo's more than 1 million independent distributors in 35 countries. Ledbetter, founder of Team Builders Global, is among the highest-earning and most well-known network marketers in the world.

"We're thrilled, in our eighth year, to have a dynamic, incredibly accomplished leader such as Lennon joining XanGo without a signing bonus or guaranteed position," says XanGo Founder and Chairman Aaron Garrity. "Lennon's achievements stand at the pinnacle of our industry, due in large part to his unique ability to inspire others and help them realize their potential. In XanGo, he can count on a strong partner with extraordinary executive leadership and a commitment to supporting our distributors in a way that accelerates their growth now and well into the future."

Ledbetter is among the very elite achievers in direct sales, his team having consistently generated many millions in annual revenue as a heralded leader in one of the three largest companies in the industry. Among his accomplishments at his former company, he reached its highest ranks and consistently earned among the top sales growth checks worldwide. A sought-after motivational speaker and trainer, Ledbetter has wowed audiences in dozens of cities domestically and internationally in front of packed stadiums. Remaining humble, he's also been known to spend considerable time offering one-on-one mentoring to his downline.

Commented XanGo President and CEO Robert Conlee, "Lennon is a proven leader whose boundless energy, focus and determination attracts people and helps them achieve like they never thought possible. With XanGo, he finds a like-minded commitment to teamwork and success; we look forward to what we will accomplish together."

Ledbetter's joining XanGo comes at a time when the company continues to push an aggressive global expansion, which includes eight new international markets in the past 15 months. He joins a growing list of industry leaders signing up with XanGo, amid a surge in rank advancements for the company's existing distributors.

"I'm extremely excited to find in XanGo an innovative, energetic partner that shares my commitment to work with people to help them realize their dreams," says Ledbetter. "By choosing to build from scratch with XanGo – just like any other person becoming a distributor today – I have the opportunity to closely mentor young and veteran networkers and help them make a true difference in the lives of the people they love and others they don't yet know."

Continues Ledbetter, "Because of XanGo's amazing founders and executive leadership, its commitment to category-creating products and its compensation plan, our future distributors will be able to yield a success unlike any other in direct sales."

Since the age of 18, Ledbetter has been driven to win and been mentored by top leaders in sports and business, including Hall of Fame football coach LaVell Edwards and world-renowned business author Stephen R. Covey. While playing on the nationally ranked Brigham Young University football teams on a full-ride athletic scholarship, he was introduced to direct sales and immediately recognized the opportunity to thrive in a career based on performance and consistent effort. Jumping at the opportunity to be trained by Dexter Yager, Jody Victor and other industry stalwarts, he soon determined to work tirelessly to learn the business and then help others believe in themselves and reach for their dreams.

Says Ledbetter, "I've seen people rise from nothing and through this business earn the resources to support their family, give back to charity and to enjoy the lives they've always dreamed of; that's very gratifying." A prolific speaker and motivator, Ledbetter has authored many CDs and DVDs and advocated the benefits of free enterprise to presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush as well as prominent members of Congress. Today, he continues his efforts to make a difference for thousands of self-entrepreneurs around the world.

Ledbetter is wasting no time building his business with XanGo. Starting later this week and continuing in the months to come, he will speak at opportunity meetings in Seattle, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Southern California, with plans to visit Florida, Texas, the Ukraine and Russia – among other locations. He resides in Alpine, Utah, with his son and three daughters; his oldest daughter, Brittany, is a business partner. When not building a thriving XanGo business, he combines his love for family and exotic cars with rides in the scenic canyons near his home. Ledbetter also appreciates and collects fine art.

Xango Makes 2 Millionth Meal Donation

Press Release | 8/20/2010

Starving children and families receive sustenance from XanGo Meal Packs LEHI, Utah, Aug. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- XanGo, LLC has reached a historic milestone with the donation of its 2 millionth meal, through the XanGo Meal Pack program, to those suffering from malnutrition and related illness. Driven by XanGo's global distributor network, the Meal Pack program has thrived since its inception nearly three years ago.

"Everyone at XanGo—from the Founders and top executives to our distributors—is passionate about the Meal Pack program and contributing to the fight against world hunger," said XanGo Founder and Chairman Aaron Garrity. "This program allows us to leverage our global network of socially conscious XanGo distributors to make a direct, positive impact on the welfare of children and families who need it most."

Managed through a partnership between XanGo and global health and disaster relief organization AmeriCares, the XanGo Meal Pack program provides meal replacement packages to malnourished and undernourished children and adults from impoverished areas across the globe.

The 2 millionth meal donation from XanGo coincides with recent shipments of XanGo Meal Packs to Malawi and to Cambodia, one of the most impoverished nations in the world with almost 40 percent of children considered chronically malnourished.

Additionally, 80,000 pounds of XanGo Meal Packs were delivered to the rural areas of El Salvador last month. Purchased by individual XanGo distributors around the globe, the Meal Packs are shipped to AmeriCares' global partners with distribution costs donated through XanGo. The Meal Packs are then used in hospitals, clinics and refugee centers. The XanGo Meal Packs provide nourishment through a high-density oat flour base containing essential fats, minerals and vitamins. Since the program launched in October 2007, meals have also been served in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Myanmar and Haiti.

"XanGo Meal Packs are reaching those most in need around the globe," said Randy Weiss, director of corporate relations at AmeriCares, a nonprofit global health and disaster relief organization. "Our continued partnership with XanGo helps achieve AmeriCares' goal of people living longer, healthier lives. We look forward to a continued partnership in the battle to help reduce chronic malnutrition and associated illness."

XanGo Branding and Bashing Heats Up in Utah

Npros.com | 6/15/2010

Aaron Garrity, Gary Hollister, Joe Morton and two others, founders of XanGo, find the price of success comes not only with perks, but with drawbacks as well. Founded in 2002, XanGo offered their bottled mangosteen fruit juice, in bottles less than a quart in size, for $25. Millions have been sold, making both the co-founders, and those who sell the product, very rich.

XanGo's estimated earnings for the time period between 2005 and 2006 were in the $38 million dollar range, with co-founders Garrity and Morton netting an astounding $6 plus million each in profits. Allegations of misuse of everything from company credit cards to expense accounts placed XanGo in the position of Defendant for several lawsuits.

Legal counsel for the company states that as with anyone who enjoys such phenomenal success in so short a time period, there will always be those who would seek to unravel the fabric holding things together. However, XanGo execs were responsible for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on things like private chartered plane rides, shopping excursions in elite New York stores, pianos, vacations in Hawaii, and personal gifts for spouses on the company credit card, while also being given a substantial $6,000 per month vehicle allowance.

Although both Garrity and Morton have enjoyed their share of accolades for time spent in the multi-level marketing arena with such companies as Enrich International, and Morinda Holdings (who operate Tahitian Noni International), XanGo is now receiving scrutiny for not only the financial practices, but further allegations that the founders 'stole' their idea for the mangosteen based juice from Morinda, and did not get it from Joe Morton's call to Aaron Garrity regarding a fruit he was served in a restaurant, as claimed. Morinda would later sue the five founders of XanGo based upon these allegations. The matter was settled out of court, and the records are sealed.

Angel Investors LLC, a 1 percent stock owner in XanGo, is among those filing lawsuits against the company. The Plaintiff is claiming that XanGo was “recklessly run” and thereby caused financial damage through improper conduct to its shareholders. The lack of accounting controls over the use of personal credit cards seems to be the prevalent basis for the lawsuit.

Company spokespersons and legal counsel state that such gifts and bonuses are commonplace in the marketing industry and that all expenses have been accounted for and reported for tax purposes.

Xango mentioned in Canadian top ten menu trends

Npros.com | 6/10/2010

The Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association has announced their top 10 food trends on Canadian menus. The superfruit, mangosteen, was among this group. Xango juice was mentioned as it is sold in Canada and 33 other international markets.

The article can be read at the link below.

Xango Introduces Its Most Successful Salesman

Npros.com | 5/31/2010

Xango International, an MLM company and manufacturer of mangosteen superfruit-based beverages introduced the legendary Sherman Unkefer, the company's top seller during a Xango presentation in Costa Blanca. The company made its debut in 2002 in Salt Lake City with the vitamin rich mangosteen health drink, turning it into a global success story and moving on to add many more products to its production line.

The Xango presentation was attended by over 120 people and took place at the Marriott Hotel last Friday, where guests listened to Unkefer – who earns a six figure sum every month from his multi level marketing network.

Mr. Unkefer claimed in front of an international audience that Xango was the best company the multi level marketing industry had ever seen, and provided a system and marketing plan that generated “massive success.”

“It is really just the beginning. The company is still only eight years old, and there will be a second wave of success with the new skin care range, which is going to have a massive impact.” said Sherman after explaining that it wasn't too late to enjoy success as a company distributor.

Sherman indicated that Xango was “...on the cusp of a massive period of growth and we see our company growing hugely in a very short period of time.”

XanGo Distributors Look To Las Vegas Amid Growth Surge

Npros.com | 4/26/2010

Signs of a prosperous year loom on the horizon for XanGo, LLC distributors, as thousands gather in Las Vegas this weekend for the THRIVE TWENTY-10 convention. "We look forward to sharing a message of optimism with XanGo distributors because – despite the challenging economic climate of the last two years – we are experiencing a resurgence and new growth in North America in 2010. There's a real sense of renewal and increased momentum at XanGo right now." said XanGo Founder and Chairman Aaron Garrity.

XanGo saw its number of new sign-ups which indicate growth in the direct sales industry as it recently reached its highest point in several years, up as much as 33 percent. Various other performance cues such as retention rates and average order size have increased substantially.

"Our business model enables a unique partnership between corporate headquarters and our network of distributors — a partnership that we constantly work to refine and improve. We're pleased with the success experienced by many of our distributors, and that the steps we take to help fuel their growth really work; as expected, this helps increase the company's market presence, also." Scott Smith, General Manager for the U.S. and Canada, commented.

The company has achieved a noticeable position of strength, as many long-time, top leaders from other network marketing companies are joining XanGo. Signs and trends currently perpetuate confidence as well as increased personal financial success for XanGo's entrepreneurial group of distributors. Currently, the strongest growth factor to an individual distributor, rank advancement, is also expanding.

Tahitian Noni YouTube Video Yanked

Npros.com | 4/23/2010

YouTube was asked by XanGo’s parent company, DBC, LLC, to pull a Tahitian Noni International video about its new bioactive beverages. The video portrays various superfruit juices failing in their attempts to conquer the stable iridoids of Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverages

After responding to YouTube, TNI expects the video to be available again within 10 business days. Currently, the video is still available on major web sites such as Yahoo, Flickr, Vimeo and Facebook.

“Interesting that a competitor asked YouTube to pull the video, such a strong reaction to the video has brought more attention to it, and actually increased the interest and viewership. TNI has responded to YouTube, and the video should soon be back up.” stated Jeff Wasden, Vice president of Global Marketing for Tahitian Noni International.

TNI claims that the video known as "The Iridoid Difference" was created as an interesting and fun way to demonstrate the difference between TNI superfruit juices and others available on the market. In particular, the flavonoids and carotenoids in most superfruit juices degrade rapidly after processing, pasteurization, and in excessive light and storage periods. Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverages are said to remain potent for the full duration shelf life according to the company.

XanGo Press Release

Press Release | 4/21/2010

With spring in full bloom, XanGo, LLC and Operation Smile welcome another type of renewal: a season of smiles. Last week initiated a series of joint missions as XanGo distributors accompanied Operation Smile to Tlaxcala, Mexico, to support medical volunteers who performed 100 cleft lip and cleft palate corrective surgeries. The smile tour continues with three additional stops through July. “XanGo has supported Operation Smile for several years. During that time, we’ve grown our philanthropic partnerships alongside the global expansion of our business,” said XanGo Founder and Board Chairman Aaron Garrity. Just last week, the company received recognition from Utah Governor Gary Herbert for continued support of Operation Smile. Garrity adds, “The success of the XanGo missions with Operation Smile is truly a testament to our distributors, whose efforts to build their independent businesses make it all possible.”

Looking ahead, XanGo and Operation Smile will make a return visit to Guadalajara, Mexico, for the fourth time in two years, where they expect to perform 100 surgeries from May 17 to 23. The following week, XanGo and Operation Smile will make their first trip to Chonburi, Thailand, to provide 100 surgeries to children of the farmers who harvest mangosteen fruit, the source of XanGo’s success. The season of smiles will conclude with a July mission to Ulan Ude, Russia – a country in which XanGo started doing business last year – to perform 50 surgeries.

“With their unceasing energy and enthusiasm for doing good, the XanGo community shares with Operation Smile a common commitment to the children of the world,” says Operation Smile Co-Founder Bill Magee. “Operation Smile is honored to be a part the XanGo family and truly grateful that this shared passion continues to grow and change the lives of children and their families across the globe.”

Each year, more than 200,000 children are born with a cleft lip and/or cleft palate, and are often unable to eat, speak, socialize or smile. With the help of dedicated medical volunteers and through generous donations and partnerships, Operation Smile provides free surgeries to children around the world, healing their smiles and bringing hope for a better future.

XanGo’s support of Operation Smile stems from a core value to transcend mere “check-writing” and change lives. XanGo routinely provides monetary donations, advisory board participation, volunteer programs and partnerships in medical expeditions, community education and humanitarian efforts. Of particular interest is improving the lives of children around the world and mobilizing to address disasters and crises.

XanGo® Juice May Help Lower Marker of Inflammation and Improve Weight and Body Fat

Npros.com | 4/9/2010

A new study published in Nutrition Journal indicates that XanGo® Juice, a market-leading, premium mangosteen beverage, has lowered levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) in overweight and obese people in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human trial. CRP is a marker used to measure inflammation levels, and a reduction in CRP may indicate a corresponding reduction in the risk of heart disease and diabetes. This study also suggests that XanGo Juice has healthful properties for weight management.

Mike Pugh, a scientist at XanGo, explains, “The reason why the scientific community is interested in probing inflammation is that it may be an early indicator of heart attack, stroke and diabetes, potentially even lung disease, skin conditions and arthritis. So, scientists test CRP as a first step in assessing an individual’s level of inflammation, and then, in turn, they use that to help picture a patient’s potential for these serious diseases.” Current understanding of body fat suggests that reducing inflammation may also assist in managing one’s weight, which may have wellness benefits of its own.

XanGo’s chief marketing officer, Larry Macfarlane, elaborates on why XanGo whole-heartedly supported the research performed by Dr. Jay Udani at Medicus Research in California, “Sometimes, consumers turn to pharmaceutical products as a preventive measure to maintain good health. While consumers should always consult with their healthcare provider before changing their dietary regimen, XanGo realizes that our flagship product, XanGo Juice, might provide a natural alternative for maintaining good health.”

In the study, Dr. Udani tested three different dosages (varying between three to nine ounces) of XanGo Juice against a placebo juice. Participants consumed the assigned beverages twice a day, in the morning and evening. All three dosages of XanGo Juice demonstrated an ability to reduce CRP as a marker of inflammation. Dr. Udani comments, “Subjects who consumed the highest dose demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in CRP (1.33 mg/L). The other doses had non-significant reductions in CRP while the placebo group actually increased their CRP level.”

Body fat percentage was significantly different between the three-ounce juice group and placebo. This three-ounce group also experienced a significantly lower body mass index (BMI) score compared with placebo at eight weeks. The six-ounce group had significantly lower BMI than placebo at four weeks and at eight weeks.

Dr. Udani reports that no side effects or safety concerns emerged at any dosage tested, and cautions that longer studies with larger numbers of participants are needed to confirm the findings and further probe a possible dose-dependent effect. However, this first human clinical trial points to exciting avenues for XanGo Juice’s use in the maintenance of heart health and other conditions that may be connected to inflammation.

Previous research shows the xanthones in XanGo Juice may possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may help sustain a healthy cardiovascular system, support cartilage and joint function, support the immune system, promote a healthy seasonal respiratory system, maintain intestinal health and neutralize free radicals.*

XanGo Juice is sold by XanGo’s global network of more than 1 million independent distributors. To locate a distributor near you, visit http://www.xango.com.

XanGo Congratulates MLS Winner

Natural Products Marketplace | 11/30/2009

LEHI, Utah–Jersey-front sponsor XanGo LLC congratulated Real Salt Lake (RSL) on winning the Major League Soccer (MLS) Championship. This championship is the state of Utah’s first professional sports title in almost 40 years. XanGo staff, executives, founders and distributors will join RSL at Rio Tinto Stadium on Nov. 24, 2009 for the MLS Cup 2009 Celebration Rally. Real Salt Lake defeated the Los Angeles Galaxy for the MLS Cup on Nov. 22, 2009 in Seattle. RSL beat the Galaxy 5-4 in a shootout after a 1-1 tie in regulation. RSL entered the playoffs with an 11-12-7 record as the lowest seeded team.

This July, XanGo renewed the pioneering jersey-front sponsorship deal – initially inked in October 2006 – for another three years ensuring the partnership will continue to grow. “We recognize the tenacity, self-belief and hard work that contributed to Real Salt Lake’s improbable run through the playoffs and congratulate them on becoming MLS Champions,” said XanGo founder and chairman Aaron Garrity.

Clinical Study Finds XanGo Juice Benefits

EurekAlert | 11/6/2009

LEHI, UT- A new study published in Nutrition Journal indicates that XanGo® Juice, a market-leading, premium mangosteen beverage, has lowered levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) in overweight and obese people in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human trial. CRP is a marker used to measure inflammation levels, and a reduction in CRP may indicate a corresponding reduction in the risk of heart disease and diabetes. This study also suggests that XanGo Juice has healthful properties for weight management.

Mike Pugh, a scientist at XanGo, explains, "The reason why the scientific community is interested in probing inflammation is that it may be an early indicator of heart attack, stroke and diabetes, potentially even lung disease, skin conditions and arthritis. So, scientists test CRP as a first step in assessing an individual's level of inflammation, and then, in turn, they use that to help picture a patient's potential for these serious diseases." Current understanding of body fat suggests that reducing inflammation may also assist in managing one's weight, which may have wellness benefits of its own.

XanGo Juni in Inside Cosmeceuticals

Inside Cosmeceuticals.com | 10/28/2009

LEHI, Utah—According to a March 2009 study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 61 percent of the children’s bath products tested were found to contain formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane, both of which are probable carcinogens.

As a result, XanGo LLC is launching Juni™ Family Care, a line of personal care products. Juni shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and body bar blend mangosteen fruit with botanicals and are infused with lavender. They contain no harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrance or sulfates.

XanGo Convention Press Release

openPR | 10/28/2009

XanGo, LLC attracted about 10,000 XanGo distributors from across the globe to Salt Lake City last week for its seventh annual convention. With more than 1 million distributors and a presence in more than 30 international markets, XanGo has a lot to celebrate this year. The theme of the convention – “Thrive” – particularly resonated for a company successfully launching two new product lines, despite the economic downturn, and entering a host of new markets including Russia and Italy in 2009.

“The annual XanGo convention is an opportunity to review our past successes and truly give credit to all the people who contributed their passion and hard work to reach this point, but it’s also a strategic time to look to the future and chart where XanGo is headed in 2010 and beyond,” XanGo CEO Robert Conlee said. “Judging from the convention, our distributors are motivated to get back to building their XanGo business, recharged with new ideas and wellness products that their customers will love.”

XanGo in the Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake Tribune | 10/25/2009

The estimated 9,500 people flocking today to the Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center are testament to the company's expansion strategy during tough economic times, XanGo CEO Robert Conlee says.

XanGo's annual Salt Lake City convention gets up to full steam today with international troops of independent distributors getting rah-rah messages and help with sales techniques.

The Lehi-based company -- its name adorns the jerseys of the Real Salt Lake professional soccer team -- is approaching $2 billion in sales since its founding seven years ago, Conlee said Thursday.

XanGo Establishes Charitable Foundation

PR Newswire | 10/25/2009

XanGo, LLC, a leading global health and wellness company, officially launched the XanGo Goodness Foundation last night with a fundraising gala to benefit Operation Smile. The XanGo Goodness Foundation was established to extend the reach of its ongoing work to actively support philanthropic causes worldwide. Of particular interest is improving the lives of children at home and around the world and mobilizing to address disasters and crises. The event raised nearly $35,000 toward a week-long goal of supporting an Operation Smile mission to Thailand to provide children's cleft lip and palate repair. The money raised translates into approximately 145 surgeries.

Gordon Morton, XanGo founder and board member comments, "The XanGo Goodness Foundation transcends mere 'check-writing' - we encourage involvement and volunteerism." Morton adds, "XanGo Goodness evolved into a Foundation that is registered as a 501(c)(3) charity, in a move to strengthen both XanGo's fundraising abilities and transparency. Perhaps most importantly, this will expand our ability to help more people in need."

XanGo in the Deseret News

Deseret News | 10/25/2009

XanGo, a multilevel marketing company based in Lehi, will sponsor three Operation Smile missions in the next 18 months. Each mission costs about $150,000. Although the surgeons and staff are volunteers, the equipment is pricey and the surgeons take time to train local doctors. Only about 10 percent of plastic surgeons have the training to operate on cleft lips and cleft palates, which means that few children in the developing areas get the surgeries.

The missions will be to Thailand, since that's where the mangosteen fruit from which XanGo's flagship product, XanGo Juice, is grown. The company wants operations for children of farmer workers who harvest mangosteen.

XanGo Arrives in Russia

PR-CANADA.net | 10/17/2009

Driven by demand, XanGo, LLC, a leading global wellness company, is launching a distributor growth initiative in Russia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine, all countries that are a part of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The Grand Opening for this new market will occur on October 10 -11, 2009, at the Small Sport Arena in Moscow.

XanGo is a recognized category creator as the first company to market a premium mangosteen beverage, XanGo® Juice, to consumers worldwide. In the seven years since its founding, XanGo has expanded its roster of premium wellness products -- through the creation of bold, category creating brands such as Glimpse® Topical Skin Nutrition and eleviv(TM) -- and achieved explosive growth through the energetic marketing efforts of its global network of independent distributors. Today, XanGo boasts more than 1 million distributors and operates in more than 30 countries.

XanGo Markets New Nutritional Capsule

Salt Lake Tribune | 9/15/2009

XanGo LLC, known for its juice of the same name, has launched itself into a market with a nutritional capsule that will compete in a multibillion-dollar arena of products that promise to reduce stress and boost energy.

The company over the weekend unveiled eleviv -- the name a combination of elevate and life -- at a conference of its independent distributors in Washington, D.C.

XanGo will be rolling it out in other areas, as well, and give it a top spot in its annual conference set for October in Salt Lake City, where it is hoping to have 10,000 distributors in attendance.

XanGo Introduces Eleviv Supplement

SYS-CON Media | 9/14/2009

The modern lifestyle: fast-paced, confronted by continual change and full of demands, pressure and stress. This perfect storm often results in a tired, sluggish, even depressed population - fueling an $80 billion industry of sleep aids, energy drinks and other drugs and stimulants. A natural, safe solution? XanGo, LLC unveils eleviv(TM), a revolutionary new dietary supplement for natural, youthful vigor. Decreased stress, improved mood, and enhanced sleep quality are all key components of vigor.

XanGo CEO Robert Conlee describes the company's category-creating efforts, explaining that, "As a global health and wellness company, XanGo is constantly searching for new products and ingredients that improve consumer lifestyles and create opportunities for our distributors. Eleviv is our latest innovation, and already in high demand. In fact, just during our pre-launch activities, eleviv has led to XanGo's biggest sales day ever."

XanGo Hosts Thai Government Delegation

Npros.com | 8/29/2009

LEHI, Utah

The founders of XanGo and the company executives hosted a trade delegation representing the Royal Thai Government. The delegation was led by Chantira J. Vivatrat, executive director of Thai Trade Center in Los Angeles and commercial consul to the Royal Thai Consulate Los Angeles. During their visit members of the delegation recognized XanGo’s creative use of mangosteen. Mangosteen is the national fruit of Thailand. The delegation presented XanGo a certificate of appreciation for being a pioneers in bringing the mangosteen to a global market.

XanGo LLC markets a mangosteen beverage, XanGo® Juice; 3SIXTY5™, a whole food nutrition multi-vitamin; and Glimpse® Topical Skin Nutrition.

XanGo Juice Patent Denied

Legal Times | 11/5/2008

The decision of a patent appeals board to deny a patent for an exotic fruit juice will stand for now, at least, even though two of the judges on the panel were unconstitutionally appointed, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled this week.

A three-judge panel voted unanimously to dismiss the fruit juice maker's challenge, saying the company, DBC, had failed to timely raise its constitutional argument regarding the composition of the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences. The argument was brought up after the deadline for briefing.

XanGo Names New Execs

Daily Herald | 11/5/2008

XanGo LLC, a Lehi nutritional supplement maker, named Scott Smith its senior vice president.

Smith, who will report to company President Craig Hale, will lead a new distributor relations department. Russ Fletcher was appointed vice president of information technology.

XanGo Opens New Headquarters

Salt Lake Tribune | 10/30/2008

XanGo held a grand opening Tuesday for its new, energy-efficient headquarters in Lehi. Sen. Orrin Hatch and Rep. Jim Matheson attended the ceremony at the new structure near the Thanksgiving Point golf course. XanGo is direct marketer of juice based on the mangosteen fruit from Southeast Asia that the company touts for its nutritional qualities.

XanGo Launching Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care

Press Release | 10/20/2008

Just more than three weeks away from the sixth annual international convention for global nutrition leader XanGo, LLC, anticipation is building for the official U.S. and Canada launch of Glimpse™ Intuitive Skin Care. The personal care brand is poised to create the category for mangosteen topical nutrition in a similar fashion to what XanGo® Juice did in 2002 when it brought the benefits of mangosteen internal consumption to a global market.

Reflecting XanGo’s ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, and amid continuing scientific studies demonstrating the harmful effects of toxins and chemicals in most personal care products, XanGo has created Glimpse. It features green chemistry to provide a clean, toxin-free delivery that naturally nourishes the skin.

XanGo Partners with Operation Smile

HappyNews.com | 10/5/2008

Operation Smile and title sponsor XanGo partner to provide new smiles to children in Guadalajara, Mexico The free medical mission will take place September 25-October 3 at the Institute of Reconstructive Surgery September 22, 2008 - From September 25 to October 3 in the city of Guadalajara, Operation Smile, a worldwide children's medical charity, will bring together more than 40 medical and non-medical volunteers to provide life-altering care for hundreds of children in Mexico. The mission will provide surgeries for those who suffer from cleft lips and/or cleft palates. Also articipating on the medical mission is Satcha Pretto, co-host of the highly-rated Univision daily newsmagazine television show Primer Impacto-Fin de Semana (First Impact - Weekend Edition). Satcha, who will be on-site from September 25-30, will cover the mission for a news series to air on Primer Impacto-Fin de Semana in late October. In March 2008, Satcha was named as a Smile Ambassador for Operation Smile.

XanGo Walks with Childrens Wish

Canada NewsWire | 6/9/2008

Parade Ambassador and Wish Child, Carter, was joined by Glen Oliver, Country Manager for XanGo Juice who was in town to announce XanGo's title sponsorship of The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada's national Wishmaker Parade.

"This Parade brings thousands of people together in communities across Canada - not just for the fun and excitement of the day, but to help grant wishes to some extremely special children who live in many of these same communities," says Glen Oliver, Canadian Country Manager for XanGo Juice, the creator of a premium mangosteen beverage. "XanGo is very proud to be the title sponsor of the Wishmaker Parade, and looks forward to the contribution that our many Canadian distributors will make to help wishes come true!"

Fittingly announced in Halifax, the birthplace of the Wishmaker Parade more than 20 years ago, the event will take place in more than 100 communities across Canada over the October 18 and 19, 2008 weekend. The XanGo Wishmaker Parade has become a premier national fundraising event for The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada, raising $1.3 million in 2007.

XanGo to Announce Significant Partnership

Canada NewsWire | 6/4/2008

WHAT: XanGo, LLC will be making an important announcement in support of The Children's Wish Foundation's National Wishmaker Parade. The Wishmaker Parade will take place in more than 100 communities across Canada over the October 18th and 19th weekend. The Wishmaker Parade has become a premier national fundraising event for Children's Wish, raising $1.3 million in 2007.

WHO: Glen Oliver, International Market Manager Canada for XanGo LLC Cheryl Matthews, Chapter Director, Nova Scotia Carter, Wishmaker Parade Ambassador and Wish Child.

XanGo Introduces New MultiVitamin

PR Newswire | 6/2/2008

Global nutrition leader XanGo, LLC, creator of the mangosteen supplement category, today announced the launch of its 3SIXTY5(TM) whole food nutrition multi-vitamin brand. Combining the mangosteen rind with botanical phytonutrients from 12 fruits and 12 vegetables, the 3SIXTY5 whole food formula provides a complete blend of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and CoQ10 to fully complement a daily dose of globally renowned XanGo(R) Juice.

"Taken together, 3SIXTY5 and XanGo Juice provide a daily whole nutrition regimen," said XanGo Founder and Chief Executive Officer Aaron Garrity. "Through the introduction of XanGo Juice nearly six years ago, we established a new category and grew to a billion dollar brand. 3SIXTY5 advances our category and gives XanGo distributors additional opportunity to build their businesses with a complete nutritional product line."

Clear Choice Beverage Awards Honor XanGo Bottle

Emediawire | 5/13/2008

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) May 6, 2008 -- The Glass Packaging Institute today honored global nutritional leader XanGo, LLC with its 2008 Clear Choice Award for the category-creating iconic bottle design of XanGo Juice. Chief Marketing Officer John Digles accepted the award at the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Show in Las Vegas. XanGo was honored among some of the world's most renowned beverage brands. "In creating a new global category, XanGo introduced a bottle image that is now cast as one of the world's most recognized nutrition brands," said Digles. "We thank the Glass Packaging Institute for this honor. And special thanks to nearly a million XanGo distributors worldwide for establishing the XanGo Juice bottle as a global symbol of wellness and prosperity."

XanGo Launches INVASION Online Series

Emediawire | 4/22/2008

Establishing the market's first-ever online televised series, XanGo, LLC distributor leaders and top executives hosted "Online INVASION 2.0" on XanGo.TV, a 30-minute magazine-style program of major announcements and distributor motivation. The second in a series of online broadcast mobilization events, Online INVASION 2.0 attracted viewers from over 23 international markets. Building on momentum from the first Online INVASION, broadcast in January of this year, viewership for Online INVASION 2.0 again tracked higher than projections, with over 150,000 tuning in for the pilot program. Many distributors hosted group meetings to watch the show and plan their own business growth strategies.

Xango Now Available in Canada

Newsbureau.ca | 4/20/2008

XanGo, LLC Country Manager for Canada Glen Oliver announced the availability of a new 30 millilitre (one-ounce), single-serving package of XanGo™ Juice in Canada, which will be marketed under the brand name XanGo™ Single. Recently launched in the U.S., the XanGo Single is being introduced this month in Canada and Mexico, two of XanGo’s largest international markets.

“The XanGo Single meets a growing distributor demand for convenient, travel-size versions of the globally popular XanGo Juice,” Oliver said. “As distributors work to build their businesses, we’re pleased to offer a sample size of their most effective sales tool: the enticing flavour of XanGo Juice.”

XanGo Donates 75K to Childrens Organization

Salt Lake Tribune | 3/29/2008

* $10,000 to Milford High School, donated by AARP Utah. * $70,000 to The Road Home homeless shelter, donated by Draper-based DAZ 3D, a software company. * $3.7 million to organizations in Utah donated by Wal-Mart. * $140,000 to Bank of American Fork and Rural Housing Development Corp. to fund affordable housing in Utah County, donated by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle. * $1,897 to Whittier Elementary in Salt Lake City donated by AXA Advisors. * $3,500 to the Maliheh Free Clinic and $3,500 to the Utah Foster Care Foundation, donated by the employees and owners of Foothill Family Clinic. * $75,000 to the Children's Organ Transplant Association, donated by supplement company Xango. recognizes businesses giving to those in need. To include your business, contact Brianna Lange at 257-8756 or blange@sltrib.com.

FDA Issues Warning to XanGo

Ventura County Star | 3/3/2008

XanGo has been warned by the FDA for claiming that mangosteen could ward off disease or cancer. The company insists those claims were printed by a third party on a brochure at a recruitment seminar and it's not responsible.

XanGo executives said they haven't heard from the FDA since receiving a warning letter last summer and assume the case is closed.

Paul Teitell, the FDA's assistant district director in Denver, said the matter isn't settled. The agency can seize the product, stop the company from doing business or prosecute, he said.

"The fact they haven't heard from us since last summer doesn't mean the case is closed," Teitell responded. "We warned them, and what happens beyond that warning is based on the way they behave, not how we behave."

Super Fruit Spawns Billion Dollar Business

Baltimore Sun | 2/22/2008

SALT LAKE CITY - On stage at a sales convention, XanGo executive Joseph Morton said that when he first stumbled across mangosteen, a tropical fruit with purported curative powers, "I didn't have to have it confirmed in the New England medical journal before I would listen."

The multilevel marketing company has built a huge business around its mangosteen-based juice, which it promotes as an immunity booster. The company still hasn't proved its health benefits -- which it says could include a stronger immune system and improved joint function -- to skeptical experts. XanGo's Web site includes a disclaimer, noting the juice is not meant to treat or prevent disease. A lab test arranged by The Associated Press found its antioxidant power to be on par with other fruit juices.

David Webb Named XanGo US General Manager

Deseret News | 2/22/2008

J. Andrew Sjoblom, Michael J. Ziouras, Adam Brezine, Stephen P. Nash and Matthew J. Smith have been elected to partnership at the law firm of Holme Roberts & Owen LLP. Sjoblom is a member of the firm's Litigation Practice Group. His practice focuses on the prosecution and defense of cases involving intellectual property, contracts and other complex business disputes. Prior to joining HRO, Sjoblom was an associate at a Los Angeles firm. In addition to his Utah practice, Sjoblom continues to litigate cases in California state and federal courts. Ziouras focuses his practice on public and private mergers and acquisitions and public and private securities offerings. Prior to joining HRO, Ziouras was an associate at firms in New York City and Salt Lake City. Brezine has a litigation practice that includes unfair competition, bankruptcy, antitrust, intellectual property, media, sports law, real estate, and creditorsi rights issues. Nash leads the firm's national health-care practice. Nash has focused on health and hospital law since 1976. Smith practices in securities litigation and complex litigation. Specifically, he has represented public companies, directors and officers of public companies, insurance brokers, broker-dealers and individuals in securities and regulatory matters.

• Dave Webb has been named U.S. general manager at XanGo LLC. Webb will be responsible for the development and execution of the U.S. market business plan. He previously was a senior sales manager. Webb joined XanGo in late 2004. Before that, he worked at a technology company, a direct-sales company and an independent distributor. He attended Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University.

XanGo in the Boston Globe

Boston Globe | 2/22/2008

On stage at a sales convention, XanGo executive Joseph Morton said that when he first stumbled across mangosteen, a tropical fruit with purported curative powers, "I didn't have to have it confirmed in the New England medical journal before I would listen."

more stories like thisThe multilevel marketing company has built a huge business around its mangosteen-based juice, which it promotes as an immunity booster. The company still hasn't proved its health benefits - which it says could include a stronger immune system and improved joint function - to skeptical experts. XanGo's website includes a disclaimer, noting the juice is not meant to treat or prevent disease. A lab test arranged by The Associated Press found its antioxidant power to be on par with other fruit juices.

XanGo Super Fruit in the Herald Tribune

Herald Tribune | 2/12/2008

Exotic super fruit juice spawns $1B nutrition business for one company; experts doubtful

On stage at a sales convention, XanGo executive Joseph Morton said that when he first stumbled across mangosteen, a tropical fruit with purported curative powers, "I didn't have to have it confirmed in the New England medical journal before I would listen."

The multilevel marketing company has built a huge business around its mangosteen-based juice, which it promotes as an immunity booster. The company still hasn't proved its health benefits — which it says could include a stronger immune system and improved joint function — to skeptical experts. XanGo's Web site includes a disclaimer, noting the juice is not meant to treat or prevent disease. A lab test arranged by The Associated Press found its antioxidant power to be on par with other fruit juices.

Morton, a 37-year-old triathlete nicknamed Ironman Joe, was on a business trip in Malaysia when he saw mangosteen, a white delicacy wrapped in a blood-red leathery shell, on the dessert menu.

From that introduction, Morton, the company's president of international and distributor relations, capitalized on a new brand category of liquid "super-fruits" that is "doing gangbusters," said Jeff Hilton, a partner at Integrated Marketing Group, a branding and packaging consultant.

XanGo has more than two dozen competitors that sell fruit juices, powdered drinks and vitamin fizz tablets. Tahitian Noni International Inc. sold $2 billion (€1.38 billion) worth of noni juice, from the French Polynesia fruit, in its first 10 years by 2006. MonaVie, also of Utah, bottles a blend of acai juice from the Amazon basin berry. Pure Fruit Technologies Inc. underprices XanGo on a mangosteen-based juice that sells in health food stores.

Xango Recognized as one of Utah States Best Employers

Salt Lake Tribune | 1/30/2008

Utah-based supplement company XanGo was recognized by Utah Business magazine as one of Utah's "Best Companies to Work For." The company was also named 2007 Business of the Year by the Provo-Orem Chamber of Commerce. Cawley Partners, a real estate investment company, has acquired Edgewater North and South, two five-story buildings off Interstate 80 at 5215 and 5225 West in Salt Lake City.

Xango Receives Humanitarian Award

Press Release | 1/28/2008

XanGo Receives Humanitarian Award from Virgo Publishing

Lehi, UT (PRWEB) January 26, 2008 -- Global nutritionals leader XanGo, LLC, received Virgo Publishing's inaugural "Focus on the Future" Humanitarian Award for its support of XanGo Goodness. Since the company's founding in 2002, XanGo has contributed to global humanitarian causes that benefit children and families in need.

In presenting XanGo with its Humanitarian Award, Virgo Publishing recognized the company for making significant contributions to the betterment of the community through charitable and public service work. XanGo co-founder and President of Sales and Marketing Gordon Morton, who started XanGo's charitable giving by making a company donation before turning the first profit, thanked Virgo Publishing for recognizing what continues to be a major area of focus for the company and its distributors and employees.

Xango Hosts Online Invastion on Xango TV

Earthtimes | 1/21/2008

Distributors worldwide and top executives of global nutritionals leader XanGo, LLC forged another path in direct sales by hosting the industry's first-ever global online broadcast event. XanGo's "Online INVASION" on XanGo.TV, a 30-minute magazine-style program of major announcements and distributor motivation, attracted viewers from over 20 international markets.

Viewership for the Online INVASION premiere smashed projections, surpassing 100,000 and temporarily overloading the company's servers. Within an hour of the Jan. 14, 7 p.m. U.S. EST kick-off, XanGo expanded its server capacity and met the towering demand for the show.

"Online INVASION on XanGo.TV attracted amazing response from distributors and prospects worldwide. This program is another innovation to build on our tremendous momentum and mobilization worldwide," said XanGo Chief Marketing Officer John Digles. "Combined with our extensive City Meetings and Regional events, initiatives like XanGo.TV and Online INVASION cultivate an elite level of dialogue with our distributors at every level and give prospects unparalleled insight into the XanGo opportunity."

XanGo Convention Draws 10000

Salt Lake Tribune | 10/31/2007

Top XanGo officials touted the Lehi-based supplements marketer Friday as quickly building toward a billion-dollar company after only five years of operation.

In front of about 10,000 of its distributors of the multilevel marketing company that sells a drink made from a Southeast Asian fruit, the founders and top officers pointed to the company's growth rate since it was founded in 2002 and promised much more is to come as it expands globally.

"XanGo is a billion-dollar [brand] today," CEO Aaron Garrity said to loud cheers. "We are a billion-dollar [brand] in less than five years."

XanGo Hires Director of Marketing for XanGo Japan

Deseret News | 10/31/2007

• Janette Sonnenberg of Salt Lake City recently was elected as the president of the Alliance of the American Dental Association. The organization supports the ADA through dental health education, legislative advocacy and the "well-being of the dental family." Sonnenberg is the second president from Utah (Iola Smith served in 1966) and has been an alliance member for 25 years. Her education includes a degree from Brigham Young University. • Brad Cardon and Richard Green have joined the law firm of Thorpe North & Western LLP. Cardon, whose education includes degrees from the University of Utah and Brigham Young University, has a technical practice that focuses on the mechanical, electro-mechanical and optical arts. He worked for several years with a pair of companies in a variety of engineering roles prior to entering law school. Green has experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the fields of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, microfabrication and applied chemistry. His education includes a degree from the University of Utah.

• Richard K. Gardner has joined the VanCott law firm as an associate with the Tax, Benefit and Estate Planning Group. His education includes degrees from Brigham Young University.

New XanGo President Names

NPIcenter | 10/18/2007

XanGo, LLC, creator and market leader of the mangosteen beverage category, today announced that Kent Wood has been named President of XanGo, LLC. Wood, a founding executive, most recently served as President of Operations for the rapidly expanding Utah-based company that distributes its market-leading product, XanGo® Juice, in the U.S. and 18 international markets. As XanGo’s newly named President, Wood will also serve as chairman of the company’s Executive Committee.

“Kent is an amazing talent and his significant contributions have helped make XanGo what it is today,” said Aaron Garrity, CEO. “Having overseen our finances from the start, he is in a unique position to evaluate the core structure of our company and maximize its potential for growth and profitability.”

In his new role, Wood will focus on XanGo’s internal operations and functions to refine all the disciplines and processes necessary to meet the demands of the company’s phenomenal growth. Wood will supervise all operational disciplines, including manufacturing, supply chain, logistics and quality assurance. He also will continue to have responsibility and high-level strategic oversight for the finance, accounting, information technology and facilities departments.

Xango Inaugurates New XALO Premium Brand

NPIcenter | 10/8/2007

Proprietary formula, headlined by aloe, grape seed and green tea continues XanGo tradition of great-tasting nutritional products

Frankfurt, Germany, Sept. 15, 2007 — Global nutritionals leader, XanGo, LLC today commenced sales of its new proprietary brand, XALO™ Juice, at a meeting where hundreds of distributors gathered to mark the company’s official opening of the Germany market. Marketed under the brand name, XALO Juice (pronounced zay-lo), XanGo’s new brand fuses the world’s most celebrated botanicals, headlined by aloe, mangosteen, grape seed and green tea to offer pure and nourishing benefits in a complete and complex functional beverage.

At today’s meeting in Wetzlar, Germany, Chief Marketing Officer John Digles announced that the EU is the pilot market for XALO Juice, which will be initially offered in Germany, Belgium and Austria. Digles said XALO will expand and complement the surging sales of the company’s flagship product, XanGo® Juice, in the strategic European market. “XALO Juice is a branded premium aloe product with an amazing taste,” he said. “XanGo designed XALO as a powerful brand composed of select premium nutritional ingredients blended together to optimize taste and nutrition.”

Xango in the FreshPlaza News

FreshPlaza | 10/2/2007

Five years after bringing the mangosteen out of obscurity with its category-creating product, XanGo Juice, global nutritionals leader XanGo, LLC is evolving its brand to reflect its billion-dollar destination as the company continues to dominate the mangosteen supplement category.

Led by a world-class executive team and more than 750,000 independent distributors worldwide, XanGo is educating the world about the "queen of fruits" through credible science and a premium product. Through the development of its corporate brand and expansion into international markets, XanGo now holds 80 percent of the U.S. mangosteen revenue market share.

"XanGo's brand power comes from the excitement of discovery, the thrill of innovation and incredible passion for our business. With our distributors, XanGo has created a unique, globally popular product from a fruit previously unknown to much of the world. Over the past five years, we have seen tremendous growth as we continue to evolve our brand through leadership and distinct initiatives," said XanGo's CEO, Aaron Garrity. "The mangosteen has transcended trend status as consumer interest and repeat sales of XanGo Juice continue to surge worldwide."

Xango in the Montreal Gazette

Montreal Gazette | 9/24/2007

Mangosteen: the latest super-fruit SARAH MUSGRAVE, The Gazette Published: Saturday, September 22 The sip: XanGo mangosteen juice

The price: $38 for 750 mL

The smell: Raspberry jam

The look: The bottle is curvy and sporty, and emblazoned with the words "Discover the goodness!" The liquid pours out dark, thick and impenetrable, a remarkably deep ruby colour.

The taste: Red licorice concentrate. It's tangy with black currants and berries, though there's barely a taste of the delicate mangosteen itself in this blended beverage. The texture is a refined pulp that a lot of folks would see fit to water down before imbibing.

The story: We've done pomegranates. We've done açaí. We've done gobi. So what's the super-fruit of the week and what's the buzzword that comes with it? That would be the mangosteen, a South Asian crop with a lychee-like appearance and a flavour reminiscent of grapes and pears. Do we really need scientists to tell us what people who have eaten this stuff for centuries already know? Maybe we do, because immune-bolstering antioxidants called xanthones appear to be its ticket to fame. As a result, mangosteen sales are looking up. For a lesser star of the fruit world, it suddenly has an amazing number of manufacturers.

Xango Lends its Support to DSHEA

NutraIngredients-usa.com | 8/5/2007

Another company has lent its support to the Coalition to Preserve DSHEA, thereby boosting the interest group's clout in Washington.

The maker of mangosteen juice, Xango, has joined the coalition's growing list of members to protect the regulations that oversee the dietary supplement industry under the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA).

"We believe there is important work to be done to safeguard the future of the industry," said Debbie Blockinger, Xango's senior manager of public affairs. "By joining a united industry front, we can ensure not only that the correct messages and appropriate actions are taken in Washington, DC, but also that the entire natural products industry is benefited by the Coalition's good work."

Xango Receives Top Research Honors

NPIcenter (press release) | 8/5/2007

LEHI, UT- Aug. 1, 2007- XanGo, LLC, recognized creator and market leader of the mangosteen supplement category, was honored for its latest mangosteen research at the 70th annual natural products trade show, Natural Marketplace 2007, in Las Vegas. The Natural Products Association awarded first place to the team led by Edward Walker, Ph.D., from Weber State University, for their poster session on the HPLC analysis of selected xanthones in the mangosteen fruit. Walker's work, in conjunction with XanGo, established a credible standard for testing and measuring xanthones in the whole mangosteen fruit.

Walker's team utilized an 80:20 acetone/water mixture to extract the xanthones from dried, ground whole mangosteen fruit rind. The mangosteen rind is considered nature's most concentrated source of xanthones, a family of phytonutrients that possess potent antioxidant properties.

Xango Makes Debut in Malaysia Local Market

Malaysia Star | 7/24/2007

XanGo, LLC, recognized creator of the mangosteen supplement category, is collecting the autographs of RSL fans on the "World's Largest Soccer Jersey" between now and the end of the 2007 MLS season to benefit the National Ability Center for skiers with disabilities.

For each signature, XanGo will donate $10, up to 2,000 signatures. The category-creator pledged $20,000 to be donated through this initiative to the National Ability Center (www.DiscoverNAC.org) in Park City, Utah. Contributions will be used to fund an Alpine Ski Program for kids from all over the country who come and participate in National Ability Center's program.

"This initiative makes RSL fans the celebrities. Every one of their signatures has great value to a worthwhile international cause. Our World's Largest Soccer Jersey will appear at RSL games and tour other locations to collect fan autographs in the name of charity," said Gordon Morton, president of sales and marketing.

Morton said the World's Largest Soccer Jersey promotion is part of the XanGo Goodness movement, which benefits children and families throughout the world. He noted that National Ability Center was highlighted on the July 9 of the Today Show.

Xango in Produce News

FreshPlaza | 7/16/2007

US: Xango plugs analytical method for xanthone content

Xango is touting a new 'easily duplicable' analytical method, for identifying xanthones in the rind of mangosteen fruit, as supporting the health benefits of its high end juice line.

The Utah-based mangosteen juice company distributes the product worldwide through direct marketing. The peer-reviewed, single lab validated high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis of selected xanthones in mangosteen was published in June's issue of the Journal of Separation Science.

Promoting ingredients or products along the line of validation methods may become more prevalent as manufacturers and labs alike increasingly highlight the disparities between nutritional content claims and how these can be affected by the exact sourcing of compounds.

This study "ensures a more consistent and reliable marketing of mangosteen products to consumers relative to claims of xanthone content," said lead researcher Edward Walker, from Weber State University.

XanGo Leads Research on Mangosteen Fruit

eMaxHealth.com | 7/6/2007

Whole Mangosteen Fruit

XanGo is leading scientific exploration of the whole mangosteen fruit (Garcinia mangostana) through a tiered approach based on safety, standardization and efficacy.

In a study published in the June 2007 issue of the Journal of Separation Science, researchers established a credible scientific method for testing and measuring xanthones. Preliminary results from a separate study conducted on XanGo(R) Juice, indicate usage of the whole mangosteen fruit as a delivery vehicle leads to high xanthone absorption.

XanGo in the Mount Vernon News

Mount Vernon News | 6/21/2007

Organic or all natural products have caught the attention of many who are health conscious, and the growing use of dietary supplements to better improve one’s health has created a competitive industry. Although medical conditions and other ailments are still widely managed with prescription drugs, all-natural products continue to find consumers who are searching for alternative remedies without any side affects.

XanGo has been on the market for almost five years. Believers in the juice testify that the dietary supplement’s main ingredient, the mangosteen fruit, responds well to many conditions. XanGo is the first and original mangosteen supplement. The fruit is native to Southeast Asia and has been used as a healing remedy by scribes since 600 A.D. The fruit is hard to ship around the world because it doesn’t stay fresh, but Joe Morton, founder of XanGo, bottled the ingredient so the “Queen of Fruits” could be shared worldwide.

XanGo in the Mount Vernon News

Mount Vernon News | 6/19/2007

Organic or all natural products have caught the attention of many who are health conscious, and the growing use of dietary supplements to better improve one’s health has created a competitive industry. Although medical conditions and other ailments are still widely managed with prescription drugs, all-natural products continue to find consumers who are searching for alternative remedies without any side affects.

XanGo has been on the market for almost five years. Believers in the juice testify that the dietary supplement’s main ingredient, the mangosteen fruit, responds well to many conditions. XanGo is the first and original mangosteen supplement. The fruit is native to Southeast Asia and has been used as a healing remedy by scribes since 600 A.D. The fruit is hard to ship around the world because it doesn’t stay fresh, but Joe Morton, founder of XanGo, bottled the ingredient so the “Queen of Fruits” could be shared worldwide.

XanGo Promotes John Digles to Chief Marketing Officer

Emediawire | 5/31/2007

XanGo, LLC, recognized creator and market leader of the mangosteen supplement category, today named John Digles its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Digles previously served the company as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. As CMO, Digles will direct XanGo's global marketing components, including sales, advertising and public relations throughout the U.S. and in 16 international markets.

XanGo President and CEO Aaron Garrity said Digles' appointment is another key ingredient in building XanGo's billion-dollar brand, driving its international expansion, and providing exceptional executive leadership to the company's 700,000 plus distributors worldwide.

"John's powerhouse consumer branding savvy, creativity and nutritionals expertise are prized assets to XanGo and to our independent distributor network. Like our premium products, XanGo's executive talent is a competitive differentiator and John's service as CMO further distinguishes us in the industry," said Garrity.

XanGo Names New President of Sales and Marketing

PRWEB | 5/29/2007

Lehi, UT (PRWEB) May 24, 2007 -- XanGo, LLC, recognized creator and market leader of the mangosteen supplement category, announced today that founding partner Gordon Morton has been named President of Sales and Marketing. Morton previously served as Chief Marketing Officer, overseeing the company's sales management, public relations, marketing communications and events departments.

XanGo President and CEO Aaron Garrity said that Morton's appointment is another organizational move to allow XanGo's founding executives to focus energies on the company's strategic direction and future growth. XanGo continues to expand internationally and now operates in 17 markets with nearly 700,000 independent distributors.

XanGo in the Drinks Business Review

Drinks Business Review - USA | 5/29/2007

While the health trend continues to influence the makeup of many new drink launches, taste is still a decisive factor for consumers. Two new products recorded by Productscan exemplify this, one developed to flavor filtered water, and another to add sweetness to medicines; two different products designed to make liquids taste better.

'Content Procter & Gamble has developed an innovative new product that allows flavored filter water to be delivered to the consumer straight from the tap. The Pur Flavor Options Water Filtration System consists of flavor cartridges and a device which adds the flavoring straight from the tap. The device, called a faucet mount, filters the tap water, while the cartridges can be fitted into the faucet to create fruit-flavored water. The strength of the flavoring can be varied by pressing the button for longer. The product also comes in a pitcher variety, which provides the option of adding flavor cartridges to filtered pitcher water.

FlavorX has also released a novel flavor mixer in the US, this one designed to be added to medicine. The FlavorX Flavorit Home Flavoring Kit comes in watermelon, grape, bubblegum and orange varieties, as well as a sweetening enhancer variant, which allows children to choose a sweet flavor to add to their medicine to improve the taste.

Green tea extract is becoming more popular with manufacturers, with the ingredient featuring in a number of new types of drinks. It has recently been included in a new yogurt drink in Spain by Danone, called Essensis Pro-Nutris Yogurt Drink. The product contains fruit extracts and lactic active ferments, as well as green tea extract, which are said to feed the skin from the inside, helping it look more healthy.

Suntory's new health drink, recently released in Japan, also contains green tea extract, as well as a host of other health-giving ingredients. In total, the health drink, called Suntory Hyakunen Cha Ready-to-Drink Tea, contains 24 natural ingredients, ranging from mushrooms, seaweeds, Chinese wolfberry (goji berries) and barley, making this a unique drink offering.

(...Also claiming to offer health benefits is XanGo's Xalo drink, which has recently been launched in Germany, Austria and Belgium. This new functional fruit juice is claimed to provide several health benefits, including improved digestive health, skin regeneration, and increased natural energy levels. Like the previous product, this juice drink also consists of a variety of ingredients, such as mangosteen, aloe vera, grape seed, green tea extracts, and a variety of fruit juices....)

XanGo Gets Positive Mention in Decatur Daily

The Decatur Daily | 5/29/2007

XanGo is just a bottle of juice.

But for its fans, it’s not “just” a juice. They call it a “miracle” or “God’s juice.”

A number of people in North Alabama have turned away from mainstream medicine and have instead turned to this bottled supplement. Many of them religiously take the natural remedy for various ailments, often after frustrating bouts with modern medicine that brought no relief.

Mangosteen juice has helped 74-year-old Frank Sharrott of Hartselle thrive despite leukemia, his sister Gail Puckett find relief from arthritis and heartburn, and their friend Shelby Powell get her voice back, they say. And dozens of other locals also can share their own stories with the juice.

“If I was Bill Gates, I would give everybody bottles of this juice and see what it does for them,” Puckett said. “It’s just really miraculous.”

Xango Announces Xalo

PR Leap | 5/29/2007

(PRLEAP.COM) XanGo now proudly presents: Xalo. A new lifestyle drink composed of Mangosteen pulp, Papaya, Green Tea, Aloe Vera and 2 enzymes. The Mangosteen (lat.: Garcinia Mangostana) is popular for the xanthones it contains. From 250 known xanthones, there are more than 40, especially in the rind. XanGo ususally the whole fruit for the juice - but in the case of XanGo, only the pulp is used. These Xanthones fight odd electrons in the human body and thus supports several functions in your whole body.

XanGo is Expanding Its Lineup

Salt Lake Tribune | 4/3/2007

XanGo, maker of the first mangosteen juice supplement, is expanding its lineup after almost five years of selling a single product. This summer, the Lehi supplements maker will introduce XALO, a new juice that combines aloe, green tea, grape seed and XanGo's signature ingredient, the mangosteen. Test markets for XALO (pronounced zay-lo) are Germany, Belgium and Austria. The move coincides with an increase in consumer awareness about the mangosteen, grown mostly in Southeast Asia, and a flood of new products containing the exotic fruit. Still, the decision to introduce a product was not without some trepidation. "It was a pretty lengthy discussion," said John Digles, XanGo's senior vice president of sales and marketing. "But what it came down to is we are a category creator and as we do business around the world, we are looking to lead our category with the world's best mangosteen products." Grape seed is known for revitalizing the skin, and aloe vera assists with digestion. Both are recognized and celebrated in Europe, so it made sense to start there, Digles said, adding, "XALO is about cleansing from the inside out."

XanGo Announces New Premium Brand

NPIcenter | 3/30/2007

Functional beverage formula fuses mangosteen, aloe and other ingredients; XALO Juice to be introduced this summer in the European market

LEHI, UT, March 29, 2007 — XANGO, LLC Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder Gordon Morton today announced the company has created a new formula, which will be marketed under the brand name, XALOTM Juice (pronounced zay-lo) and introduced this summer in Europe. Morton said XALO Juice, a proprietary fusion of aloe with mangosteen and other premium ingredients, expands XANGO’s leadership of the mangosteen supplement category, which the company created in 2002. Sales of XanGo® Juice, the company’s flagship product, continue to surge worldwide.

“XANGO’s exclusive XALO Juice formula combines the acclaim of aloe with...


PR-inside | 3/23/2007

Lehi, UT, Mar. 22, 2007 XanGo, LLC, the creators of the proprietary whole fruit mangosteen supplement, XanGo® Juice, is focusing on the fight on poverty through its newly created Goodness Travel Journal. XanGo Goodness is a worldwide cause-related movement with a mission to raise social consciousness and mobilize XanGo's global resources to serve, support and improve the communities where the company operates, as well as people in need wherever they may be.

In an effort to bring attention to charitable efforts that serve adults and children throughout the world, XanGo will inaugurate the Goodness Travel Journal by highlighting a medical mission it supports in Ghana, Africa. The trip is a partnership between XanGo and the University of Utah School of Medicine. In addition to providing financial aid, XanGo facilitates the participation of its distributors and employees on such missions.

Xango in the Natural Products Insider

Natural Products Insidere | 3/13/2007

Fruits of the Future?


Apples, oranges and bananas are super fruits, but not superfruits. These conventional fruits have laudable nutrient profiles and will always be great, healthy options, but they may soon be competing on a large scale with more exotic fruits. “The term superfruits has gone from being a catch-all phrase used by manufacturers to refer to new, exotic fruits with high antioxidant properties to being an accepted category of products on the retail and consumer level,” said Alex Moffett, president of Renaissance Herbs.

Discussion of superfruits in the health arena has centered on their antioxidant capacities, numerically referenced as ORAC values, and the potential role they may play in chipping away at diseases great and small. Research on these compounds’ effects on the oxidization of cholesterol continues to mount, and manufacturers are meeting increasing market demand for these antioxidant-rich ingredients. Exotic sources such as pomegranate, mangosteen, goji, açaí, noni, camu camu and others are gaining acceptance because of promising research.

German XanGo Distributor Faces Injunction

Daily Herald | 3/13/2007

A German court issued an injunction against a distributor of XanGo products from selling the company's mangosteen juice.

The injunction came after the court ruled that the distributor was in violation of Germany's novel food regulations. The European Union, of which Germany is a member, defines a novel food as foodstuffs that are not commonly used for human consumption in the EU.

State of the Mangosteen

Marketwire | 3/13/2007

LEHI, UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 03/09/07 -- The mangosteen beverage category was called one of the "top 10 trends to watch" during 2006 by Datamonitor's ProductScan Online. But the phytonutrient-rich "Queen of Fruits" more than lived up to expectations and transcended trend status during the year as consumer interest and repeat sales of mangosteen products continued to surge worldwide.

XanGo LLC, the company that created the category when it introduced XanGo® Juice to a global market in 2003, continued to dominate the space, leading the category with more than 80 percent of market share*. During the past year, XanGo expanded the reach of its flagship product, XanGo® Juice, into Europe and Asia by entering the German, Sweden and Singapore markets, where interest and sales have soared. Repeat sales continued to swell in XanGo's established markets, including the U.S., Japan, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. The resounding message? People everywhere most enjoy the benefits of the mangosteen just the way nature intended -- through a product that enables them to consume the whole fruit.

Xango Executives Named Entrepeneur Finalists

NP Center | 12/2/2006

XanGo Top Executives Named as Finalists in National Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award® 2006

(Palm Springs, CA — November 28, 2006) — Gary Hollister, Chairman, and Aaron Garrity, CEO of XanGo, LLC (recognized category creator of the mangosteen supplement) were named finalists in the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award ® 2006 in the Emerging Category. The three finalists were chosen from over 20 regional programs throughout the United States.

2006 marked the 20th anniversary for Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year awards, recognizing business leaders and founders. Award criteria is based upon entrepreneurs that create dynamic businesses, are leaders within their industries and who continually support local communities.

"XanGo is honored to be a part of Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year awards. It is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of the entire XanGo team to be recognized by the foremost authority in the international business community," said Hollister. "As the emerging leader in the worldwide natural products industry, we are proud to see our perseverance and determination lead the way in creating and sustaining a distinguished entrepreneurial spirit."

Xango Inks Deal with Real Salt Lake

PRWeb | 11/21/2006

Marking an unprecedented development for U.S. professional sports and Major League Soccer, XanGo, LLC and Real Salt Lake today unveiled their landmark jersey-front title sponsorship deal, the first of its kind in major-league U.S. professional team sports. Beginning with the 2007 MLS season, slated to kick off on April 7, 2007, the XanGo name will be emblazoned across the chest of Real Salt Lake's adidas/MLS game jerseys, following the European pro soccer model.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) November 21, 2006 -- Marking an unprecedented development for U.S. professional sports and Major League Soccer, XanGo, LLC and Real Salt Lake today unveiled their landmark jersey-front title sponsorship deal, the first of its kind in major-league U.S. professional team sports. Beginning with the 2007 MLS season, slated to kick off on April 7, 2007, the XanGo name will be emblazoned across the chest of Real Salt Lake's adidas/MLS game jerseys, following the European pro soccer model.

XanGo puts Flavonoids in the spotlight

NPI Center | 10/23/2006

XanGo Puts Mangosteen Flavonoids in the Spotlight

Consumers receive more than xanthone benefits in whole fruit mangosteen supplement

October 19, 2006 - LEHI, UT- XanGo, LLC, creator of the mangosteen dietary supplement category is expanding its consumer education campaign with a focus on flavonoids; a major offering of the mangosteen fruit. The company is exploring scientific research to inform consumers regarding nutrients found in whole fruit supplements. The company's market leading product, XanGo® Juice, offers the mangosteen and its nutritional properties through a proprietary whole fruit formula.

"We know that the mangosteen is celebrated as nature's greatest supply of xanthones, and research also shows the Queen of Fruits is rich in antioxidant flavonoids as well," said XanGo CMO Gordon Morton. "Credible science gives us valuable insight into the mangosteen's flavonoid properties. XanGo will work diligently to advance research into the complexity of our fruit and educate consumers throughout our exciting exploration."

Xango Donation Funds SCERA Theater Renovation

Desert News | 10/21/2006

Aging SCERA gaining new luster

5-year-plan aims to turn building into a state-of-the-art facility

OREM — At 73 years old, the SCERA theater is getting a makeover. Jason Olson, Deseret Morning NewsEric Mansfield works to remove seats from the SCERA theater Wednesday as part of a project to renovate the landmark using a $1 million donation from Xango. The five-week face-lift began this week as construction crews ripped out theater seats, tore up carpet and prepped the walls, said SCERA President and CEO Adam Robertson. The seats were gone by Wednesday, allowing construction workers access to the floor, which will be sandblasted and finished, then carpeted in some areas. By Thanksgiving, the Xango Grand Theater should be ready for holiday movies.

The face-lift is made possible by a $1 million gift from Xango, a Lehi-based company that markets juice made from the mangosteen fruit.

XanGo in the Salt Lake Tribune

XanGo | 10/17/2006

XanGo creators squeeze their business from an exotic fruit called mangosteen

Once a year, usually in November, Salt Lake City turns orange-side-out as thousands of XanGo distributors, clad in the company's signature color, descend on downtown for their annual convention. But look closer and you'll see a more subtle and significant transformation taking shape.

Inside the Salt Palace Convention Center's big ballroom, three 30-ish friends, inventors of the mangosteen juice concentrate, are forcing a generational shift in the supplement industry, mobilizing the XanGo faithful with slide shows and stand-up routines.

XanGo on Action 4 News

WTAE TV | 10/14/2006

Call 4 Action: Controversial Marketing For XanGo Juice

PITTSBURGH -- How would you like to try a juice that can cure all sorts of diseases and infections?

There's controversy over how this health drink has allegedly been marketed.

The government has sent a warning to the makers of the product, which is going to be peddled in the Pittsburgh area over the weekend. The drink is called XanGo, and Call 4 Action reporter Aaron Saykin said its maker is in hot water with the Food and Drug Administration.

According to the FDA, brochures aimed at recruiting distributors for the product are claiming it can prevent -- and in some cases cure -- all sorts of diseases and infections.

Starting on Saturday, XanGo will be one of more than 150 exhibits at the Pittsburgh Women's Show this weekend in Monroeville.

Click below for complete article

Xango Tests Free of Banned Substances

NPI Center | 9/6/2006

Independent Test Shows XanGo® Juice Free of Athletic Banned Substances

LEHI, UT — September 5, 2006 — XanGo® Juice, recognized creator of the mangosteen supplement category, has been confirmed as a product that does not contain any World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned substances by ConsumerLab.com, a leading independent tester of health, wellness and nutrition products. ConsumerLab defined XanGo Juice as a “zero-tolerance level” product, distinguishing the mangosteen market leader as a dietary supplement with no detectable diuretics, masking agents, beta blockers or related banned substances.

Xango in TheCelebrityCafe

TheCelebrityCafe | 8/23/2006

From TheCelebrityCafe:


This will sound strange so grab your reality and hold on. XanGo is a drink made from the fruit of an evergreen tree called "mangosteen." While it sounds like it is a tree grown in Brooklyn, it is not. Anyway, a dose a day, cold from the refrigerator, hits the back of the throat with the smack power of antioxidants. The daily dose is said to improve the quality of life. No official claims can be made but it has been used in Asia for hundreds of years to keep the people healthy and paying taxes. Xango uses the whole fruit, both the pulp and the rind, so you get the power you pay for. Also it comes in a nice red bottle.

XanGo Launches Worldwide Charitable Movement

NPI Center | 8/3/2006

XanGo Goodness designed to mobilize category creator’s international resources, including over 500,000 distributors, to serve communities in need

Lehi, UT, August 1, 2006 — XanGo, LLC, recognized creator of the mangosteen nutritional supplement category, today launched XanGo Goodness, a global philanthropic movement to serve, support and improve communities in need. The XanGo Goodness program is designed to mobilize the surging company’s worldwide resources – including over 500,000 distributors, hundreds of employees and millions of consumers – to participate in XanGo’s cause-related ventures.

As part of the program, the nutritionals industry giant introduced a new Web site, www.xangogoodness.org, to serve as an interactive town hall for the global movement.

“XanGo Goodness is an evolution of our philanthropic program which was part of the company’s conception,” said XanGo Co-Founder Gordon Morton. “Our focus is results, not just the act of giving. We are working diligently to be involved in our charitable causes and to ensure our contributions reach people in need. As a fast-growing international company with a ‘roll up our sleeves and get involved’ creed, XanGo is uniquely poised to mobilize our financial and human resources to take meaningful action.”

XanGo Honored with 2006 Top 25 Award

PR Web | 7/14/2006

UVEF Honors 2006 Top 25 Under Five

The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum (UVEF) announced winners of its 2006 “Top 25 Under Five” Awards, which spotlight outstanding Utah entrepreneurs from across the state.

Orem, Utah (PRWEB) July 13, 2006 -- The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum (UVEF) today announced winners of its 2006 “Top 25 Under Five” Awards, which spotlight outstanding Utah entrepreneurs from across the state. Award recipients were recognized today at ceremonies held at the Novell Provo campus and sponsored by UTFC Financing Solutions and Omniture. XanGo was recognized as the number one performer among the Top 25 for the second consecutive year. Previous award winner, Omniture, was also honored as a Gold Graduate with its recent initial public offering (Nasdaq: OMTR). This year’s award recipients are Agel Enterprises, AK Designs, Alianza, Allegiance, Aribex, AtTask, Beehive Brick, Best Vinyl, Cymphonix, Doba, Exact Wave, HealthEquity, Herman Street, LignUp, Mindshare Technologies, My Princess Pearls, PilmerPR, Precision Concrete Cutting, Renasis, Seastone Consumer Products, Server Plus, ShopSite, Snapp Norris Group, TopTenReviews, VitalSmarts, and XanGo.

“Utah provides a fertile business climate for the growth of entrepreneurial ventures,” stated Steve Grizzell, chairman of the UVEF board. “The Top 25 Under Five Award winners are among Utah’s best ambassadors for its vibrant small business community.”

UVEF’s Top 25 Under Five Awards have recognized the development of more than 125 entrepreneurs and their companies in the past five years. Competing companies are judged based on profit, growth, equity funding, job creation and job quality.

New Chief Marketing Officer Named at Xango

Npros.com | 6/25/2006

Gordon Morton Named Chief Marketing Officer for XanGo

LEHI, UT—June 23, 2006— XanGo, LLC, the creator of the mangosteen beverage category, announced today that Executive Vice President and XanGo Co-Founder Gordon Morton has been named Chief Marketing Officer.

According to XanGo President Aaron Garrity, Morton’s appointment is part of an organizational strategy to allow XanGo founding executives to focus their energies on further international expansion. As XanGo’s chief marketing officer, Morton will oversee key areas such as sales management, product development, public relations, marketing communications and market research.

Mayor Fines Himself for Promoting Xango

The Beacon Journal | 6/17/2006

Mayor fines himself for personal e-mail

NEWARK, Ohio - The mayor of this central Ohio city has fined himself $368 for sending an e-mail that promoted his son's part-time beverage business to city workers.

Mayor Bruce Bain wrote to 15 city employees on June 9 recommending they become involved in selling Xango, which is marketed as a health drink.

"I violated the computer use policy I helped write," Bain said at a news conference on Thursday. "You have to use the computer only for city business. How can I say to a city employee, 'Don't do that,' if I do it?"

Bain said he realized the mistake on his own and calculated the fine of two days' pay based on his annual salary of roughly $66,000. He paid the city tax office by check.

Bain said he is not involved in the business and only wanted to help his son and city workers make extra money.

Xango Expands Charitable Commitment

NPI Center | 6/17/2006

XanGo Expands Charitable Commitment to Emerging Japan Market

LEHI, UT— June 15, 2006 —XanGo LLC, recognized creator of the mangosteen supplement category, has recently expanded its charitable commitment to the Asian market. Building upon the momentum of its recent market opening in Japan, XanGo is supporting the construction of a family lodging facility at the Kanagawa Children’s Medical Center in Yokohama. XanGo’s charitable mission is to support and improve the nations and communities where the company operates, with a special emphasis on improving the health, nutrition, education and safety for children around the world.

The new Kanagawa Family Center will provide housing and refuge to families of chronically or terminally ill children being treated at the nearby Children’s Medical Center. The new center will expand on the mission of the original center, opened in Yokohama in 1970, to meet the needs of patient families while children are receiving the highest quality of care and treatment.

Xango Marketed Aggressively in Bermuda

The Royal Gazette | 6/11/2006

Mangosteen drink is just the tonic . . .

A DIETARY supplement drink is being aggressively marketed in Bermuda, and its manufacturers are hoping residents will embrace its health benefits as eagerly as people have elsewhere. Called Xango Juice, the drink consists of mangosteen, an Asian fruit said to possess powerful anti-oxidant properties. The fruit is most valued as the world's greatest supplier of xanthones, a family of poly-nutrients believed by many to be a powerful anti-oxidant with supreme health benefits. The company behind the drink is Xango, its name a blend of xanthones and mangosteen. Established in Utah around three and a half years ago, the company now boasts sales in 14 international markets and a global distribution of more than 500,000. Its arrival in Bermuda was celebrated with an official launch at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess last week. According to Bob Freeze, the company's vice-president of communications and public relations, the move was driven by local demand. "Residents there are interested in health and wellness and Xango Juice resonated with the island," he said. "Even before the launch last week there were already hundreds of people there who had taken the product.

Xango Donation Helps Causes for Kids

The Salt Lake Tribute | 5/15/2006

Xango's generous $500,000 donation helped children's cause fundraisers bring in over $800,000 for various children's causes:

RSVP: Scoring touchdowns for kids' causes Operation Kids Award dinner, Ronald McDonald House Charities 'Oriental Odyssey' events raise more than $800,000

Guests at Salt Lake City's Grand America and Little America hotels might have been surprised to see football greats Steve Young and Jerry Rice in tuxedos and Ronald McDonald in his floppy shoes on April 22, but more than 1,300 people who attended Operation Kids Award dinner and the Ronald McDonald House Charities "Oriental Odyssey" took it in stride. The two events spotlighted kids, and between them, they raised more than $800,000 and counting. At Grand America, NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Operation Kids, and former teammate Jerry "Dancing With the Stars" Rice, LeAnn Rimes, Alan Thicke, Steve Mariucci, Ronnie Lott, Billy Gilman and Olympians Johann Koss and Joey Cheek joined 850 guests at the elegant dinner. They were still counting a week later, but a $500,000 gift from Xango and $25,000 from Overstock.com added to the $500-a-seat dinner will make a big difference for OK causes: Christmas Box House, McGruff House Safety Network, Forever Young Foundation, 100% for Kids, The Children's Organ Transplant Association, Best Buddies, Operation Smile and Right to Play. Leading the applause: Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch and Elaine Hatch, coaches LaVell Edwards and Bill Walsh, Xango president Aaron and Tiffany Garrity, Kent and Sarrah Crawford, John Lund, Jerry Moyes, Jack and Diana Towsley, Ali Bowman, Bob and Evelyn Gibson, Stewart and Spring Park, Carolyn Anderson, John Digles, Sherry and Grit Young, Tom and Isabelle Connors, and Ed and Linda Cline.

Xango Resolves Three Year Dispute

Daily Herald | 5/12/2006

A three-year legal dispute over intellectual property rights to XanGo's flagship mangosteen juice supplement has been settled.

Details weren't available as the settlement agreement reached Thursday between Tahitian Noni International Inc. of Provo and XanGo LLC of Lehi was confidential, and all court documents concerning the dispute are sealed.

Tahitian Noni sued XanGo and several of its top executives in February 2003 in 4th District Court in Provo, alleging the executives stole Tahitian Noni's concept for a mangosteen-based supplement while they were employed by the Provo company's parent, Morinda Co.

The lawsuit also claimed Morinda has exclusive intellectual property rights to XanGo's juice supplement and sought a constructive trust be imposed on all of XanGo's assets, business opportunities, benefits and profits.

But XanGo disputed Tahitian Noni's allegations in a countersuit. Aaron Garrity, XanGo's president and chief operating officer, in a previous interview with the Daily Herald said the idea for the business took root when Joe Morton, one of XanGo's founders, stumbled on the mangosteen fruit at a restaurant in Malaysia and found numerous scientific reports that supported the health benefits of the tropical fruit.

Xango Honored by Entrepeneyrs

Xango Press Release | 4/17/2006

World Summit for Young Entrepreneurs Honors XanGo With Prestigious Corporate Social Responsibility Award

World Summit for Young Entrepreneurs Honors XanGo With Prestigious Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Lehi, Utah —XanGo, LLC has received the prestigious Corporate Responsibility Award at the 10th World Summit of Young Entrepreneurs (WSYE) in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The Corporate Social Responsibility Award honors and recognizes Xango's "contributions to society’s benefit both nationally and internationally, and making a significant impact on the lives of others."

The Summit, co-organized and co-sponsored by the UN Special Unit for South-South Cooperation, provides a platform for global entrepreneurs in emerging markets to demonstrate their leadership and learn how to maximize their greatest potential through entrepreneurial joint ventures. Five prestigious awards, including the Corporate Social Responsibility Award, are given to Summit participants that demonstrate and best exemplify the qualities and characteristics of each award.

Xango Home Business Profile

XanGo Prepares For Japan Market Grand Opening

openPR | 4/1/2006

openPR.com - XanGo LLC Prepares For Japan Market Grand Opening: "Network marketing company XanGo LLC prepares its Grand Opening in March 2006, going against head-to-head direct sales heavyweights Amway, Nuskin and Herbalife. "

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