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Zippi releases New Millionaire Brain App

Press Release | 7/30/2011

Zippi Networks, Inc., a Mobile Applications company focused on delivering Gaming and Entertainment apps for today's mobile lifestyle, announced its approval from Apple iTunes, of Zippi's "Millionaire Brain" Trivia app, "Movie and TV edition".

Originally submitted in May of 2011, the "Movie and TV edition" of the company's "Millionaire Brain" app had to be re-released and updated for Apple Software compliance; at that time the company determined a content update would also be beneficial for its new submission. The update has proven successful on all fronts and Zippi has achieved active status of their now, sixth mobile app, currently available for download in the Apple iTunes store. The company cites the popularity of its original release as the main driver in completing the release of a new, and category specific version of its "Millionaire Brain" trivia app, specifically designed for Movie and TV buffs, the original release achieved the company a number one rank in the iTunes store, for Apple's iPad, as well as a number seven rank for the iPhone.

Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO of Zippi Networks, Inc., stated, "Millionaire Brain is methodically becoming its own brand in the iTunes store, and with new category specific versions of the app planned for the future, 'Millionaire Brain' has a very real opportunity of becoming a long standing name brand in the trivia app category.

"As we have now achieved our sixth app release for the iTunes marketplace, the company has begun to hone in on the gaming app sector as the future marketplace for new Zippi apps. Expansion into the Android Marketplace will also be a key ingredient as we begin to unveil the company's development of our new 'Gaming' app, which we are all very excited about, and could very well be one of the biggest games yet for mobile Game enthusiasts," said Rositano Jr.

Zippi Announces New Application

Press Release | 5/12/2011

Zippi Networks, Inc., an Applications company focused on delivering entertainment, gaming, and social networking Apps for today's mobile lifestyle, announced its latest app release, "Millionaire Brain" Movies and TV edition.

The company has received various accolades on their first release of the iPhone and iPad trivia app, titled "Millionaire Brain," which is currently available in iTunes. The popularity of Zippi's first "Millionaire Brain" app achieved the company a number one rank in the iTunes store for Apple's iPad, as well as a number seven rank for the iPhone. With the popularity of trivia apps continuing to rise, the company sights the popularity of its original release as the main driver in completing the release of a new, and category specific version of its trivial app, specifically designed for Movie and TV buffs.

Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO of Zippi Networks, Inc., stated, "'Millionaire Brain' has certainly provided Zippi with quantifiable metrics, and proven how viral marketing can contribute to app downloads and distribution, when the market decides it likes a certain app. The trivia category continues to show strong growth in the app store, as more and more users look for ways to test their brain power, or simply kill some time. Zippi believes this 'Movies and TV' edition of 'Millionaire Brain' creates an entirely new opportunity of expansion, into vertical market channels, or topics of trivia. We are excited about our sixth app release, and now await approval for iTunes distribution. This has been a significant achievement for the business, and I am very pleased to announce its completion and submission to Apple."

Apple Approves Zippi Skins

Press Release | 2/2/2011

Zippi Networks, Inc., an Applications company focused on delivering entertainment, gaming, and social networking Apps for today's mobile lifestyle, today announced that the company has received approval of its recently submitted iPhone app "Zippi SKINZ", now available in iTunes, a direct link is provided on the company's home page, located at

Zippi's "SKINZ" app marks the fourth iPhone application now completed and approved by Apple. The company has now completed its fourth application in the mobile iPhone category, and continues to show progress towards its goal of achieving a minimum application base of ten, for 2011.

Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO of Zippi Networks, Inc., stated "We are determined to stay focused on our application strategy, developing and releasing promising new apps in a timely manner. With the addition of 'Zippi SKINZ' the company is well on its way to achieving its goals on the release side in 2011. As the number of applications continues to increase, Zippi is also becoming more proficient in how to monetize each application. We feel more strongly than ever that the company could not be in a better market, at a better time, now we need to perform on the revenue side of our business."

Zippi Unveils Zippi Swap Review

Press Release | 11/19/2010

Zippi Networks, Inc., an Applications company focused on delivering entertainment, gaming, and social networking Apps for today's mobile lifestyle, today announced that the company has just completed a review of its iPhone application "Zippi Swap." The "Zippi Swap" application provides a simple to use mobile marketplace similar to eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. "Zippi Swap" also provides users the option to buy, sell, or swap items right from their iPhone, using the app. In addition, an entirely new video shopping feature is integrated into the app, (ZSN) Zippi Shopping Network.

Barring certain modifications noted by the company, the app is approximately ninety percent (90%) complete. The company is now seeking additional user feedback to complete the final release of "Zippi Swap". A preview of application screens can be viewed by clicking on the following link; A limited number of Beta Testers will be chosen through an email submission process. Zippi is requesting all Beta Testers to send an email to, with a brief description of why they would make a good Beta Tester for the "Zippi Swap" application.

Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO of Zippi Networks, Inc., stated, "This application has been in development for much longer than the company anticipated, but we are confident that the time delay has resulted in a much improved application. Zippi's recent review of "Zippi Swap" has allowed the company to identify all additional changes we feel are required, prior to submission to Apple. Zippi is asking those who believe they can assist in making additional suggestions or providing feedback on this 2.0 Beta version of "Zippi Swap," to promptly submit their requests. We will do our best to incorporate cost and time effective changes, or additions to "Zippi Swap," based on Beta feedback and review."

Zippi Retains Legal Council

Press Release | 7/15/2010

Zippi Networks, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ZIPZ), an Applications company focused on delivering entertainment, gaming, and social networking Apps for today's mobile lifestyle, today announced that the company has retained Mr. David Kahn for the specific function of reviewing Zippi's updated information statement. Mr. Kahn is a securities attorney located in California and has specific knowledge and experience in dealing with Pink Sheets companies that wish to achieve "Current Status" with

Zippi has long resided on the Pink Sheets with no better than a "Yield" status, which means limited information. As the company re-positioned its business in the mobile application marketplace, and since has been announcing its progress on several iPhone based mobile apps, the decision to attempt a "Current Status" with has been made by management. Following an acceptance of its information statement in review, the company will be required to post subsequent Quarterly Reports pursuant to Section Two and Annual Reports pursuant to Section One, of the Guidelines for Providing Adequate Current Information (PDF), as well as posting an Attorney Letter for each such period.

Additional requirements include, the Verification that the company has posted the required Quarterly Reports within 45 days following each quarter end and Annual Reports within 90 days following each fiscal year end.

Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO of Zippi Networks, Inc., stated, "Achieving current information status has always been a goal of the company, and it is time that we make this a reality. Current and future investors will have easy access to updated information with a current status reflected at, and we are hopeful that these moves will be one of many positive developments as Zippi continues to make great strides in executing on its mobile applications business model."

StockGoodies Interviews Zippi CEO

Npros | 7/6/2010

Zippi Networks, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ZIPZ), an Applications company focused on delivering entertainment, gaming, and social networking Apps for today's mobile lifestyle, today announced that CEO Mr. Robert Rositano Jr. will be the featured guest interview on the fastest growing Stock Trading community, The interview will be held today, June 30, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. EDT.

The interview can be heard at . The archived version can be found on the homepage of . StockGoodies is a leading publisher of news, perspective, and marketing intelligence on all forms of equity trading: pennies, micro-cap, mid and large cap and options. The company's vision is to empower self-directed investors by narrowing the gap between individual traders and professionals.

Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO of Zippi Networks, Inc., stated, "I am always interested in opportunities to present Zippi and our vision for the future. StockGoodies seems to have an audience of listeners and potential investors that like to be kept current on fledgling companies, trends, and opportunities that may prove to be future leaders in a marketplace moving forward. The opportunity is appreciated, I hope the listeners become interested in Zippi and where we are headed."

Zippi Blasts BP

Press Release | 6/23/2010

Zippi Networks, Inc. (Pink Sheets: ZIPZ), an Applications company focused on delivering entertainment, gaming, and social networking App's for today's mobile lifestyle, today announced its submission of a mobile gaming application, "BP Blaster". The game was designed and submitted to Apple on June 18, 2010.

As the Gulf Oil Spill continues to make headlines, Zippi has just developed and submitted "BP Blaster"! Consumers are now invited to vent their frustrations creatively, taking charge of the Oil Tankers themselves. As BP Logos launch from tankers, users attempt to contain and blow up each BP Logo upon lift-off. Successful hits on each target results in gaming points, as each BP Logo gets blown up as quickly as possible. Containment is key, users cannot allow BP to hit the top of the screen. "BP Blaster" is simple and fun, with 3 levels of game play that will challenge even the most skilled gamers. Preview "BP Blaster" at

With its current release of "BP Blaster", Zippi continues development on its "Zippi Swap" application as well. The company has stated it is running several application development cycles in parallel, and will continue to release applications as they have been tested and completed. Zippi is targeting the release date of its "Zippi Swap" application in August 2010.

Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO of Zippi Networks, Inc., stated, "We have embraced the power of mobile applications within the Zippi business model, and now that we have several applications in development the company intends to continue filling the pipeline with a variety of applications, while launching new ones as they become available. Whether we decide to build or buy for the future, Zippi is marching toward a variety of apps in several different categories for 2010."

Zippi Eyes Mobile And Web Based Applications For Future Endeavors | 5/6/2010

A leading provider of mobile and web-based applications known as Zippi Networks Inc. has announced plans to start reviewing acquisition opportunities via the mobile and web based applications market. Zippi is focusing on current applications that have established rank, user base, and income.

Technological advancements allow previously difficult transactions to be made through the utilization of interactive applications. This new medium is fun, fast, and simple according to Zippi.

"Being in and around the internet when the World Wide Web first became a reality, it is relatively easy to see that applications are moving as fast, if not faster than the appearance of web sites back in the early '90s. Zippi has developed many products and services that will soon be offered exclusively through its new applications, and intends to build and acquire significantly more application assets in the coming months. Applications are the future of distribution and rich content experience," said Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO of Zippi Networks, Inc.

Zippi is expecting to review mobile and web based applications that it encourages individuals and companies to submit as potential acquisition offers. Submissions may be sent accompanied by name, rank, revenue, user numbers and direct link to download the application to the following address:

Zippi Press Release

Press Release | 4/28/2010

Zippi Networks, Inc. a leading provider of mobile and web-based commerce applications, today unveiled certain details of its Mobile application. As part of Zippi's recently announced 2010 strategy, they have identified the need for an entirely new iPhone application. An entirely new platform, simple functionality, ease of use, and video shopping features are the key elements to be offered in this application. For additional information and screen shots of the application please visit

As internet selling and shopping dominates traditional retail, Zippi's application truly simplifies online selling, along with providing a video shopping experience. Zippi has developed several sales platforms over the years with varying levels of results. The benefits of these experiences have afforded the company the ability to move into the future of networking and online commerce through mobile applications. Advancements in technology have provided consumers the ability to be mobile, and also make split second decisions. Zippi is adapting to this trend.

Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO of Zippi Networks, Inc., stated, "As management has outlined Zippi's 2010 strategy, the driver of this strategy is our mobile application. It is clear that mobility and mobile applications are driving future distribution on many levels and are a much richer experience than the web can even provide, in my opinion. It is exciting to be part of a new revolution beginning to unfold in today's economy."

As its mobile application nears completion the company will provide release date submissions to Apple and details on when it can be downloaded through iTunes.

Zippi Launches New Amazon Webstore | 4/12/2010

Zippi is delivering a new marketplace strategy with the release of a new Amazon Webstore that deals in mobile and web-based commerce applications. These applications essentially help users to recycle their "Clutter into Cash."

Established in 2006, Zippi takes a direct to consumer approach in order to attract products most suitable for resale across various liquidation sites on the web and links people who wish to buy, swap, or sell items.

Due to its pro-merchant status on, Zippi can attract more viewers as items are simultaneously placed for auction. In addition, the new web-store will provide a means by which millions of potential shoppers can have access to the unique items listed for sale within the Zippi Network.

Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO of Zippi Networks, Inc. stated that: "Zippi is moving swiftly towards its expanded marketplace strategy, and though eBay (News - Alert) has achieved tremendous success through their auction platform, they cannot exist as the sole outlet for items sold through the Zippi Network. This strategy will build on our Intelligent Commerce Engine (ICE) and allow Zippi customers to access a broad spectrum of marketplace options when they list their items with Zippi.".

Zippi is planning to extend multiple marketplace listings, video inclusion, in addition to "ZSN" shopping channel access, once it becomes available. Upgraded listing options will benefit customers by allowing them to highlight products, features, or the history of an item. Zippi feels that these options will be key to its strategy going forward.

Zippi Press Release | 4/2/2010

Zippi has released another press release in their continued effort to revitalize the company. Zippi stock has traded recently at a fraction of a cent on the dollar after numerous reverse splits in the last year. Since 2006, Zippi's stock has steadily declined from a 52 week high of $59.00 to a current value of .0021 ( a faction of a cent ) per share. Watch for another reverse merger in the future to bring the trading value to measurable dollar values.

SAN JOSE, CA, Mar 29, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Zippi Networks, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ZIPZ), a leading provider of mobile and web-based commerce applications enabling users to recycle their "Clutter into Cash," today announced new initiatives along with an updated strategy for 2010. The company will go direct to consumer with new product acquisition platforms and a new revenue model for product acquisition and growth.

This multi-faceted approach to acquiring products will be driven by an integrated strategy and powered by an Intelligent Commerce Engine or (ICE) platform. The company's new direct to consumer plan and expanded marketplace, along with new platforms will result in a new line of revenue streams.

Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO of Zippi Networks, Inc., stated, "Zippi understands every American could use a few extra dollars and Zippi's new approach will help put that cash in the consumer's pockets by selling their unwanted goods. This strategy will be part of our new 'SNAP, CLICK, and ZIP' website tethered to our V.2 mobile platform that will simplify uploading products to the marketplace."

As part of the company's updated strategy, Zippi has slated a roll out of its new marketplace, Zippi Shopping Network (ZSN). "We are excited to roll out these new services integrated with our ICE platform, bringing the company premium listing fees as part of our new revenue model," said Dean Rositano, President of Zippi Networks, Inc.

Other facets of the plan include Zippi Live, a video streaming shopping channel for select products and user generated video. This approach establishes a new insertion based revenue model with access to a built in ad network for consumers who wish to shoot their own 30-second advertisement promoting their goods. The company's expanded marketplace will include additional partners like eBay, for cross platform exposure and shorter sales cycles that will help put products in front of a wider audience of web users.

Management has also concluded that our current Zipster model will be moved into a new Affiliate Network whereby the company can leverage larger organizations and affinity groups to bring on Zipsters rather than pursue them on an individual basis. Zippi is currently in the process of securing major organizations and affinity groups through partnerships, to be a part of this new Affiliate Network.

Zippi and Era Media Launch Marketing Campaign

PR Newswire | 11/16/2009

Zippi Networks, Inc., (Pink Sheets: ZIPZ) a leading provider of mobile, Web, and telecommunications-based commerce applications enabling users to recycle their "Clutter into Cash," today announces the results of an initial market and test campaign initiated by Era Media, Inc. (EMI) which are yielding encouraging results as outlined below;

Robert A. Rositano Jr. CEO of Zippi Networks, Inc. stated, "Following our joint-marketing beta-test of 30,000 user offers served, the Company received 1300 opens, 200 click-throughs, 22 leads, and 8 direct sales. This initial data trend reflects a very successful lead to sales conversion rate of 36.4%, which based on current and new customers acquired by EMI's initial proof-of-concept efforts and designated to their own offers, reflects the kind of results desired to roll-out an effective full-scale marketing campaign with EMI."

Zippi Reverse Stock Split Leaves Investors With Penny Stock | 3/26/2009

On February 17, 2009 Zippi board of directors and majority shareholders announced their approval of a 1000 to 1 reverse stock split.

This following shortly after a March, 2008 10-1 reverse stock split. Investors originally holding thousands of shares of Zippi stock checked their accounts to find 1 share remaining, trading at a fraction of a cent.

Said one investor, "I bought thousands of shares of Zippi stock based on the recommendation of a paid company consultant, who claimed that Ebay had invested $100,000 into the company. That turned out to be completely false, and just hype to pump the stock. I now have one ( 1 ) share remaining".

Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO Zippi Networks, Inc., stated, "Zippi has been very fortunate in the development stages of our business to have built a loyal community of shareholders that believe in the Zippi offering".

Zippi Kicks off Mobile Commerce Strategy

Earthtimes | 2/14/2009

Zippi Networks Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ZIPI), turning America's "Clutter into Cash," today announced the completion of a one of a kind application for Apple's iPhone, formally named "Zippi Cash(TM)." As firms such as Silicon Valley-based Kleiner Perkins Venture Fund have established 100 million dollar funds aimed specifically for iPhone application development, Zippi also recognizes the iPhone has created a new playing field for commerce, much like the beginning of the World Wide Web itself.

Zippi Cash(TM) is the first of several applications that Zippi has in the works. Zippi Cash(TM) encompasses the 3 US Patents pending within Zippi's business process and the release of this application provides an opportunity in the face of the economic crises facing many Americans and beyond. During this economic crisis, everyone is looking for extra cash and just about everyone has unused items they would like to turn into cash. According to eBay's research, there is approximately three thousand dollars ($3,000) of salable unused merchandise in the average household. With an open mobile platform, "Zippi Cash(TM)" stands alone in a category of mobile commerce products that can assist Americans, and those outside the US as well, to find out what items are hot sellers and what items are not.

Zippi Announces Mobile Service

Market Wire | 2/11/2009

Zippi Networks Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ZIPI), turning America's "Clutter into Cash," today announced its 2009 business strategy in the mobile commerce space (m-commerce). In order to build on the successes of two (2) years in research and development, approximately eight million dollars ($8,000,000) of investment capital, and one (1) year of test marketing the most efficient method of reaching the consumer audience for their "Clutter Out. Cash In" service is to provide mobile access to Zippi's service.

One of today's biggest challenges is finding the time to turn valuable items into cash and with that the ability to research which of these items has the value most American's are looking to receive for them. Providing a new mobile platform that opens up Zippi's infrastructure to consumers by allowing access to this information and providing a one click option to making the decision to turn these items to cash.

Zippi Adds Growth to Zipster Network

International Business Times | 11/5/2008

Zippi Networks Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ZIPI),turning America's "Clutter into Cash," today announced its latest and new"Certified Zipster," Ms. Sherrine Cancilla; she joins the Zippi Network asa current eBay Power Seller and VP at Silicon Valley-based Hewlett-Packard(HP) Corporation. Ms. Cancilla has brought the Discovery Bay Californiaterritory live and ready for Zippi business.

Sherrine Cancilla, "Certified Zipster," stated, "I found Zippi myself simply by searching and searching for this 'type' of opportunity. What a lucky day for me! I found Zippi, read all about the Company, searched itall over the internet and ended up signing up to be a 'Certified Affiliate'and Zipster within 24 hours and was selling within 72 hours. I havecustomers galore, regular commission checks, amazing tools and a companythat backs me 100%; Zippi is a hidden treasure for those of us eBay sellerslooking for a long-term commitment and a fast & informational way to listany type of item. The 'Ask Zippi' tool makes selling & listing a cinch andthe information and reports it provides to us are invaluable to thebusiness. From a partnership perspective, I'm proud to say that Zippi andI have only begun our long-term profitable relationship."

Zippi Announces Opening of First Zippi Center

Press Release | 10/5/2008

Zippi Networks, Inc., turning America's "Clutter into Cash," today announced the opening of its first "ZippiCenter" location, combining a centralized and regional location forwarehousing consignment merchandise, with a resource clearing house for itsZipster community. Zippi is seeing increases in the volume of calls to its877-Go-Zippi Hotline from consumers and businesses across the country toconsign and sell merchandise which will continue to drive future growth bydemonstrating the service side of Zippi together with the businessopportunity, with a "Zippi Center" location. The Zippi Center provides thepicture booth, listing stations, product collected through 877-Go-Zippi,and systems to allow our Zipsters to earn the commissions, and the itemowners will collect the check.

Zippi Continues Growth Strategy | 9/27/2008

Zippi Networks Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ZIPI), the "new way" to eBay, today announced several new marketing initiatives designed to encourage consumers to lighten up for the holidays. For anyone who's saving old clothing, shoes, handbags, that size-six little black dress, or that tuxedo they once wore to prom, just because they know they'll fit into it again someday -- "get real." Why keep it, when you can turn it to cash letting Zippi do all the work?...

...With these coming months typically posting the largest sales for online shopping sites like eBay, Zippi has completed its product and service launch and will continue to roll out innovative marketing programs designed to attract unique items through the 1-877-GO-ZIPPI Hotline, to be listed and sold by our "Zipsters" on eBay.

Zippi Founders Financially Committed | 9/18/2008

Zippi Networks Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ZIPI), the "new way" to eBay, announced today that the Company is showing month-over-month growth of its Zipster network through its current radio marketing campaign...This initial surge of growth coming out of launch can be attributed to the previous completion of a secured line of credit with Heritage Bank of Commerce, (Silicon Valley, CA) on May 16, 2008 and July 24, 2008.

This SBA Line totaled one million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($1,250,000) in additional capital, of which seven hundred and fifty thousand ($750K) was personally secured and guaranteed by the company's founders...

Zippi Announces Key New Hire | 3/12/2008

Zippi(TM) Networks, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ZPNW), the innovative force empowering a new generation of online sellers, today announced they have welcomed their newest member to the Zippi Team, Mr. Khait joins Zippi with over ten (10) years of technology, software development and system architecture experience.

In 2004 Mr. Khait joined eBay and successfully managed a development team as well as working as system architect on numerous projects, these projects included comprehensive reporting and data warehousing infrastructures able to handle terabytes of data. From 2004 through 2008 he was also responsible for developing a quality assurance system that allows quality assurance specialists to perform assessments on customer systems and behaviors, this system is currently in use and utilized by over 4000 eBay customer support agents, including outsource partners, throughout the world.

Zippi Approaches One Thousand Members

Earthtimes | 3/9/2008

Zippi™ Networks, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ZPNW), the innovative force empowering a new generation of online sellers, today announced that its network of Zipsters / Affiliates is rapidly approaching one thousand enrolled and continues to grow rapidly state by state. This current community of Zipsters is made up of leaders in the field which have chosen to make Zippi a home based business.

Lead by Mr. Bill Walsh and Powerteam International, Zippi has announced a March madness promotion for all currently enrolled in the Zippi Network. This promotion is designed to accelerate Zippi’s network growth by introducing additional incentives, several levels of bonuses, and other innovative opportunities to reward Zipsters who expand their business in the month of March. As March Madness has kicked off Zipsters will continue being supported through daily conference calls held by Mr. Walsh and Zippi corporate; providing general business updates, recognizing top achievers, bringing others into the Zippi opportunity, as well as training calls for those getting started.

Zippi Partners with Bill Walsh to Train Afffiliate Teams | 11/19/2007

Zippi(TM) Networks, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ZPNW), the innovative force empowering a new generation of online sellers, today announced it has partnered with Bill Walsh, a direct marketing industry leader and trainer, and Powerteam International, Walsh's network marketing company.

Walsh and Powerteam International will work with Zippi to recruit, organize and train a national team of Zippi sales Affiliates and Zipsters during the next eight months. Walsh is well known for his leadership in the direct marketing industry and full-sales-potential seminars ( Powerteam International ( has a track record of developing direct marketing teams of more than 100,000 independent agents.

"Mr. Walsh brings more than 15 years of network marketing industry experience to Zippi's growing Internet auction business model," said Zippi CEO Robert Rositano, Jr. "Unleashing his energy and experience on the rising consumer demand for Zippi's advanced products and services is a powerful combination certain to mark a new era in independent online sales success on eBay."

Walsh said he and Powerteam International, which has 50 years of collective experience in nationwide direct marketing, will conduct highly motivating training events throughout the country and recruit as many affiliates who can take full advantage of Zippi's "Clutter out. Cash in." approach to become successful eBay entrepreneurs.

"Over the next eight months, the Powerteam organization is fully determined to enlist a well-trained army of extremely effective Zippi Affiliates and Zipsters," Walsh added.

Zippi Networks Moves to Revenue Generation Overnight | 11/1/2007

Zippi(TM) Networks, Inc. Moves From R & D to Revenue Generation Virtually Overnight

Zippi(TM) Networks, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ZPNW), the innovative force empowering a new generation of online sellers, today announced the company has successfully completed its search for 25 Presidential Founders. Zippi's executive team has been dedicated to meeting and qualifying these founder candidates to assist with delivering Zippi's message to the masses. Zippi founders are an elite group of proven leaders that have been specifically chosen for their prior achievements and specialized abilities to leverage social networking to bring products and services to the consumer marketplace.

Zippi now marks a new phase in the company's growth and operations as these founders have already begun generating revenue since sales activities began less than three weeks ago. October 1, 2007 marked the official launch of Zippi from its development stage to its rapidly growing revenue stage, largely through the initial commitment and promising work of the company's Presidential Founders.

In this first two weeks, Zippi's achievements include:

-- Approaching 200 signed, Zipsters / Affiliates into the Zippi Network

-- Zippi offering spread to Zipsters / Affiliates across 31 states and two countries

-- Doubling revenues earned week over week from initial sales made in late September

"Zippi's Presidential Founders, coupled with our very strong executive management team deserve credit and recognition for producing such strong results right out of the gate," said Zippi CEO Robert A. Rositano, Jr. "Such promising early results and the rapid expansion of the Zippi network are a testament to the effective combination of our product and service offerings, along with our well-leveraged sales tools and strongly motivating commission-based sales model."

"Together with several mass market messaging and branding campaigns soon to be released Zippi Presidential Founders represent the foundation of our social networking approach to growing our registered user base, along with awareness of the 1-877-GO-ZIPPI opportunity," said Rositano.

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