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Xooma Launches Weight Loss Challenge

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Xooma Launches Weight Loss Challenge

PR.com | 7/23/2007

Calgary, Canada, July 20, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Xooma Leaders (http://www.xoomachallenge.com/leaders), Brad and Kelly Smith (http://www.squidoo.com/BurnFatGainEnergy/) announced Xooma Worldwide's Xooma Challenge is offering significant prizes for participating in their weight loss transformation program.

The Xooma Challenge is a 12-week personal growth and body transformation (http://www.xoomachallenge.com/leaders/index.php?page=xoomaChallenge) contest conducted by Xooma Worldwide. The fitness and weight loss program is led by a panel of expertise including Clark Bartram (http://www.xoomachallenge.com/leaders/index.php?page=clarkBio) and Brad King.

Bartram is known as a fitness professional including being featured on more than 100 health and fitness magazine covers. Bartram is also a personal trainer, ISSA Master Trainer, hosted televised fitness shows and regularly contributes articles to national fitness magazines like Ironman, Fitness RX for Men and The Leading Edge. He has also published two books.

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