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Zer01 Faces Lawsuit from Former Partner

Zer01 in PC World

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Zer01 Faces Lawsuit from Former Partner

CIO | 12/22/2009

Zer01 Mobile, the company that promised to launch an unlimited, contract-free mobile service in July, has been sued by a former partner.

Global Verge, a multilevel marketing firm that recruited people into a program to sell the mobile service, claims that Zer01 owes it US$170,500, according to the suit.

Both companies have been the subject of scrutiny. Zer01 has yet to launch a mobile service, although it continues to market the service at mobile trade shows and events. Global Verge enticed people to pay a monthly fee in order to sell the mobile service that never became available. Both companies are led by executives with previous or current legal problems.

Zer01 in PC World

PC World | 8/16/2009

Zer01 Mobile, the company that says it can deliver a true unlimited mobile-phone service, announced on Thursday that it has ended its relationship with network marketing company Global Verge.

It's unclear now who will sell the service, which was supposed to launch on July 1, but as of yet has not. Zer01 claims to use patent-pending technology that lets it deliver true unlimited voice and data services for US$70 a month without a contract.

The operations of both companies have been under scrutiny since they continue to miss deadlines and hire executives with historical or long-standing legal problems.

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